GrabPoints Review: Is it legit, Check how you can earn money using GrabPoints.

By | April 18, 2021

Every day we do so many things on our phone be it using social media platforms, passing time on games, spending time for nothing, etc. But what if I tell you that there is something that can help you earn some extra dollars for usual activities in this GrabPoints Review.

Obviously, nothing comes free you have to something or any little effort to get that. Here is the thing everyone has their opinion regarding the products or services they use. And there are various companies and firms seeking these people who can give honest reviews on their products and services.

Grabpoints is one of the paying surveys sites from our Top 10 Best Paid Survey Sites.

GrabPoints Review

Websites like GrabPoints provide a mechanism where providers and consumers both can meet their requirements. Now, GrabPoints offers numerous surveys to you which you would complete, and in return, it will reward points that can be redeemed later in cash or gift cards. 

In this article, I would do a detailed GrabPoints Review to clear all your doubts regarding this platform, its authenticity, payout amount, is it worth trying for you or not, etc. Basically, everything you will need before getting started with GrabPoints.

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What is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is a market research company that has established quite recently in 2014. It is among the highest paying survey sites. Being a greenhorn in the game of surveys where there are already numerous websites established a decade ago, it has built a pretty amazing user base in that short span of time. 

GrabPoints is a reward website that offers you a multitude of simple online tasks to perform which include responding to surveys, playing games, completing free trial offers, and watching videos. As a reward for your contribution, it gives you points for completing all the tasks you would start on the website. These can be redeemed later in real cash with PayPal or in a gift card of various popular brands from its huge catalog. Also, Learn more for sites to earn Free Amazon Gift Card

Well, any of the tasks you would choose to complete gonna be a win-win situation for you on GrabPoints. Moreover, GarbPoints is comparatively the highest paying surveys from other already established websites. Additionally, unlike most of the survey sites where you need to be around a minimum of 14 to 18 years old. But at GrabPoints, if you are 13 years to will be considered eligible for the sign. 

People can join from any corner of the world and will avail of the same benefits that others will be having. It is not confined to a certain part of the world; teens and adults who are looking to earn some few dollars a month can join this free survey program. You can earn up to $50 a month if you spend quality time here daily. 

Is Grabpoints Legit?

What “Highest Paying”? Is it true? Well, you heard it right GrabPoints definitely pays you much more. As compared to other sites, those are here in the industry for a long time now. Although, by Highest Paying, I did not mean that you can get rich if you spend most of your time here. Hence GrabPoints is a website that pays little more per survey, videos, and offers than other survey sites that pay less for the same activities.  

GrabPoints works in Points system as the name of the firm suggest. It has several ways that include answering surveys, completing offers, watching videos, downloading apps, and playing games. These are the ways you can grab points to redeem them later in cash or gift cards. 

Here, 1000 points are equivalent to $1 which high from other websites that translate 100 points for $1. But earning 1000 points with GrabPoints is a no-brainer. As here you can earn 500 to 2500 points from a single survey, download apps also can reward you from 100 to 700 points easily. 

Grabpoints is one of the app used in our Top Free Amazon Gift Card sites.

Just for a wild guess, you can earn as much as $50 a month with GrabPoints if you remain regular for completing numerous tasks that it has. Moreover, your earning depend on the higher aspect which is how much you are active on the website. It is equal to the more time you want to invest, the more points you can gather to accumulate it into cash or gift cards.  

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How you can earn from GrabPoints?  

GrabPoints is very simple to process be it according to the ways it offers to earn as much as points you want or its point system. It offers simple, easy, and fun tasks to complete that reward you in points. 

  • GrabPoint Legit Surveys: Because it is basically a survey site, so its primary method would be answering surveys. No doubts. These surveys are easy to complete and fun to answer. You can earn anywhere between $0.50 to a few more dollars on a single survey according to how long the survey is and how much time it consumes. 
    On average, you can get around anywhere from 500 points to 2500 points per survey and it will take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes to finish. The topic of the survey can be market and product survey, human resource and employee, event and conference, and customer satisfaction survey.
GrabPoints Survey
  • Watch videos: We all watch numerous videos every day whether ads or promotional videos, trailers, etc. Do you get anything from watching all those videos? No, right! Here at GrabPoints will give you some points if you watch videos from its collection. You can earn around $0.007 for one video when you will complete watching.

