MintVine Review: Now as Branded Surveys (LEADER OF SURVEYS)

By | June 21, 2021

Whereas the online world is vast, the market research is also comprehensive because of the increasing platform. A myriad of companies and brands know how does market research works and affects their business as well. This is why companies lookup for venues that can gather user consumption trends and habits in one place. And for this fantastic job, they are ready to give great commission to these platforms. These are called survey websites that work as a middle man to join companies and consumers in one place. Survey sites provide paid surveys and many other alternates to gather market insight from consumers like you. In return, they reward you with cash prizes, gift cards, and vouchers. MintVine is one of the same survey sites that offer passive income options to accelerate your earning potential even in your free time. 

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In this article, with the help of a detailed MintVine Review, you will know how MintVine works, what exactly it is. And obviously, what is the earning potential you can avail from this platform, and how you can get your rewards to use them. All of this is simplified below. 

What is MintVine? 

MintVine Review

Before you go further, I must tell you that MintVine has now renamed itself to Branded Surveys.

However, it has still maintained the same reputation in the survey industry as it had before.

MintVine is a leading and popular market research company that provided high-quality surveys to people and rewards them profitably. 

The platform is in the market since 2012 and has been a trusted partner of Facebook. And if you look at the website, you will encounter a clean and well-designed webpage that has an excellent user interface.

One more thing that makes it stand out among numerous survey sites is that it also provides an introductory video.

This video is all about its about section where it tells how the survey system works. Now that feature is pretty uncommon amidst even the popular market research websites.

They have boasted up over one million regular participants. Because of its huge member community, it provides them various earning alternates, not just surveys alone. 

You can also earn from their referral program daily deals on products and services which are preparing to buy.

Along with their daily polls, you can add up a few more points in your MintVine account to redeem them later. You also get a shallow minimum payment threshold which can be easily achieved via its multiple earning options.  

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Different ways to earn and earning potential

MintVine works with the points system and does not reward you in real cash.

According to its point system, you will earn $1 for every 100 points. It is a standard point valuation among various survey sites that reward their members with points.  

As the sign-up is completely free, you can easily continue with the website. Although to get relevant and more surveys, you need to provide some demographic information.

The more information you will give, the more surveys they will provide you to win additional cash and prizes. 

Well, even by filling up your profile demographics, you can earn somewhere 500 points right away.

Along with that, MintVine also rewards you 25 points for every 10 days of continuous login. You do not have to fill out surveys for these 25 points. 

Additionally, you can add up your points by just referring the panel to other people. Once they join and start earning, you can expect 15% of all the person’s points.

Their daily poll will also gain you 5 points every day you log in. That equates to $1.50 a month just for logging in!

Lastly, you can use local deals programs to avail discounts on products and services. They offer great deals on products and services that you may be planning to purchase. 

This way, it allows you to earn from multiple alternatives other than surveys as well. The website is new and offers an interactive experience to its users. Moreover, it provides excellent customer support functions, maintaining authenticity for quite a long time now. 

How do you get paid? 

MintVine Review

Well, the prizes are quite useful that you can redeem from MintVine for future uses.

It offers multifarious options for earning; also allows you to redeem them in your preferable options. 

It supports the following payment methods:

  • Get your cash out via PayPal money or Dwolla online wallet. 
  • If you want your earnings in the form of gift cards, you can request Tango Gift Card.
  • You can also get points translation into Visa Prepaid Card cash. 

Although to get your points in cash or gift cards, you need to reach the minimum payment threshold of $10. Here, $10 is equivalent to 1000 points. 

In case, You are interested in redeeming your points into Gift cards. You can request Tango Gift Card, which allows you to choose from various aligned participant retailers. These include: 

  • Amazon 
  • iTunes
  • Starbucks
  • Best Buy
  • Target 
  • Walmart 
  • Visa Prepaid Cards
  • Restaurants gift cards
  • Movie Vouchers

Well, the redemption process takes only 48 hours to get done with your payment request. It is way quicker than other survey sites that take 6 to 8 weeks to process your payment. 

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Few steps to get started with MintVine

The sign-up process is easy, and it is free of cost. Although, the website has also provided a self-explanatory video on its landing page, which is itself very easy to understand. 

To sign-up just follow simple steps: 

  1. First of all, you need to be 13 years old for sign-up. 
  2. Now continue with the sign-up section. Either provide your email ID or a quick sign-up you can choose your Facebook account. 
  3. After signing up, it will ask some profile demographic questions that you need to fill up. This section will ensure what type and frequency of surveys.  
  4. For this questionnaire, you will gain 510 points once you complete them. 

Now, you are all set to start earning from MintVine in your free time. 

The verdict

MintVine Review

If talking about the MintVine authenticity then it is absolutely legit and scam-free.

It is a perfect secondary reliable income resource where you don’t have to depend on the whole. Moreover, it is fun to take surveys, and it also offers other earning options which does not require any effort. 

It also pays good and worth your time. 

Although, there is a downside when it comes to the frequency of the surveys that are available for you to take.

Like if you happen to change your address, it might not send surveys. Moreover, people have also encountered various technical issues. There are opposing sides, but the all-over rewarding potential somewhat relaxes people to b its regular member. 

So, on the whole, MintVine is a legitimate survey panel that rewards in cash which is worthwhile for your efforts. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Is there any other way from which I can earn except for taking surveys on MintVine?

Yes, absolutely! You can join its referral program if you want. Just refer it to people and invite them to join the panel. Once they sign-up, you will get paid for doing so. Additionally, you can take daily polls and partake in everyday deals on products to avail of maximum points. 

Is MintVine legit or similar to various scam websites?

MintVine is completely legit and pays you genuinely for your efforts.

What are the payment methods?

You will get paid via PayPal money. Or you can request a Tango gift card which allows you to choose from its gift card list that includes Amazon, Starbucks, etc. 

Is there any sign-up bonus or profile reward?

Yes, you will earn 510 points for completing the profile demographic questionnaire.

Who can join the panel?

Anyone who is 13-year-olds and interested in taking surveys in his free time.

MintVine Review




Payment Option







  • Excellent Customer support
  • Multiple earning potential
  • A detailed introductory video
  • A low payment threshold of $10 only
  • Different ways to get paid


  • Long Payment process
  • Privacy concerns
  • Surveys frequency is low
  • 4

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