MobileXpression Review: Is it legit? How much you can earn?

By | May 18, 2021

As of now, you can admit that the internet has definitely just not entertainment or place where you can learn something. But it has become a perfect platform where you can make actual passive money in your free time. Yes, you have read this absolutely correct you can earn some extra bucks in your spare time. And filling out Surveys one of the best ways to earn easy money without any efforts or full-time working hours. Although, pretty much all time you need to complete these surveys on websites where it will be available. But not each of them has mobile apps to easily run those surveys. MobileXpression is somewhat different from various other survey sites and it does have a mobile app. 

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In this article, I will do a profound MobileXpression Review for you. And hopefully, you will find this review helpful in all aspects to know how does it work, what is it actually, how much money you can make, etc. 

What is MobileXpression?

MobileXpression Review

As the name suggests, MobileXpression is basically an innovative survey taking platform for market research that mostly runs on mobile.

It also focuses on improving the internet.

For all the companies around the world who are available online as well. They know how much it is important for them to provide a mobile-friendly interface on their websites. 

Therefore, instead of offering surveys on the website alone, it mainly focuses on providing online surveys for mobile.

Now, this is important as it helps the company to get insight into internet usage, trends, and behavior of people that do it specifically on their mobile devices. 

MobileXpression is a part of comScore which is a leading company that tends to understand habits and trends of data usage.

MobileXpression works quite differently than most of the survey websites. Although, you will be getting surveys to complete but in a different manner.

Moreover, it does not specify what will be the exact payout of all those tasks. Sometimes, you may qualify for points and sometimes it can be a gift card as a reward. 

The surveys will also be quite decent compared to others as here you suppose to do things like visiting certain websites, watching advertisements, etc.

Later on, you will have to give your feedback via a survey. If you confront any issue on your device, you will notice that in your survey as well.

People will have to download a mobile application on their device which will run in the background and collect the data usage.

Like, how different people use the internet and what web pages they visit, and how much time they spend there. 

Well, you might get concerned with regards to your data privacy. The application will only go through what kind of app or website that you choose to use and how much time you spend there.

However, it does observe the activity taking place within the app or website hence your banking information and personal data always kept secure all the time. 

On the whole, you can say that MobileXpression predominantly focuses on improving internet connectivity and data usage through mobile.

It is a market research company and took a different approach to collect the data. It does reward you for your useful contribution by filling up surveys and installing the application in your device.  

How much you can earn?

MobileXpression Review

Well, the amount may not be designated as obviously you get paid but in what way that would be clear when you will take a survey.

You can earn either point for completing surveys to redeem them for gift cards or any other prizes. 

Moreover, it is a way to make passive money to rack up your account with some extra dollars.

It is not a scheme for the “Richie Richie” kind of online money-making platform. So, with MobileXpression you will be earning an uncertain amount of points and gift cards as a reward. 

To earn from MobileXpression all you supposed to do is install the app of MobileXpression and keep it running in the background as a data usage collector.

Moreover, while doing this you will qualify for Sweepstakes entries which have huge cash prizes. If not the cash prizes then these sweepstakes also giveaways various other great items like high-quality cameras, kindles, etc. 

Apart from that, keep yourself aware of upcoming online mobile surveys for which will get notified whenever they will be available.

This will also make you earn a good amount of money.

Although, MobileXpression is just for passive income or you can say for a side gig. Therefore, earning will not be much and obviously not certain about how much you can actually earn.

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Simple ways to earn from MobileXpression    

There are relatively very few ways that can allow you to make some money form MobileXpression. 

  • Use the Application: Members have to install the app in their cell phone and left running in the background. Well, it is the main way to earn from MobileXpression as through panel the app collects the useful data. You do not need to do anything just keeping the application installed and let it run in the background to collect your internet data usage.

    This way you will be earning from doing nothing at all just using your cell phone as you usually do. 
  • Complete surveys: You can also take occasional surveys available in both ways including web and mobile surveys. Most often, you will be getting mobile-based surveys as the platform mainly focuses on improving the mobile interface for users. For mobile surveys, you will get notifications and you can check your email for web surveys. 
  • Weekly Sweepstakes: Another way you can earn some cash from MobileXpression is via its Sweepstakes. Every week, it conducts sweepstakes that have huge cash prizes like the one worth $100,000. Otherwise, you can also get some good prizes like an iPad, digital cameras, kitchen appliances, etc.