    It can be vary depending on how long the video is. Usually, videos that take around 2 minutes can reward you with 10 points. Though, the points payout can vary from 10 to 100 points. GrabPoints has a huge catalog of video channels of different topics including tech, fashion, and lifestyle.   
GrabPoints Videos
  • Take Online Offers: Here on GrabPoints, you can apply for a number of free subscription-based and trial membership of other websites through GrabPoints. If you do this you can earn anywhere from 0.09 to an amazing amount of $50 at once.

    Though, for some of the offer requirements, you would need to provide your credit card details. But no worries, you can cancel them before your free trial ends. 
  • Downloading Apps: GrabPoints also offers a lot of apps that you can download and earn points to add up. Some of these apps are worth trying. And a great way to boost your account with up to 500 points immediately. 

    Though, sometimes downloading these apps won’t enough to earn rewards. You may have to perform some activity before you get to earn from these. For example, if you download a gaming app then you would need to reach a certain stage to grab points. 
  • Referral Program: Moreover, you can earn additional points if you use a referral link. You can share it with your friends and people who might be interested in this website as you do. You will earn up to 500 points if that person signs up from your referral link. 

    One more thing to know before you refer to other people is that the number of points you will earn depends on the different regions as well. There is no fixed amount of points you can expect as it might be different according to your region.      

What are the withdrawal options in Grabpoints?

Once you have reached the 3000 points which is equivalent to $3, you can easily cash out them or redeem them as a gift card. 

The payment and redemption option is quite fast as compared to other websites. It processes your cash out and gifts-card redemption just in 48 hours.  

You can turn your points into real cash if you want with PayPal money. Points can be claimed in the following denominations of PayPal cash: $3, $5, $10, $20, and $50. 

The gift card catalog of GrabPoints is pretty huge and awarding. These gift cards are from various popular established brands, stores, and even video games. Below are some of the gift cards GrabPoints: 

  • The Home Depot Gift card
  • vBucks
  • Netflix Code
  • Google Play Gift Codes
  • PlayStation Plus Codes
  • iTunes redemption codes
  • Subway Gift card
  • Starbucks Gift card
  • Amazon Gift card
  • Best Buy Gift card
  • eBay Gift card
  • Sephora Gift card

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Few steps away to get started with GrabPoints

Well, signing up with GrabPoints is quite easy as getting a subscription to entertainment platforms. You can follow the simple steps that are mentioned below if you want to sign up: 

  1. First thing first, there are no eligibility criteria except you be 13 years old when you are signing up.   
  2. Secondly, just go to the website of GrabPoints and continue to the sign-up section. 
  3. Start filling out all the initial details of yourself like full name, DOB, phone number, and email address to become a part of GrabPoints. 
  4. After continuing to its privacy policies, you will need to complete a “consumer questionnaire”. So that they can specify surveys that match your profile description.  

Thereafter, you will be ready to take surveys as much as you want to earn points. 

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The Verdict 

Well, GrabPoints is a genuine reward-based market research website that gives points in regard to your useful opinion. And it is an easy way of making money. And does not even ask for charges at the time of sign up. Hence, I am happy to say that GrabPoints is Legit. You won’t encounter any issues related to its authenticity as it is completely free and legitimate. 

It is definitely worth trying and adding an extra few bucks into your savings account monthly. 

Frequently Asked questions

Does it charge for sign up?

No, GrabPoints is completely free of cost. You won’t be charged for signing up. 

Is GrabPoints legit?

Yes, it is 100% legit and provides a genuine opportunity to earn points that you can convert into cash or gift cards. 

What are the payment options?

There are two payment options. You can either get paid via PayPal or a Gift card which can redeem anytime many popular brands, stores, and even for games. 

How much I can earn?

Well, the amount you will be earning depends on how long the survey is. The longer time a survey will take the more money you will. You can earn around $50 a month if you be regular and complete tasks daily. 

Can I ask my friend to join GrabPoints?

Of course, through its referral program, you can share the link of signing up with your friends and family member. Moreover, if they join from your referral link you can earn up to 500 points.

GrabPoints Review


Earning Options


Direct Offers


Payment On-time





  • Anyone can join GrabPoints
  • It minimum age limit of signup is 13 years only
  • Many rewards option to choose from
  • High Payout
  • A low minimum payment threshold of 3000 points for $3


  • You might not qualify for some surveys

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