Mindswarms Review: It is legit or a scam? How much you can earn?

By | June 29, 2021

Well, it is so evident that nowadays our earning potential has become much easier than before. Many alternates help us generate money for full-time or make us eligible to earn just some passive income. To achieve a passive or extra few dollars from your spare time is very simple as you will find multiple ways to make it.

One of the famous include market research by taking surveys and completing other hassle-free tasks. Now not all survey offering websites and platforms are legit. In this regard, I would suggest you take a shot at Mindswarms, which is among numerous survey websites. It is free to join and pays you genuinely for your efforts. 

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This article will take you through all the essential aspects of the website via a detailed Mindswarms Review before you try it out. So, let’s know what the earning potential is, the ways it offers you to earn, etc… 

What is Mindswarms?

Mindswarms Review

Mindswarms is a market research company that focuses on collecting consumer opinions and thoughts to analyze the market and helps its aligned companies to improve their product and services.

If we talk about the website as a survey panel, it is unique in all the aspects of the approach it has applied to market research. 

It has headquartered in Silicon Valley and available for users from all around the world. Comparatively, traditional survey-taking methods where you need to answer various surveys.

Plus, the amount will also depend on the length of the surveys and the time it takes to complete them. Well, bye-bye to the good old time with Mindswarms, as here you will be answering surveys but in a completely different manner. 

Mindswarms stands out among the leading survey-taking sites as it collects consumers’ reviews over products and services via a video survey. Well, it is an interesting and engaging way of accumulating market insights instead of writing tiresome answers.

Here, you get a chance to be more expressive in a sense, not with your answers only but with facial expressions as well.

This method really provides good impressions and trustworthiness over people’s reviews to companies looking for honest candidates. 

Furthermore, Mindswarms pays you a relatively good amount of money per survey which only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Plus, it does not have any minimum payout threshold; you get immediate payment for your completed surveys. 

To join, all you need is a computer with a webcam or an android or iOS cell phone so that you can create a video for answering surveys.

The easiest way is to download IOS or Android application on your smartphone or tablet to make videos as we all are quite familiar with cell phone techie.

Your video does not need to be professional; take care of proper lighting and avoid background noise. And there you go! Be natural and spontaneous, and don’t hesitate to give a negative response. As that’s what they are looking for: well-comprehensive and critically analyzed feedback to know how exactly their product works in the marketplace.

Overall Mindswarms offers a unique way to take surveys and pays you quite well accordingly.

How much money you can make?  

Mindswarms Review

As I have already mentioned that Mindswarms is a completely different survey website in all aspects compare to other survey sites you would have tried till now.

Mindswarms pays a pretty high amount on each survey you will complete. There two types of surveys you will get qualify for; one-question surveys and multiple questions surveys. Each type pays a different amount but settle. 

You can expect $10 for the One-Question survey and $50 for the Multiple Questions survey. Simple as that!

But the question arises how much you can earn per month.

So to answer this, I would say that you can’t expect the same amount of money per month as you would have earned in a certain month.

First of all, you will get two to three surveys in a month, which depends on your profile demographics.

Secondly, you will receive surveys that you qualify for according to your demographic information. But to start with the survey you need to give a quick answer to some questions which takes only a minute to complete.

The team member will review your answer within 24 hours, and then your solution fits in your application will be accepted to complete the survey. Otherwise, you have to wait for another further study to come up. 

In short, the acceptance rate is very low as Mindswarms looks for specific demographics, and it is hard to be chosen. But once you get the survey to complete, you can make $10 to $50 on a single survey, which is relatively high compared to other survey sites that pay up to $5 only. 

Another best part about Mindswarms, it does not reward you with gift cards or any means of payment. Instead, it uses PayPal as a medium to directly cash out our reward money. 

Hence, the earning potential is high per survey compared to other survey sites. But overall earning capacity is not impressive. 

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Make short videos to earn from Mindswarms 

The only way you will be offered here to earn some decent amount is by taking surveys. Mindswarms works differently when it comes to taking surveys. Instead of answering surveys, you need to make a short video per question. 

