Product Report Card Review: Is it worth it or not? How much you can earn?

By | February 1, 2021

Are you bored out of your daily routine and hectic working schedule? Or maybe you are tried watching shows and playing games just for fun. Or have you got some free time and want to make some passive income from your spare time? So, I have something for you which can definitely rejoice and will make your day a lit bit interesting. You will also pocket a few dollars just by your simple efforts. Well, that amazing opportunity is Product Report Card. If you type “how to make easy money online” as a result you will encounter numerous survey websites. These sites require no special skills or efforts, you only need to answer for basic feedback questionnaires and product reviews, etc. In return, they reward you either in real cash or in points that you can later redeem into various gift cards of popular brands. 

In this article, I am doing a detailed Product Report Card Review, it is also one of the various famous survey websites. This review will help you know about what exactly this platform is and how does it work, what is the earning potential and how you can get paid from the website. 

Product Report Card

What is the Product Report Card? 

Like most of the survey websites, Product Report Card is a no different platform. It is a market research online panel that provides a huge database of market insights to popular brands like Microsoft, Ikea, Amazon, and many more.  

It has pretty much the same approach of collecting consumer opinions about different products and services. This data then later forwarded to companies and brands to help them analyze their product services whether they need to improve them or upgrade or how their product will work in the market place. 

Moreover, the Product Report Card has established itself in the United States although, it is also available in almost 17 countries for people to join. However, they don’t restrict people residing in other parts of the world to join. But there would be some exceptions for those who do not live in the countries enlisted in Product Report Card. Like, you cannot get your payment via check, or there may be some surveys won’t available for you and you also may not get invited for the focus group study or home product test. 

Furthermore, you also get a myriad of alternates to start making income from Product Report Card. Rather than playing lame games or reading emails that are not valuable and enthralling on the hand. Relatively, here you can earn while doing various interesting tasks like writing reviews and participating in focus groups, etc.

The sign-up process is forbye simple and of no-cost value. It has almost 8 profile section where you will need to fill up each profile to get relevant and to get more surveys than usual. This demographic data will help you get more and interesting surveys and make you eligible for other tasks like registering for product review and testing. Although you can skip this profile completion and directly move on to taking surveys, you may not get many surveys then.   

Overall, the website Product Report Card is an opportunistic platform to gain passive income in your spare time. And it does pay you well on different online tasks compared to other survey sites. 

Product Report Card

How much you can earn? 

Well, you may be having this question now that at the end of all the efforts, you would make on the website. What will be the return! Or you can say how much money you can earn by the end. 

It is very simple to know with not just this survey site but it is common to other similar platforms. Your earning basically depends on how much time you spend on the website while completing surveys and other tasks offered by Product Report Card. 

Or how much you are responsive to the email notifications of newly available surveys, registering to review products, or testing out products, and participating in focus groups. Each task will pay you differently as a particular survey can reward you anywhere from $0.25 to a few more dollars. 

Even if you complete different profile sections, you can expect $5 to $8 for doing that as well. Furthermore, it has the highest paying task called focus groups. But you should update or fill up your profile section wisely to provide reasonable demographic information. This focus group will give you up to $200 at a time. 

As I already mentioned, it has a stack of options to earn from. According to your profile, you can be eligible for a home product test which can make you earn around $5 per product test. 

So, undoubtedly Product Report Card offers multifarious options to earn extra money that are interesting to join and reward you comparatively high as well. Hence, it is all hinge on how many surveys you take, how many times you participate in other tasks. As each alternate rewards you pretty well. 

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Multiple ways to make money from Product Report Card 

Unlike, many survey sites that only focus on collecting market insight data from surveys alone. Otherwise, have various other options like an email reading, playing games, completing paid offers, and so on so forth. 

Whereas Product Report Card focuses only on those tasks that can fetch useful consumer opinions and thoughts for products and services. It has taken a completely different and conservative approach to market research that no way waste your time and pays you genuinely for your efforts.  

