CashCrate Review: Benefits of CashCrate, Is CashCrate Legit in 2021 with Full Review.

By | June 22, 2021

Well, another one. Yes, I have one more survey site review for you. So that if you choose a survey site for making money online, you will focus on the primary level that is worth it for you, or it is just a scam in the disguise of money making scheme. Obviously, the internet has given us a golden opportunity to generate income for ourselves in many different ways.

But it is also a breeding ground for scams and betrayal, which is called cybercrime. So to prevent yourself from all this fraud, why not check this fantastic website called Cashcrate. It is a trusted survey panel that offers various exciting ways to boost your income apart from surveys alone.

Further in this CashCrate review, you will know all about this panel and how it works, the payment methods, and, of course, earning potential that you can enjoy. 

What is CashCrate? 

cashcrate review

CashCrate is one of the popular market research companies.

It is a “Get Paid To” website that allows people to make money online from copious ways to earn from.

There is no limit on how much money you can make from this website. So spend as much time you have in spare whether you complete offers, take surveys, or the best to hike up your earning is by using its referral program. On all these earning alternates, we will come on after a little later. 

The company got established in 2006, and from then, it has grown up among various popular market research firms and an enormous number of active members.

It had 2 million registered users when it started, and now it has accelerated up to 4 million people from all corners of the world, and the numbers are still increasing. 

It is completely free to join; all you need is while signing up with CashCrate, you must be 13 years old.  

CashCrate works with the conglomerate of companies and brands for which it does market research on various products and services.

This helps companies in the betterment of their products and services as well as the user interface.

CashCrate allows its members to test out different products for honest feedback. And in return, it rewards you in real cash

How much money you can make with CashCrate? 

cashcrate offers

This is a widespread query for anyone looking for a passive income asset via taking surveys.

Obviously, you cannot hike your expectations from survey websites as they are here to give a small amount of commission in exchange for your honest thought on products and services. 

You cannot get rich by earning a few bucks here and there; hence it is not a replacement for your regular job.

However, it definitely can supplement your earnings while offering you to earn $50 to $100 just by completing offers, taking surveys, referring this panel to other people. 

With any survey site, your earning potential is mainly based on the time you spend on the panel completing surveys, taking paid offers, playing games, doing cashback shopping from the panel, using referral programs, etc.

Moreover, it also depends on the payout as well. Like you can earn anywhere between $0.50 to $0.80 per survey.

Whereas completing offers can make you earn $2 or more. Despite this, you can earn a perfect amount from referrals; all you need is to convince people to join.

The referral program operates the tier feature, which can add up your earnings from your referrals.  

Hence, continue with the website as long as possible and complete as many tasks as possible. Then, you can generate $100 or more from the panel with hard work. 

However, the payout isn’t high nor low; it lies in between. And it offers you to earn from several different ways as well. 

How do you make money from CashCrate?  

Way to earn using cashcrate

As I have already mentioned that there are several other different ways to supplement your income instead of surveys alone. You can see them below one by one: 

  1. Complete CashCrate Surveys

    Surveys are always the primary source of earning on any survey site. But CashCrate is not a survey site, and it does not offer surveys on its own, meaning you would be redirected to third-party websites to take surveys. Also, on CashCrate, you won’t earn many payouts on surveys only, unlike many other highly dedicated survey sites like MySurvey, etc.
  1. Complete CashCrate offers

    Completing offers can be the best stake of your time and sometimes money with paid surveys. The site offers two types of proposals, including free offers and paid submissions. As the terms themselves suggest, paid offers can be more profitable than free offers. With paid offers, you need to stake a certain amount of money to take bids which will pay you more than the money you have paid to take that offer. 

    But don’t forget to take free offers as well, as these offers can be straightforward to complete and equally profitable. In addition, you can earn up to $2 or more per offer. 
  1. CashCrate Referral program

    Apart from offers, you can make a decent amount of money from a single referral. For example, CashCrate provides a referral program which is the highest-earning option without doing much, just referring the panel to as many people as possible. And also, there is a tier system in which as high tier you reach; you will get more percentage from your referrals and a few rates when your referral refers to other people. 

    It works something like this: when you start referring to people, you gain 20% from each referral if they happen to join the panel from your link. Additionally, when your referrals refer to other people, you will 10% of their earning.  

    As I told you, if you go on further to refer more people, your tier will upgrade, and your earning percentage will also increase. Like you can gain 30% of your every referral and 20% of their referrals’ earning. 

