IPSOS i-Say Review: Top Survey Site 2021

By | May 9, 2021

If you want to consider your time well-spent and earned at the same time. Then this article is for you. Although, there are various ways that can help you earn a decent amount of money with literally no skill not even physical labor. Well, there are numerous survey websites that will provide you surveys to complete and in return will reward you either in real cash or gift cards, etc. IPSOS i-Say is one such paid survey website that rewards you in points that you can later redeem in cash and gift cards for your opinion.

Further, I will do a detailed IPSOS i-Say Review for you. So kindly stick to the end to know more about it.

IPSOS i-Say Review

This is where online money making alternatives work best for your spare time. I will tell you about paid surveys which are an amazing way to earn a little income even in your off-hours. Well, there are numerous survey websites that will provide you surveys to complete and in return will reward you either in real cash or gift cards, etc. 

What is IPSOS i-Say?

Well, IPSOS is a big market research company around the world. Its headquarter is in Paris, having established in nearly 88 countries, it has over 16,000 employees working. And IPSOS i-Say is an online platform for surveys. Until now, it has got around 6 million users signed up successfully and earning side money by completing surveys offered on the site of IPSOS i-Say. 

If you live in the US and Canada you can avail benefits at its utmost level. However, If you live outside then it will redirect you to the local website. You can sign-up for free at IPSOS i-Say and it will rarely take only a few minutes to get started. All you need to do is to provide your initial information, thereafter take your first pre-qualification survey will ensure surveys according to your profile description. 

In contrast to other survey websites that will reward you for downloading apps, reading emails, playing games, watching videos. IPSOS i-Say focuses only on surveys for earning points. However, apart from surveys, you will also get a chance to win points and other rewards by participating in Poll Predictor, contests, and many more.

Moreover, there is a loyalty program as well which rewards you points according to the number of surveys you would have completed in a year. So, obviously, surveys cannot make you rich but it can be advantageous for your free time which you might be wasting. 

How much you can earn?

The earning usually depends on the length and the type of survey you will be doing. As it is not a full-time job, rather it is a rewards club. Hence, the more time you would spend here and complete tasks, the more money you will generate. Furthermore, IPSOS i-Say does not give you real money instead it will provide points that will earn from completing surveys. And thereafter, at a certain amount of point you can redeem them in whatever payment method they offer.

ipsos i-say survey

Well, if we talk about surveys they can reward you from a few cents to a few dollars at the same time. Like typically you can generate 45 to 250 points from a single survey. At the i-Say, each point is equal to $0.01 accordingly it will pay you anything from $0.45 to $2. Moreover, there is an amazing loyalty program as well which will reward you according to the number of surveys you will complete per year. Like if you have completed 5 surveys, it will give you 25 points, similarly, for 10 surveys you will earn 50 and the list goes on. You can get up to 600 points for completing 200 surveys in a year. 

So, obviously there is no fixed amount which you will be earning from surveys per month or on each survey itself. Your completing chances of surveys also depends if you qualify for a certain survey. As there may be surveys that you might even qualify for, however, you still get 5 points for trying only. 

Although, the payment threshold is very low. You can redeem your points after reaching 500 points which is $5. But with this amount you can only redeem gift cards of Amazon or Starbucks, etc. if you want to cash out your points you need to reach at least 1,530  points which is $15. 

Therefore, it is difficult to say how much you can earn. The more time you will spend here completing surveys the more you can get paid. 

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How do you earn from IPSOS i-Say?

IPSOS i-Say Survey
IPSOS iSay Survey
  • Complete IPSOS iSay Surveys: Well, the most basic way that you can earn from this website is through surveys obviously. You will get 1 to 8 or 9 surveys every month. These surveys can reward you anywhere from 45 to 250 points. On i-Say, you will see that each point is equivalent to $0.01. This way you can earn from $0.45 to $2 easily. The more surveys you will take, the more you will earn simply. 

    Moreover, if you want to cash out your points you need to reach till $10. But you can redeem them before as well after acquiring 500 into gift cards of Amazon, etc.

    1,530 points to cash out $15
    2,550 points to cash out $25 
    10,200 points to cash out $100
    50,100 points to cash out $500
    102,000 points to cash out $1,000
  • Loyalty Program: Once you start taking surveys, you will automatically enter in the loyalty program. So, it will reward you for the number of surveys you will complete in a year. Below, you can see how it will reward you:

    25 points are equivalent to 5 surveys
    50 points are equivalent to 10 surveys
    100 points are equivalent to 25 surveys
    200 points are equivalent to 50 surveys
    250 points are equivalent to 75 surveys
    300 points are equivalent to 100 surveys
    400 points are equivalent to 125 surveys 
    500 points are equivalent to 150 surveys
    600 points are equivalent to 200 surveys
  • Participating in Contests: IPSOS i-Say also runs various contests that also works as an add-on in your points. Like every four months, i-Say draws around ten winners from all its members who are taking surveys. This lucky draw rewards them $5,000 points. 

