Pinecone Research Review: Is it legit? How much you can earn?

By | January 30, 2021

Over the last few years, as the increase of easily accessible internet connection has got a wiggle on is quite amazing to look at. So obviously there are various opportunities you can bestow while being online in your free time. And one more thing we all love easy money that requires the least skills and your time as well. Accordingly, if you search for “make money online”, or something similar you will encounter thousands of ways that can make you earn a couple or more bucks with fewer efforts. In all those numerous options, survey sites will be quite popular to try if you genuinely want to earn some money as a side hustle. However, when it comes to surveying sites that can be all the way profitable and treacherous contrarily. Therefore, I represent you with a survey site called Pinecone Research that rewards for completing surveys and testing products.  

This requires fewer efforts and pays you for a simple task. So, let’s go further with the Pinecone Research Review and learn more about the website whether it is legal or is it just a scam like other untrustworthy sites. 

Pinecone Research Review

What is Pinecone Research?

Basically, Pinecone Research is a market research firm that has trusted sovereignty among the industry of survey panels. The company called Nielsen which is a market research company headquartered in New York owns Pinecone Research. It works exclusively and focuses on the betterment of the quality of upcoming products and services. While gathering useful points of view on products from all around the world. 

Well, Pinecone Research works little differently from various other existing survey websites. Because you can only register with it if you get invited. The potential newbies will get an invitation from existing members to join. Otherwise, you can find a join link that would be posted on various websites. Moreover, people of America, Canada, and The UK can only sign up with Pinecone Research.  

With, Pinecone Research you can really contribute to making a big impact on the companies for how they gonna be representing their products. It conducts a consumer survey that focuses on effective and comprehensive consumer remarks. Hence, you need to give them detailed feedback on the products that you use. These consumer inputs are further utilized by major business decisions about styles, features, specific demands of products, and services.   

You can contribute with your useful opinions on Pinecone Research through two basic ways that are completing surveys and doing product testing. Moreover, it also has a high payscale on both of its earning options. Therefore, if you want to earn some extra few bucks in your time just by doing simple tasks then you should Pinecone Research. It is a genuine platform for making side money with least efforts and an opportunity to influence some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Pinecone Research Review

How much you can earn? 

There is nothing like “the more time you will spend here the more you will get to earn” type slogan. But like other survey sites, it also does not claim that you will get rich with Pinecone Research. As it just for a side hustle income where you put fewer efforts than your usual daily full-time work. And earn in your spare time. 

To earn from Pinecone Research you get two different ways that are surveys and product testing. And in both of its earning options, you will definitely find a high payout potential. For example, its survey payout itself starts from $3 which is relatively high from other survey websites. You can expect $6 for completing a product testing task. 

Your potential for earning predominantly depends on the ratio of completed surveys. The number of surveys you will qualify for the more invitation you will receive to join a survey. Moreover, your demographics also play an important role to ensure how many surveys you will be matched with. Pinecone Research always looks for different demographics according to its need. It gives value to your opinion and clients’ requirements. That is why it will send you invitations for those surveys in which your opinions matter the most. 

You can earn anywhere from $3 to $ 5 per survey if you live in the USA. And $5 to $6.83 for Canadian people. And this is why Pinecone gained a really good reputation as it does value your opinion and pays you accordingly. Apart from this, you get an opportunity to earn $6 for per product testing you will do. 

With this, you can wild guess, as how much you can make monthly if you are consistent and qualify for most of the surveys. You can expect anywhere from $20 to $30

Pinecone Research Review

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Ways to earn from Pinecone Research

There are only two different and clearly amazing ways to make some extra side money from Pinecone Research. So, basically as with any survey sites, completing surveys are the initial ways of earning. Here also you need to complete different types of surveys depending on your demographics. The other alternative to filling out surveys is testing unreleased products. You can actually get a chance to influence a product that still not hit the real market.

  • Completing surveys: Well, the most irritating part about surveys is that you first have to do pre-qualify surveys which itself can take 10 to 15 mins maximum. And that is not the problem! But when in between you are screened out while completing a survey which is after 15 mins, and that’s frustrating. You spend time for nothing but being disqualified for a survey. 

    Here at Pinecone Research, you will receive pre-qualified surveys. Although, Pinecone will send you few surveys only in a month. But at least it is not wasting your time and sending surveys that fit for you. And in return, rewarding you for your useful contribution with a high payout.

    Typically, surveys will 10 to 15 minutes to complete and you can expect anywhere from $3 to $5 per survey. 
  • Testing out Products: Pinecone Research offers product testing to its members. It usually performs product testing for unreleased products. If you are doing a product test yourself instead of randomly filling out surveys about a product, you can actually put your thoughts honestly on the product. This will help companies to know how the product will do in the market around common people.

