Survey Club Review: Is it legit? What is the earning potential? (July 2020)

By | February 10, 2021
Survey Club

Whereas the world of online is pretty much huge and because of the increasing platform the market research in also wide. A myriad of companies and brands know how does market research works and affects their business as well. This is why companies lookup for platforms that can gather user consumption trends and habits in one place. And for this amazing job they are ready to give awesome commission to these platforms. These are called survey websites that work as a middle man to join companies and consumers in one place. However, it is slightly difficult to choose from numerous survey sites that are legit and also pay you well. But, I am presenting you Survey Club that is a good way to connect with the most popular and legit survey sites that reward you well. 

In this article, with the help of a detailed Survey Club Review, you will know how Survey Club works, what exactly it is. And obviously, what is the earning potential you can avail from this platform and how you can get your rewards to use them. All of this is simplified below. 

Survey Club

What is Survey Club? 

Unlike the innumerable survey websites that host surveys on their and incentivize you with a small commission. Survey Club is not exactly a survey site nor it is a middleman but it can be denoted as an aggregator. If you are not familiar with the term then let me simplify it for you.

As we know that survey sites work as a representative of the market research industry that joins consumers who have opinions on products and companies that value those opinions. But with Survey Club, as the name suggests, it is a club of survey sites that has aligned with popular and legitimate survey panels and does not host surveys on its own. Rather it will redirect you to other panels to complete surveys. In other words, it is not a survey website but it is a survey company that provides surveys through survey sites. 

Well, now you might be thinking that why not skip to the actual survey sites and sign up to them. But here it stands out in the game, as we all know that the internet is also a breeding ground for scam and it is also difficult to choose one that suits best and legit as well. Survey Club has aligned with various legitimate websites to which it will redirect you to complete surveys such as IPSOS i-Say, E-Poll, Opinion Outpost, etc. 

This way you will be able to visit various survey sites without signing up to them separately and completing surveys while nagging your head here and there to reach the threshold amount to at least one.  

The company got established in the year 2005 which states its authenticity as well it alignment to numerous legitimate sites. 

Survey Club

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Earning potential while completing surveys with Survey Club 

It mainly relies on providing surveys through surveying panels. However, it does have other high paying focus groups opportunities in your area but they are usually rare. We will look on to it a little time later. 

So, as you know any survey site does not pay you more than a few cents to 1 or 2 dollars per survey. But Survey Club has partnered with different survey panels that may have a relatively different payout to the other. Sometimes low sometimes high! However, you can not expect more than $5 as payout mainly depends on the length and complexity of the survey and panel on which you will be taking surveys.    

One more thing, if you don’t qualify for surveys, you will still receive $0.10 just for attempting. Compared to other websites, who don’t give anything at all, and some will give you a sweepstakes entry which also useless cause it is very rare that you win the draw. 

Now coming to the high paying opportunity that you can avail benefit from and it is real as well.

Survey Club offers you a focus group that can make earn money more than a hundred bucks if you qualify for the one. However, it is quite rare as the participants are very few and require to have decent and specific demographics. But if you are lucky and got a chance to participate then you can earn a handsome amount of cash. 

Moreover, you can also participate in its referral program which will reward you $1 per referral if your friend happens to join the panel from your unique referral link.

Lastly, the earning potential mainly depends on how many surveys you complete and also how much you receive according to the profile demographics and able to qualify for them as well. 

Survey Club

How do you get paid? 

Well, the prizes are quite useful that you can redeem from Survey Club for future uses. Like it offers multifarious options for earning, it gives you an opportunity to redeem them in your preferable options. 

It supports the following payment methods:

  • Get your cash out via PayPal money. 
  • If you are a regular shopper at Amazon, you can also claim your earnings in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.
  • You can also get a check. 

Although, in order to your income in cash or gift card you need to reach the minimum payment threshold of $20. 

Well, the redemption process takes only a week to get done with your payment request. It is way quicker compared to other survey sites that take 6 to 8 weeks to process your payment. 

Survey Club

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Few steps to get started with Survey Club

The sign-up process is easy and it is free of cost. 

To sign-up just follow simple steps: 

  1. First of all, you need to be 18 years old for sign-up. 
  2. Now just continue with the sign-up section. Either provide your email ID and set your password with initial info such as name, gender, etc. 
  3. After signing up, it will ask some profile demographic questions that you need to fill up. This section will ensure what type and frequency of surveys.  

Now, you are all set to start earning from Survey Club in your free time. 

Survey Club

The verdict

If talking about the Survey Club authenticity then it is absolutely legit and scam-free. It is a perfect secondary reliable income resource where you don’t have to be dependent on the whole. Moreover, it is fun to take surveys and it also offers other earning options which does not require any efforts. 

It also pays good and worth your time. 

Although, there is a downside when it comes to the frequency of the surveys that are available for you to take. Like you won’t be able to qualify for most of the surveys. The rewarding potential somewhat low mostly you will payed a few cents only for completed surveys.   

So on the whole, Survey Club is a legitimate survey panel that rewards in cash which is worthwhile for your efforts. 

Survey Club

Frequently Asked Question 

Is there any other way from which I can earn except for taking surveys on Survey Club?

Yes, absolutely! You can join its referral program if you want. Just refer it to people and invite them to join the panel. Once they sign-up, you will get paid for doing so. 

Is Survey Club legit or similar to various scam websites?

Survey Club is completely legit and pays you genuinely for your efforts.

What are the payment methods?

You will get paid via PayPal money. Or you can request an Amazon gift card or you can request a check.

Is there any sign-up bonus or profile reward?

No, unfortunately, it does not have any sign-bonus although, it is free to join. 

Who can join the panel?

Anyone who is above 18-year-olds  and interested in taking surveys in his free time.

How much do I have to wait after requesting payment?

No matter, whatever payment options you will choose you will have to wait at least for a week to receive your payment.   

Survey Club Review


Payment Option


Customer Support




Products offered



  • A good payout
  • It has a focus group that pays very high
  • Multiple payment options
  • A low payment threshold amount of $20


  • It takes a week to process your payment
  • However, earning potential is somewhat low

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