    Furthermore, you will also earn a small bonus if your referral reaches its first milestone of $10. 
  1. CashCrate CashBack shopping

    CashCrate has aligned with numerous popular retailers from where you can shop. However, it won’t allow you to earn any money, but yes, you can save some percentage on your purchase if you shop at any of its partnered stores. 
  1. Watch videos or play games. 

    You can also add up a small number of earnings just by watching videos and playing games. This can make you earn anywhere between $0.05 to $1. There are also bonus services as well that available on third-party services through RSS. You will make some money from bonuses as you make from offers.  
  1. Participate in contests

    Well, CashCrate features monthly and daily-based contests. Its cash prizes are up to thousands of dollars. 

How do you get paid in CashCrate? 

cash crate how you get paid

Many survey websites offer different ways to get paid, including mainly PayPal money, to get cash.

Some of them also include gift cards, but money without freedom of use as you want is entirely useless. What if you’re going to save it instead of spending it to make purchases. 

But CashCrate, as the name itself, says, ‘crate of the cash.’ Here you don’t have to earn a vast amount of points which seems massive until you redeem them in cash.

CashCrate offers you to earn direct cash instead of accumulating a certain amount of points. 

Moreover, it also provides you the freedom to spend your earnings the way you want. There is no choice of gift cards, donation boxes, or even colossal collection merchandise to make purchases with your hard-earned money. Nor do you have to have a PayPal verified account. 

CashCrate lets you get your income from a direct check that is mailed straight to your doorsteps. Isn’t it amazing? After a few efforts, you earn a cash reward and get it in your hands to enjoy the way you like. 

However, you need to reach a $20 minimum payment threshold before requesting payment. The payment process works a little differently. Like, CashCrate pays you 1st of every month, and your check would reach you 25th of the same month. 

Three steps to get started with CashCrate

cashcrate sign up

CashCrate is very easy if you want to set up an account to start taking surveys and offers on the website. There are only three steps to get started with CashCrate; you can follow these simple steps to signup with the website: 

  1. CashCrate is available everywhere around the world. Just go to the website of CashCrate and proceed to the signup process or CashCreate Login; visit their Website.
  2. Now provide all the initial information about yourself like your name, email ID, and of course, your mailing address to receive your check. 
  3. After this, you will ask to complete a short survey that is to know more about yourself. This demographic information will ensure what kind of surveys you will receive and how frequently you will get them. 

And there you go, buddy! 

The CashCrate Review Verdict

If I say about the authenticity of the website CashCrate, I am happy to announce that CashCrate is a very legit and scam-free website.

You get the fantastic potential to earn $100 or even more from this survey panel. Where on many survey sites, it isn’t easy to reach a high payment threshold like $50.

On the other hand, CashCrate has only a $20 payment threshold and multiple options to reach this amount. 

Although, no website is perfectly fine. Everyone has faults and demerits, but sometimes the positive side of things outweighs these few imperfections.

Some issues you might confront on this website, like the payout can go as low as fifteen cents, and also some surveys and offers may not be available in your region.

It is also claimed that it might take a couple of days or a month to reach the payment threshold of twenty dollars. 

Though, this thing is common to most of the survey websites. All over, CashCrate is definitely a good option to earn over a hundred bucks in a month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for signing up or Login on CashCrate?

Absolutely, No. CashCrate is a simple best survey site that offers amazing ways to earn from and does not charge you for sign-up at all. 

Is CashCrate legit site to join?

Yes, CashCrate is a completely legit website and pays you genuinely for your efforts from multiple earning options. 

What are the payment options in CashCrate?

All you need to provide them your mailing address as CashCrate only offers payment via check.  

What are the ways in which I can earn from CashCrate?

There are various exciting ways for you to earn from CashCrate. These ways include taking surveys, completing paid offers, refer a friend, playing games, and watching videos similar to InboxDollars.

Is there any sign-up bonus or additional earning ways?

No. There is no sign-up bonus cashcrate

What is the minimum payment threshold amount in CashCrate?

You are only required to accumulate $20 for your first payment request. 

How long do I have to wait for my money in CashCreate?

Well, CashCrate pays you every 1st day of each month. And your payment will reach you on the 25th day of the same month.

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  • Available worldwide
  • A low payment theshold of $20 only
  • Good payout opportunity from different ways
  • Tier feature that can increase your earning per referrals


  • Only Check is the payment option
  • Some surveys and offers may not be available to you
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