    You must have installed the app in your device and it should be working properly so as to be eligible for weekly sweepstakes. 

There is another amazing quality of MobileXpression although, for this, you may not get paid. But definitely, you are contributing some good to the environment as well by donating a tree to Trees for the Future through their Trees for Knowledge program. 

You can start donating after spending the initial 90 days. As an active member for 90 days continuously, a tree will be donated on behalf of you. And later, if you keep continuing to be its member then after every month a tree will be donated through its Trees for Knowledge program. 

How do you get paid? 

Unlike, many other survey sites MobileXpression pays ou differently according to the type of task you do and the place you belong to.

It has various different reward options depending in what country you reside in as well as the type of task you will complete. You can expect real cash, a variety of prizes, or gift cards and points to redeem.

Here how it pays you like as a new member it will automatically send you a $5 Amazon gift card if you are active till one week and keep the app installed in your device.

If you live in The UK you will receive 20 pounds after two weeks of continuing with the application, comparatively, you will get an Rs. 300 worth Jabong gift card. 

Moreover, newbies will automatically receive an entry into the $100,000 sweepstakes. Along with that, each month one participant will receive $100 randomly and an amazing chance to win $2,500, and $5,000 cash prizes. 

To keep playing around the rewards, it also giveaways weekly various physical prizes including kitchen appliances, different techs, etc. 

You can also donate your points to charities. 

So basically, it gives rewards through either gift cards, points, real cash, different prizes as well as it has an option to donate if you want.  

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Few steps away to get started with MobileXpression

You can easily get going with this platform all you need to do is follow simple steps to sign up and there you go. 

  • First of all, go to the website and proceed to the signup section.
  • Now, fill out some basic information for your general profile building. 
  • Thereafter, download its website and sign-up there as well. The application is available for both iOS and Android devices. 
  • And there you go! All set to start making passive money. Just keep the application active in the background and complete mobile-based surveys. 
  • Moreover, keep yourself active so that you can get a chance to win prize money of $100,000. And other offers from sweepstakes prize draw. 
MobileXpression Review

The Verdict

Although, there is no doubt that MobileXpression is absolutely a legit online money-making platform.

Where you cannot expect to earn much but it will definitely pay you for doing nothing except installing an app and keep it running in the background while you use your mobile as usual. And also complete a few surveys to add up money to your account.   

However, everything comes with some disadvantages and defects like most of the time people have complained about having issues in their everyday internet usage because of the app. And various other similar issues have been reported. 

All over the platform is good and legitimate if you want to earn some extra cash and prizes in your free time. 

MobileXpression Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MobileXpression charge for signing up?

 No, MobileXpression is absolutely free of cost to join. 

Is MobileXpression legit website to join?

Yes, definitely! MobileXpression is a legit website that pays you genuinely for your efforts.

How much I can earn?

Well, that depends on what type of task you complete. Each task holds a different reward option. You either earn gift cards, prizes, or cash or even points for some surveys. 

What are the payment options?

There are no payout rules. Once you got your enough points to redeem them for gift cards you can get them, or if you receive a gift card you can get it immediately. There are physical prizes as well like kitchen appliances, tech accessories, etc.  

What is the Trees for Knowledge program?

Well, it is for an environment welfare program conducted via MobileXpression. Once you complete the first 90 days with MobileXpression a tree will be donated from your side through the Trees for Knowledge program. And later if you continue being its member then after each month a tree will be donated in your name. This way you are doing good to the environment as well.

MobileXpression Review




Payment Option







  • Multiple rewards to enjoy
  • No payout rules,when got enough points redeem them
  • Get notified whenever mobile surveys are available
  • Get a chance to entry into draw prize of $100,000
  • Donate a tree for the better future of the environment


  • Issues regarding everyday internet usage
  • Slowing down internet speed because of the app
  • Reward rate is not certain
  • 4

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