What is On-Page SEO & How to do it?

By | July 24, 2019
How to do On-Page SEO using simple Steps.

What is SEO and What Are the Parts of it and Do we need to make sure all the SEO minor steps are done perfectly to get it ranked? Does google require On-Page SEO to be done perfectly?

Here in this article I am gonna teach you how you can do your On-Page SEO perfectly and easily without any issues. On-Page SEO is very simple and requires a bit of website knowledge.

I am a full-time WordPress blogger current and have been using these steps to rank my website on TOP of Google using simple On-Page SEO Strategies.

What is ON Page SEO?

ON-PAGE SEO is basically a type of optimization which is done your website rather than outside your website or unlike off-page SEO. What are the things included in ON-PAGE SEO?

1. TITLE –

Title of your website, Article has to be very specific with the keywords, data, audience you are focusing on. For example, if you have a Health Blog and you want to target Acne solutions. You can write the Article Title as – How to treat your Acne using simple home remedies and medication (This contains Acne, Home Remedies, Treatment, Medication, Easy almost all targeting keywords using which one can search for ).


– Short DESCRIPTION, Short Description is basically the description going to be listed on Google using which a particular person may or may not click on the link. Make sure your Short Description is creating enough and catchy to click. The short description has to be Short. Use Yoast SEO to make sure the SHORT Description is done perfectly

– Long Description, Basically the Article of your website. Please read the SEO of search engine. All article has to be written very specifically and should not contain so hard English words which one is unable to understand. English should be understandable to people. All the sentences should be not so very long. Make sure to give proper Paragraphing space.

This is how on-page SEO looks on google – Title, Slug, Short Description, and keywords.


Make sure your Focus Keywords and Relative keywords are present in your META Keyword box and these cards are the core using which Google is going to crawl them from your website using sitemap and list on their Site. These keywords should be included in Description and the Focus Keyword should be only one and should be in Title of the article.


Use the hosting which is fast enough to load your website. AS results have shown already the website which is good in loading themselves are ranked higher than any website. I’ll be briefing the hosting to choose in my upcoming posts.

5. Use Optimised Plugins of WordPress.

There are several plugins available to WordPress which will help you optimize your website without any coding knowledge. I’ll be briefing them in the upcoming posts.

6. Inter-link of URL’s

There are several plugins available in WordPress which will interlink your articles. You have to interlink to relating articles to make sure the users remain on the website for the long term. This is a very important step and can result in speed ranking to Google.

7. Common Pages.

Make Sure your website Contains – About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions in your website’s sitemap as these are crawled and google basically gains the users trust using these pages. they are going to list your website mainly if your website contains this page. Please put in on Header or Footer of every page.

Make Sure you follow all the above steps to rank your website on google using ON-PAGE Seo strategie

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