Ebates Review 2021: How i made $XXX using it?

By | June 21, 2021

Who does not want to buy expensive things that he or she can’t afford? Or whatever various products and services which we usually purchase even if they are not affordable? We acquire money after so much hard work to enjoy time without thinking of affordability. Still, here and there, our hard-earned money gets spent on other things. What if you get a substantial rebate on products and services so that, fortunately, they fall in your budget arena? Sounds good, huh! It is said that you can be frugal with your expense which will later add up to a significant amount of sum. Now you might be thinking about how I can save on products and services which have set charges. Don’t worry; there is a popular globally heard name for the applicable cashback & rebate industry. And that is Ebates; it has aligned with numerous bands and companies.

eBates Review

It helps you get considerable cashback on purchases of products if you buy from its partnered retailers. Today, I will do a profound Ebates Review to know everything about Ebates before you go to the website directly yourself. 

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What is Ebates? 

Well, the company is known as the trendsetter in the cashback shopping industry. Over 10 million people have taken advantage of the cashback facility from this well-established and genuine discount shopping program up to now.

Ebates allows free membership to join its community to let you avail of some financial benefits by saving money on products and services. 

Ebates is a global name that has been popular among discount lovers, and cashback savvies since 1998. It is the most widely used and successful cashback website and app all around the world.

It lets you earn up to 40% cash-back at around 2,500 stores that have partnered with Ebates.

You can also avail of maximum benefits while combining cash-back with the special offers, promo codes, coupons, and daily deals enlisted on Ebates. 

Rakuten Rewards acquired Ebates in 2014; however, it did not affect Ebates’s membership, earning cashback, payments, or other features. Ebates has established in San Fransico, CA, and has accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. 

On the whole, Ebates lets you gain a good percentage of discount or cash-back whenever you make online purchases from its partnered retailers through its link.

It is an economically friendly option to save money on some expenses. 

How much rebate you can expect from Ebates?  

How to use eBates?

Well, Ebates applies a straightforward affiliate revenue-sharing plan to you via promotional codes and discounts for online stores.

Ebates allows you to shop at numerous online retailers through Ebates affiliate links, and in return, these retailers pay a commission to Ebates.

Ebates then splits the commission in half with its member in the form of Cash-back. 

Hence, there is no limit on how much cash-back you can earn on Ebates. Although, you can boost your cash-back earning potential. It can be done by applying other offers, coupons, promo codes, and daily deals with your cashback. 

As it says, you can expect up to 40% cash-back at more than 2000 retailers. 

Ways to activate Ebates Cash-back 

As being a member of Ebates, you will get impressive tools and features to ease your convenience. Here, you will have multiple opportunities to activate cash-back that best suit you. 

  • The website: Shopping from directly Ebates website is quite easy-peasy. All you need to do is click on any Ebates link, and you will then a confirmation pop-up that you have activated an Ebates shopping trip. After that, you will be redirected to the online store to start shopping. 
  • Via Email: Whenever there will be a discount, you will get an email to start the Ebates shopping trip. Just follow any Ebates’s email link. A new window will open to let you know that cash-back has been activated on your purchases.
  • Use the Mobile App: It works the same as the previous two ways do. To add more convenience, you can download its application available for Android and iOS mobile devices. In case any store doesn’t offer cashback via mobile app, you will get notified immediately.
  • Get an Ebates Cash Back Visa Card: Well, without any annual fee, you can gain unlimited cashback. You can use your Ebates Cash Back Visa Card while making online purchases or anywhere it is accepted. Via online shopping, you are eligible for 3% cash-back, and in other ways, you can only get 1% cashback.
  • Chrome Extension: There are times when you may not remember visiting Ebates before making online purchases. In that case, Ebates offers Chrome Extension, which makes things a lot easier. 