    This will further help companies to decide its key factors including product pricing, features, style, etc.

    Though you can’t sign up for a product testing program, the company will send you different products if it sees fit. Just say you did a survey about a certain product some days ago, it sees your answers honest and truthful and fits in then it will send that product to do a profound review about the product. A product testing task can give you $6 for doing so.

    And sometimes, it also asks you to do a “post-testing” survey. This way you will not only earn $6 for product testing but $3 for answering questions about the product as well. 

Get a chance to win $4,500

Pinecone Research also has a Sweepstakes going twice a week and quarterly draw. 

If you complete a survey here on Pinecone Research you will automatically get an entry into the draws mentioned above. 

To increase the chances of winning this draw is the more survey you will complete the more chances you can avail to get a chance to win sweepstakes money. 

The lucky draw that happens twice a week that worth $500 and quarterly draw worth $4,500. Which is again really amount if you got the luck to enjoy this much money. 

Pinecone Research Review

How do you get paid?

So, after you get through all the important queries related to how much you can earn and how do make money at Pinecone Research. 

It becomes all the way interesting to know how do you get paid once you have earned from completing surveys and doing product testing. With Pinecone, I must say you gonna experience perfect payout methods and the time limit it takes to get done with your payment procedure. 

Here, you will have multiple payment alternatives that you can choose to get paid from. Below I have mentioned all the payout methods Pinecone offers to you: 

  • Get Paid via Cheque.
  • Paypal Money
  • Either through PrePaid Visa Card
  • Redeem your points into Gift Cards

You can choose from various different gift cards including Starbucks gift card, Amazon gift card, movie voucher, Home Depot gift card, iTunes gift card, Walmart gift card, and restaurant gift cards. 

Moreover, one of the best things you will experience is that Pinecone does not ask for any minimum payment threshold. According to it, you can payout your money as soon as you start earning from surveys and product testing. Unlike, various survey sites that set the minimum payout threshold of somewhere $30 to $50, if you want to get paid. 

Furthermore, the payment process is quite smooth relatively. Pinecone Research pays you as soon as you request payment. It pays you within 48 hours. 

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How you can get an invitation to join Pinecone Research? 

As I mentioned previously that Pinecone is an exclusive platform. In order to join the community, you need to get an invitation. 

You can get invited through any existing member or lucky you can come across to an ad with the referral link to join. 

Now where you can find these advertisements containing referral links? So these links can be found on any website, but not every website is affiliated with the company. So, it will up to your luck that you will come across the website, thanks to the stars,  that has partnered with Pinecone Research and will show its ad. 

Moreover, it is only available in The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Germany. 

As of now, I assume you have got the link to join and also reside in one of the countries mentioned above, so let’s move on to the sign-up process. 

  • One more thing, you need to be at least 18 years old or more to participate in paid surveys and product testing programs.
  • So, now you got up here, you first have to fill out some in-depth questionnaires so that the company can decide you meet its required demographics.  
  • As you should know that Pinecone Research looks for decent demographics that are truthful and genuine. Hence, don’t forget to be honest. 
  • If you pass the questionnaire, you will become one of its valuable members and start receiving emails along with invitations to join paid surveys. 
Pinecone Research Review

The verdict 

There is clearly no doubt that the website called Pinecone Research is completely legit and scam-free. The company which is Nielsen operates it and accredited through Better Business Bureau. BBB helps to advance market place as a trustworthy platform for consumers.  

In the past recent years, Nielsen got an A+ from BBB that means Pinecone Research has 100% legitimate and scam-free surveys. It is an amazing website that helps people to earn some extra side money from their free time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pinecone Research charge for signing up?

 No, Pinecone Research is absolutely free of cost to accept from the pre-qualifying questionnaires to fill out, it does not ask for any charges. 

Is Pinecone Research legit website to join?

Yes, definitely! Pinecone Research is a legit website that pays you genuinely for your efforts.

How much I earn?

Well, that depends on how much surveys you qualify for and complete. Here, per survey, you can expect anywhere from $3 to $5.

What are the payment options?

You can payout your amount once you start earning from following payment methods Paypal money, Cheque, Prepaid Visa Card, and Gift cards. 

How can I join Pinecone Research?

Well, it is an invitation-based platform. So, you need to get an invitation from existing member or find an advertisement containing a referral link to join.

Pinecone Research Review








Payment Option



  • A high payout for surveys starting from $3
  • On-time payment along with multiple payment methods
  • Get a Chance to win $4,500 Sweepstakes lucky draw
  • You can also do product testing
  • Zero minimum Payment threshold


  • It is Invite-only survey site
  • Only available in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Germany
  • No App Available

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