What are the Different Social Media Profiles for Blogging?

By | July 29, 2019

Creating Social Model Profiles for a blog is very important as that is basically the backbone of your Blog which represents that you exist securely on the web.

Social Media Profiles for Blog

Any user coming to your Blog will be secured after reading an article as he/she is now aware that you do have a social media presence.

What are the Different Social Media Profiles to create and link your Blog?

#1. Facebook

Facebook, the most common and trending form of listing a blog and creating a social media profile.

You must create a Facebook Page for your blog and connect it with your Blog. Also, make sure your update the Page frequently.

#2 Twitter

Twitter comes to the 2nd most popular form of blogging social media profile. Twitter is a very good platform for getting connected to blog viewers.

You must create a Twitter profile to keep connected with your users.


INSTAGRAM is a photo/videos sharing platforms where you share unique photos and videos to your users.

You must create an INSTAGRAM Profile to link with your blog.

#4 Reddit

Reddit is a News platform for all companies. You must create an account with them and list your blog there and connect both of them.

#5 Pinterest

Pinterest is again the photo-sharing platform with Links. You can share pictures of your blog and connect your blog to it So that you can grab google organic traffic of Pinterest to your blogs.

One blogger must create this Social Media Profiles.


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