iPoll Review: Is it legit? How much you can earn? (FEB 2021)

By | February 8, 2021

Whereas the world of online is pretty much huge and because of the increasing platform the market research in also wide. A myriad of companies and brands know how does market research works and affects their business as well. This is why companies lookup for platforms that can gather user consumption trends and habits in one place. And for this amazing job they are ready to give awesome commission to these platforms. These platforms are called survey websites that work as a middle man to join companies and consumers in one place. Survey sites provide paid surveys and many other alternates to gather market insight from consumers like you. In return, they reward you in cash prizes, gift cards, and vouchers. iPoll is one of the same survey sites that offer passive income options to accelerate your earning potential even in your free time. 

In this article, with the help of a detailed iPoll Review, you will know how iPoll works, what exactly it is. And obviously, what is the earning potential you can avail from this platform and how you can get your rewards to use them. All of this is simplified below. 

iPoll Review

What is iPoll? 

Before you go further, I must tell you that the iPoll has now renamed to Survey Head. However, it has still maintained the same reputation in the survey industry as it had before. iPoll is a leading and popular market research company that provided quite interesting high-quality surveys to people and high paying missions if you don’t mind leaving your home.  

The platform is in the market since 2008 and has acquired via Dyanta in 2016. And if look at the website, you will encounter a clean and well-designed webpage that has a great user interface. One more thing that makes it stand out among numerous survey sites is that it also provides a well-managed android and iOS app which does not only add up ease but also opens up more opportunities to take surveys and missions.  

Now that feature is pretty uncommon amidst even the popular market research websites. They have boasted up over one million regular participants. Because of its huge member community, it provides them amazing opportunities to earn more than usual. iPoll has established itself to more than 30 countries.  

How much you can earn from iPoll? 

Well, you might be thinking about how much you can make from iPoll in a day or a month. In most cases, it only depends on the time you want to invest; the more time you give the more you can make on the panel. Moreover, the website is completely free of cost and various fun in-person tasks to perform. 

On average, you can make a $0.50 in 10 minutes up to $1 or $3 in 20 minutes or so. You can expect 5 to 6 surveys each month to take, moreover, if are conscious about the limited number of surveys you will receive and meanwhile fear of being disqualified. Then, let me tell you that the qualification rate is pretty on the panel, it lies around 75% whereas on many survey sites is only 25% to 35%. If you want to earn from surveys only then you can expect from a few cents to a dollar per survey. Moreover, the kind of earning you will receive depends on the length of the survey and how much time it takes to complete. 

Furthermore, you can earn from its missions. It is something different from various other survey sites as they either ask you to take or product testing or any other earning option which can be done in-home only. In case, you don’t mind going out and visiting some stores and clicking some pictures or videos as a task then this can really help you make $5 to $15 per task. This is also a good deal I guess!

In addition to that, iPoll works with a direct cash reward in comparison to other websites like Vindale Research or Swagbucks which has a point system. Plus, it offers various useful payment methods that will give you the freedom to spend your income as you prefer.  

iPoll Review

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Take surveys and complete interesting missions 

Turning your every day into some adventure, remember games in which we used to get assigned to complete interesting missions. I used to have thoughts on what if we get interesting mini-missions in real life and the ability to earn rewards. Well, iPoll has this cool adventurous feature in it as missions as well. 

iPoll Review


These missions are small tasks and short surveys based on your location. iPoll offers fun tasks such as visiting a store, testing products, and taking pictures. However, to take missions you need to turn on your GPS. Accordingly, it will send you the location of the place which you have to visit like any restaurant, and other similar places near you.

You will also get notified about how long the mission will last. You may be asked to take photos of a certain product or other similar tasks. The mission can only take 5 minutes to complete typically, however, excluding the travel time. And the best part it can pay you from $5 to $15. 

Though these missions have an expiration date, you will need to finish them within the time limit. Moreover, the expiration date varies from a few hours to 1 or 2 days. You can expect to receive 1 to 2 missions per month.  

iPoll Review


No matter how many alternates a survey website provides you overtaking surveys. Still, completing surveys is the primary option and you can get them several times in a month. As we know that surveys are used for market insight. They help companies to make useful changes in products and services according to the consumers’ opinions.  

On most surveying sites you will find various types of surveys vary in topics whereas iPoll has mainly surveyed consumer shopping habits. You can expect anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per survey. Typically, each survey will take 8 to 15 minutes to complete and pay you according to the length and complexity of the survey. People claim to receive 5 to 6 surveys each month. 

iPoll Review

How do you get paid?

Well, the payout process is not quite complex, however, you may need to reach a different threshold amount according to the payment method you will choose. 

The payout minimum for iPoll starts at a very low threshold of $10 however, it is only for magazine subscriptions. iPoll threshold amount varies from $10 up to $50 only. 

You can choose any payment method mentioned below: 

  • Magazine Subscriptions: you need to accumulate a $10 amount if you want to get a subscription for a magazine.
  • Gift Cards: If you want to get a gift card then its payout limit starts from $20
  • PayPal or Prepaid visa card: In case you want to get cash, you should accumulate $50 in your iPoll account a get cash from either PayPal fast transaction or Prepaid visa card having $50.

One more thing you should know that iPoll deducts a 3% fee on PayPal payouts. However, the Prepaid visa card avoids this fee. 

iPoll Review

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Few steps to get started with iPoll

Signing up with iPoll is no difficult task to perform nor it takes less than a few minutes. So, let’s go through step by step to successfully log in to the iPoll account:

  • Fortunately, iPoll is available worldwide. But you need to be 17 years old to get started with the panel.
  • So lets first go to the website of the iPoll. 
  • All you need to do is to provide initial information about yourself.
  • Fill up your full name, email ID, and set a secure password for your future logins. 

There you go! Ready to start earning from iPoll. You will also receive $5 bonus just for signing up.

Moreover, don’t forget to fill profile surveys that will make you qualify for most of the surveys. Along with this, you will also receive 10 to 25 cents each. 

The verdict: is it a good shot for your free time! 

There is no doubt that the website is legit or a scam. iPoll is undoubtedly a legit survey website. You don’t have charge while signing up, even it will reward with $5 bonus cash just for joining the panel. And you will not encounter any issues related to Payment payout. 

This way the site is good if you want to earn money in your spare time just by surveying for a few dollars in an hour or mini outdoor missions. All over the website is good and provides you an opportunity to earn in your free time. And it is legitimate and scam-free. 

iPoll Review

Frequently Asked questions

Would I get charged for signing up?

No, the iPoll is completely free for sign-up. Other than your personal details for the types of surveys you will receive, it won’t ask for any charges. 

Is it legit or a scam?

Yes, it is undoubtedly legitimate and pays you genuinely for your useful opinions and completed other tasks. 

How can I earn from the iPoll?

Well, iPoll offers only two ways to earn from one is the usual survey-taking opportunity and the other one is fun and adventurous with mini-missions which you have to do outdoors. 

What are the payment options?

After reaching the minimum payment threshold from $10 to $50 amount. You will be eligible to redeem your earnings with various different types of payment methods. Including magazine subscriptions, gift cards, PayPal, or Prepaid visa card. 

Is there any sign-up bonus?

Yes, you will gain $5 just for signing up. 

iPoll Review


Payment Option


Customer Support




Products offered



  • High paying mini-missions to take
  • Qualification rate of 75%
  • Various payment methods
  • Payment threshold amount varies from $10 to $50


  • A 3% fee on PayPal payouts

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