The following are the ways that you can choose to complete and pocket a decent amount of money:

Product Report Card
  • Complete all the Profile section: Makeup to $5 to $8
    • These profiles include 8 sections and would nearly 10-15 minutes to complete as there are in-depth. 
    • Product Report Card asks various personal questionnaires to ensure what kind of and in what frequency you will receive surveys. It also makes you eligible for participation in the product review task, and focus groups.  
    • Profile topics vary from household profile to career, from mobile phone to automobile profile, from kitchen appliance to health&beauty profile, and from fitness to travel profile. 
  • Take surveys: get anywhere from $0.25 to $5
    • Typically each survey will take 10 to 20 minutes to complete as they are quite detailed in the sense. 
    • You will receive after every 24 hours when you complete a survey. 
    • Occasionally, you can also find exclusive surveys that will pay you around $10. 
  • Register and start review products: earn up to $0.50 to $1.00
    • Product Report Card will pay if you register for its product review program and write a short review about a product that you already own. 
    • You can add really honest feedback about the product even it includes demerits. 
    • You need to write at least 500 words review which can take up to 5 to 6 minutes, simple isn’t it! 
  • Participate in product test: accumulate $5 for each test 
    • Well, this section will depend on your profile, you can actually qualify for a product test which will send to your home. 
    • You would require to test the product and then provide the review. 
    • It lets you keep the product for free as well. 
  • Partake in focus groups: earn as high up to $150 to $200 per focus group study
    • Another amazing market research approach Product Report Card has applied is through conducting Focus Group studies. 
    • This particular section has the most earning potential than any other alternate options. 
    • Although, it can take can be time-consuming, you can expect 2 -3 hours to complete or even in some cases 2 days as well. 
    • But the payout is pretty much alluring. 

How do you get paid? 

After acquiring enough money you might be thinking about how you would get that money to utilize it. Well, Product Report Card has multiple ways to payout your earnings. 

As it does not work in the point system and pays you in direct cash rewards, you do not have to guess how much is your available balance. 

Moreover, if you want to get paid from the website, you need to accumulate the minimum payment threshold of $25. It is a standard survey industry payout threshold. Well, people may find this minimum limit a bit high but it also provides various different options to earn that pay well. 

There are four payment methods that you choose to get paid: 

  • PayPal money: It is the fastest, secure, and reliable direct deposit method to get paid. 
  • Amazon Gift Card: You can also redeem your money into Amazon Gift Card for online shopping. 
  • Prepaid Visa Card: It is another option that can help you get your money easily. In case, you do not have PayPal or do not want a gift card. 
  • Via Check: Last but not least, you can just simply request payment through Check. 

These are the payment methods you can choose to get paid once you earn $25 in your account. One more thing, if you don’t cash out your money within a year then your earnings will be deducted from the account. 

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Product Report Card

How you can start earning from Product Report Card?

The process is quite simple and easy peasy! Follow these simple steps to sign-up:

  1. Start by landing on the homepage of the Product Report Card. 
  2. Now proceed to the signup section and complete your basic information. Like adding your email Id and setting up the password, your name, and continue “Get Started”.
  3. This will redirect you to the profile section. Although you can skip this if you want, I will recommend filling up these profiles. To get more surveys and earning opportunities. 
  4. Well, you will earn $5 dollars immediately for joining the platform. Additionally, each profile pays you $0.25.   

Woo hoo, there you go! Start earning and cash out your income when you reach the minimum payment threshold of $25. 

The verdict 

Well, the Product Report Card is definitely interesting and legit that has good earning potential compared to other survey sites. However, for the past few years, users have started confronting various issues regarding payment. 

Like, the payout process has started taking a long time than its usual time limit. Or, some people have complained that their earnings were deducted in between and sometimes they did not even get paid for their efforts. 

Overall, the website is good and worth trying once. It is a legitimate option that offers you to earn from your spare time as well as has interesting earning alternates. Product Report Card is no way a scam, it is genuine and Legit. 

Product Report Card

Frequently Asked Question 

Does the Product Report Card charge for signing up?

No, the Product Report Card is absolutely free of cost to join. 

Is the Product Report Card legit website to join?

Yes, definitely! Product Report Card is a legit website that pays you genuinely for your efforts.

How much I earn from Product Report Card?

Well, that depends on what type of task you complete. Each task holds a different reward amount. A typical survey can give anywhere from $0.25 to $5 whereas, per product review rewards you with only $1.  

What are the payment options?

Once you achieve $25 in your account you can then payout your earning via different payment methods. The payment methods include PayPal money, Prepaid Visa, Amazon Gift Card, and through check as well.   

Product Report Card Review




Payment Option







  • Good Earning potential
  • Variety of Payment methods
  • Get multiple ways to earn
  • Low disqualification ratio
  • A low minimum payment threshold of $25


  • Profile section is pretty long and tiresome
  • Lack of stable Customer care support
  • You might lose you earning if do not payout within a year

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