What is OFF-PAGE SEO & How to do it?

By | July 25, 2019

As blogging has incredibly increased and the competition to it along with it has also increased. There is a hell lot of need to do the OFF-PAGE SEO for your website to rank higher than your competitors.



Off-Page SEO is a type of Search Engine Optimisation done through a various different channel than a self blog. Here we don’t have to do anything in the blog. The most important is the ON-PAGE SEO should be good enough to capture upcoming OFF-PAGE SEO traffic.

Is it important to OFF PAGE SEO?

OFF-PAGE SEO is the backbone of organic traffic, Even if your ON-page SEO is set to be perfect, without OFF-PAGE SEO the website will not easily rank. The OFF-PAGE SEO helps the search engine to verify the authority, trust with the website. If your website is being linked with different other Good trending Domains which means your website has a potential article which is why you are being linked with domains.

What are the Different Types of Off-Page SEO?

  1. Social Networking Profile

    – The OFF-PAGE SEO starts with your Social Network Profiles, The profile is basically saying that your website has a presence in the Social Media and any user can connect you using social mediums.
    Social Media Platforms Like – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, etc. Create a Profile and do not forget to add your website link in BIO


    – Also known as Blogging, The guest posting is basically you’re blogging on someone’s else website and gaining their trust. The core concept of Guest Posting in OFF-PAGE SEO is you have to somehow link the Guest Post with your website So that you do provide quality to them as well as you.

  3. Search Engine Submission

    – Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Duckduckgo have a greate present in the online industry. So just building links is not going to help you. You have to make sure you submit your website Sitemap to this engine through their official submission website. This will help them in crawling your website way faster.

  4. Forum Submission

    – This has been gone down due to Google news changes in policy and you are not allowed to do uneven backlinking for fake trusts. I basically do no do this. The Forum Backlinking is your Basically Signup to Forum, Write about your Blog and submit a link to them and thus building backlinks. There are a lot of free forums available on the internet.

  5. Building Backlinks

    – The most awaiting topic of the article. What is backlink? The backlink is basically the way your website linked with different websites. To do Backlinks Few Common Strategies are Create Blog and Write an article and link to your website, Guest Posting to Link your Blog, Comment on Different websites and linking your Blog, Allowing users to bookmark your links.

These are some common steps of OFF-PAGE SEO, People on the internet are sharing a hell lot of strategies which is time-wasting and does not work. I suggest you if you follow the above steps, You’re on top. Happy SEO


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