It offers two types of surveys: the first is the One-Question survey, and the second is the Multiple Question survey.

Each survey amount is fixed; accordingly, you will receive $10 for the survey, including one question only. And for multiple question survey that contains 7 questions and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, you will get $50 respectively. These videos are of 60 secs. 

You will receive pre-qualified surveys, although you need to apply for surveys that you are interested in.

Now, this application process contains a few direct surveys that will take not more than a minute. Once you submitted the questionnaire, wait up to 24 hours so that a researcher reviews your answer. This will ensure whether you have been accepted for the survey or not. 

And I hope you will get selected to start with an actual survey, and after that, all you need to do is make short good quality videos for the questions. And earn anywhere from $10 or $50. 

How do you get paid?  

mindswarms how do you get paid

Well, Mindswarms has a completely different way of payout your earning. Unlike many survey sites, you do not get rewards in points or any other method except cash rewards. 

Moreover, the best part about the platform is that you don’t have to wait for a longer time to get paid from Mindswarms.

It neither has any minimum payment threshold limit nor takes days or weeks to process your payment request. 

The payment process is relatively amazing on the side of Mindswarms. It uses the fastest and easy payment method called PayPal. 

Everyone knows that PayPal is a way to secure and fastest transaction resource. One more fascinating thing is that it pays you immediately after the completion of a particular survey. 

It only has PayPal as a means of payment. It doesn’t use gift cards or any other way to get paid. Just like that, it gives you freedom in whatever way you want to utilize your earning. 

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A few steps to get started with Mindswarms

The sign-up process is simple. All you need to do is follow up on these few steps:

  1. First of all, get the application either on a computer/Laptop or on your Android/iOS device. Login while providing your email address where you will receive surveys, and also, it is sync to PayPal. 
  2. Now, set a password and proceed to create your profile. Here, you will require to make a video as a profile. This process is to ensure that your webcam or mobile camera works fine.
  3. After that, you will get some short questionnaires that will help pinpoint what surveys suit you better. 

Well, there you go with the platform!

One more thing, most surveys are in the English language, so make sure you choose the correct language to answer, and you have a good grip on the language as well. So whatever review you will record is clear and lucid.

The verdict  

If talking about the Mindswarms authenticity then it is absolutely legit and scam-free.

It is a perfect secondary reliable income resource where you don’t have to depend on the whole. Moreover, it is fun to take surveys like this which is way better than the usual survey-taking methods. 

It also pays relatively high and worth your time. 

Although, there is a downside when it comes to the frequency of the surveys that are available for you to take. But once you applied for a study and got selected to take it, the payout will satisfy your waiting time.

So, on the whole, Mindswarms is a legitimate survey panel that rewards in cash which is worthwhile for your efforts. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Is there any other way from which I can earn except for taking surveys on Mindswarms?

Yes, absolutely! You can join its referral program if you want. Just refer to its link to people and invite them to join the panel. Once they sign-up, you will get paid for doing so. However, the amount is not fixed. 

Is Mindswarms legit or similar to various scam websites?

Mindswarms is completely legit and pays you genuinely for your efforts with a high pay scale per survey.

What are the payment methods?

You will get paid via PayPal money. It pays you immediately after you finish a survey. Or, in some cases, 24 hours to get money in your account. 

Is there any sign-up bonus or profile reward?

No. You will not get paid for signing up; neither is there a profile bonus. Although, the platform is completely free to join. 

Who can join the panel?

Mindswarms welcomes people from all around the world. All you need is a webcam if you log in through a computer/laptop or get the Android/iOS app on your smartphone so that you can create videos.   

Mindswarms Review




Payment Option







  • Anyone can join the panel from around the globe
  • High reward scale for each survey
  • No minimum Payment threshold required
  • Get paid immediately after completing a survey
  • Cash out your money via a secure transaction method: PalPal money


  • A low survey invitation frequency
  • You need to wait at least 24 hours after applying to know whether you can take that survey or not
  • The acceptance rate is low
  • 4

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