For Beginners, What is Affiliate Marketing? Is it worth it?

By | June 16, 2021

This article is being written for Beginners, Who are searching for What is affiliate marketing, How to do it, How to learn Affiliate marketing, Is it worth it?

I am Amit, A professional affiliate marketer, I started at the age of 17 and it’s been a long journey already. I have made around $2,50,000 from Affiliate Marketing of Flipkart, Amazon. Not just affiliate marketing, I have been into All type of thing in this Digital Marketing area (Advertising, DropShipping, Android App, SEO, Web Development & More.)

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is basically nothing but a mixture of 2 words Affiliate & Marketing. To understand it better, We should know first about these Terms.

What is an Affiliate? Who is an Affiliate?
Affiliate is the one who is giving service to a company/organization and in return taking the commission, So, Yes it is you.

What is Marketing?
The marketing is the promotion of product or service with an aim to convert it to sales or lead.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is when an affiliate which is you, Comes to the website to market their products and get a commission out of it.

For Example – Flipkart, Amazon Sells different Variety of Goods, They have their own Affiliate Marketing Program, Where a user can sign up and generate a unique link. As soon the user is able to get a purchase from his link, The commission adds to his account which is somewhere 10% of the sale value.

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing? How to promote Products or Services in Affiliate Marketing, I will be teaching you in my upcoming post on How to do it smartly and make passive income out of it.


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