    In addition to that, after completing a survey you will get a chance to play “Poll Predictor” where you will have to guess the percentage of people answered ‘Yes’ in a poll. The closer prediction you will do, it will reward you “chances” that are entries in SweepStakes prizes. These prizes are given every other week and can be range from gift cards, i-Say points, or Virtual prepaid credit cards. 
  • Invite a Friend: You can also earn a bonus of 100 points while referring a link to your friends and people who might be interested in joining. 

How do you get paid? 

There is a very low threshold for redeeming points. When you will reach 500 points, this will make possibility of redeeming rewards that you have earned. There are various rewards and can be redeemed after a certain number of points. These rewards include: 

  • Get PayPal cashout after reaching 1530 points that are $15.
  • Starbucks e-Gift cards – earn 500 points to get a card worth $5
  • iTunes Codes
  • Amazon e-Gift card – earn 500 points to get a card worth $5 
  • e-Discounts Cards 
  • GCodes Catalog to get merchandise 
  • Earn 2,000 points for an i-Say Choice Visa Prepaid Card 
  • Target Gift Card – get a card worth $15 after reaching 1,500 points
  • Facebook Game eCard – a card worth $5 for 500 points

One thing you should know before requesting a cashout rather than redeeming a gift card. And that is when you request a PayPal cashout, it will take around 3 to 4 weeks. Moreover, when registering to IPSOS i-Say choose your PayPal email address as they send funds to the registered email. 

In the case of Virtual gift cards that may be delivered immediately via email or take up to 24 hours whereas Visa Prepaid Cards take much longer to get delivered. You can expect their delivery anywhere around 4 to 8 weeks. It also depends on your location. 

Above all, unlike other websites, it also gives you an opportunity to donate your points instead of getting rewards. You can opt to make a gratuity to various organizations from their list. Some of these include UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, Habitat for Humanity among others.  

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4 steps to get started with IPSOS i-Say

Well, it is very easy to join this panel. You can simply register your account while following 3 simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, go to their website – ‘Join Now’. 
  2. You can either choose your Facebook account to get started or choose an email address. Just provide all your initial personal information including Name, DOB, Nationality, address, gender, and marital status. 
  3. Now, verify your email that you entered. Go to your email and find an i-Say email in your inbox. Click “Confirm Registration” and you are done.
  4. Now take your first survey called “Getting to Know You Survey”. This a pre-qualification survey that will provide your demographic information. It will further determine what kind of Ipsos isay surveys you will be taking. 

Once you complete all the steps, you are ready to start taking part in surveys to earn points that will later be turned into rewards. 

IPSOS i-Say Review Verdict 

IPSOS has been in operation for over 30 years and it has an online portal called i-Say IPSOS. This long time of establishment already set trustworthy credibility. Apart from the website is quite easy to use and offers various legal options to cash out or redeem your points. 

With all the confidentiality IPSOS Review i-Say is legit and worth trying. This is also quite unique on its own while not being complex for normal people. If you want to earn some extra money then you can definitely try this website. Their process is genuine and free of cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for sign-up on IPSOS i-Say?

No, the website is free of cost. You won’t get charged for registration, the community is free to join. 

Is IPSOS iSay Legit?

The website is completely Legit and scamfree. It pays you genuinely for your reviews as per our IPSOS iSay Review 2021

What are the Payment options?

IPSOS i-Say offers various redeeming options. These include PayPal Cashout, e-Gift Cards like Amazon Gift Cards, Merchandise, etc. 

Can I make a lot of money doing surveys on IPSOS?

No, you can not make much just by doing surveys. It only gives you an opportunity to earn extra money online. These best paid surveys are only for consumer reviews on products and services, in result, they reward you a small amount of commission for your useful opinion. 

How much is the payment threshold of IPSOS i-Say?

The payment threshold is very low. You can redeem your points after reaching 500 points to get gift cards of popular brands including Amazon. However, to cash out you points from PayPal you need to have 1530 points in your account to get $15.

IPSOS i-Say Reviews


Earning Options


Payment Options


Payment On-time





  • Mobile friendly, easy to use
  • On an average, single survey can pay you around $0.90
  • It has Loyalty Program that rewards you additional points
  • Many options to get paid PayPal, gift cards, etc
  • A relatively very low payment threshold of $5


  • It takes upto 3 weeks to get paid from PayPal after requesting
  • Several disqualification can increase chances of not getting surveys for a while

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