    This will automatically alert you to cash-back opportunities when you shop online from any of its aligned stores. You don’t have to go to the main Ebates website. Moreover, Chrome isn’t the only extension; you can also get an Ebates extension Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

    Additionally, the browser plug-in also checks automatically if any coupon codes that can gain you a discount. Plus, its “Price Magic” feature can help you comparison shop so that you can choose where you can get the same product for less or with better cash-back on other stores.  
  • Shop at Brick and Mortar stores: You don’t have to shop online every time to take advantage of the Cash-back program. To activate your cash-back offers offline, you need to link your credit card to your Ebates account. Now, find an “In-store Cash Back” offer on the website and click “Link Offer.”

    You can now shop at brick-and-mortar stores before your deal gets expire. And when Ebates encounter any transaction that taken place, it will process your cashback reward.
  • Refer a Friend: Ebates also offers a referral program to its users. When you refer a link to your friend and that person joins Ebates from your referral link. And after joining your friend, purchase within 1 year of joining, then you both will earn a cashback reward which is more than $25. 

    You can receive your referral reward within 60 days of your friend’s purchase. 

How do you get your Cash Back reward? 

Ebates Cashback

Well, Ebates cashback reward payment is very easy. It has two major payment methods only. 

  • PayPal money: A fast payment at your fingertips.  
  • Via Check: You can also request your cashback payment through check as well.

You need to have at least $5 in your account to get your money handy. 

So, within five days of placing cash-back rewards online, you will get your reward in your account. But before you get the money via PayPal or check, Ebates holds your reward for a 60-days holding period, in case you return the product. 

Once the holding period will over, you will get your cash during the quarterly payment procedure if the reward reaches the minimum payout threshold as low as $5. 

According to the Ebates payment procedure, it pays you every three months following February, May, August, and November, if you have enough amount in your Ebates account. 

Few steps to get started with Ebates

Ebates is easy and free to join. But before you go further, you should know that currently, it is available in The USA, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. And you have to be at least 18 years old. 

Follow up-to sign in easily: 

  1. Just go to the website and start by the sign-up section. 
  2. You either use your Email Id, set a secure password, or use any of your Facebook and Google accounts for fast sign-up. 
  3. Now, choose the payment method you would like your rewards to get paid. 
  4. There you go! You can now start shopping at stores from Ebates to receive Cash Back on purchases. 

One more thing, during the signup process, you will have a chance to earn a $10 bonus. You can choose this bonus to get either a $10 worth Walmart gift card or get an Ebates account. 

To get this $10 bonus, you need to make a total of $25 through purchases within 90 days of joining. 

The Verdict

If talking about the Ebates authenticity then it is absolutely legit and scam-free.

It is a perfect way to save on your expenses.

It allows you to shop at more than 2,500 stores from its referral link to help you earn cash back on purchases. 

However, you might encounter some downside of Ebates as well.

Like some of your favorite stores might not partner with Ebates, or aligned retailers may exclude specific products from a cash-back scheme. Or if your account is inactive for continuous 12 months, then Ebates will deduct $2 from your cash-back reward balance. 

Apart from some drawbacks, Ebates’ positive and genuine side of rewarding cash backs outweighs them. So, on the whole, Ebates is a legitimate cash-back reward website.

Frequently Asked Question 

Would I get charged for signing up?

No, Ebates is a complete free cash-back reward website. 

Is Ebates legit or similar to various scam reward websites?

Ebates is completely legit and rewards you genuinely for your online shopping done through the Ebates referral link. 

What are the payment methods?

You will get paid via PayPal money and Check. It pays you quarterly following in February, May, August, and November.  

Is there any sign-up bonus?

Yes, there is a bonus cash reward of $10, which you get either through PayPal money or a $10 Walmart Gift Card. But to earn that bonus, to have to make it $25 with your purchases within 90 days of signing up.   

Who can join the panel?

Ebates is currently welcoming only people from the USA, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. 

Ebates Review




Payment Option







  • Get up to 40% cash back
  • Over 2000 stores to shop from
  • Multiple tools and features to activate cash backs on purchases
  • Get your cash back reward through fastest payment method: PayPal money
  • A ridiculously low payout threshold of $5 only


  • Some of your favorite retailers may not be Partnered with it
  • Sometimes, Retailers exclude specific products from Cash back scheme
  • It will deduct $2 from your cash back reward if your account will be inactive for 12 months
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