Money Making Apps: The 10 Best Apps To Make Money Online in 2021

By | April 18, 2021

Apps that pay you, seem too prodigious that sounds dreamy! But the truth is that they do exist and help you earn some extra income in your free time. While these apps won’t make you live a luxurious life, they will certainly supplement your earning. Here in this article, I will be sharing with you the 10 best Money making Apps of 2021 to earn easy money online

They do have the potential to help you pay your monthly phone bills. Moreover, some of them are really fun to join as they offer you to play games and have a good relaxed time, meanwhile, it allows you to earn some points or direct cash. And there are lots of different platforms that offer you to earn from them. It becomes a lot easier when these platforms offer mobile-friendly apps that help you to use them anytime anywhere.

Here are the 10 best Money Making Apps of 2021 for you

  1. Google Opinion Rewards
  2. iPoll
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Mypoints
  5. Ibotta
  6. Survey Junkie
  7. Ebates
  8. InboxDollars
  9. TOTO Rewards
  10. Toluna

Want to earn easy money online from Money Making Apps check out our top 10 best money making apps listed below for you: 

Money Making survey apps

How about sharing your opinions and earning a decent amount of cash in your free time.  

1. Google Opinion Rewards

You guys love to state your opinions among people! You have the potential to change to products and services just by sharing your opinions. Then why not give thought process a chance to earn some cash from it. Why not share your thoughts where they get valued? 

Operated via the most famous search engine, Google Opinion Rewards, being one of the best moneymaking apps, offers you a cash reward for every opinion you would share via a survey. These include short surveys on a wide range of topics such as a review of a hotel, product, personal opinion regarding any service that you have used, satisfaction survey, and many more like these. It is One of the best Money Making Apps.

What will you earn? You can earn anywhere from $0.10 to $1 per survey. 

How do you get paid? You will be paid via Google Pay or PayPal credits. 

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 Google Opinion Rewards

2. iPoll

If you like taking surveys and sharing opinions then why not try out this platform. Moreover, if you are ready to go out for some time and take mini-tasks to complete then you should completely join this platform. 

They have boasted over one million regular participants. Because of its huge member community, it provides them amazing opportunities to earn more than usual. iPoll has established itself in more than 30 countries.  

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What will you earn? You can earn from a few cents to $3 per survey and for mini minions, you can expect $5 to $15 per mini-missions. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? The amount varies from $10 to $50. 

How do you get paid? There are multiple ways in which you can redeem your earnings including a Magazine subscription, gift cards, and Prepaid visa card.

Note. It may deduct a 3% fee on PayPal payout, however, a Prepaid visa card avoids this fee. 

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3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a freebie online reward website that compliments you with points for completing tasks on the website. These points are called SB which are not just points. Well, you can redeem them in whatever suitable option you choose from PayPal money or gift cards. It is among the oldest survey websites that have been in this industry for a long time now. 

You can make money by answering surveys, watching videos, online shopping, playing games, downloading apps, referring a friend, and else. 

What will you earn? You can make a single dollar in 10 minutes and around 5 dollars in an hour. Swagbucks allows you to earn around $60 per month. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? You can payout your earnings after accumulating 300 SBs translating into $3 respectively.

How do you get paid? You can cash out your money via PayPal or your favorite gift cards. 


4. MyPoints

MyPoints adjoins various brands and its customers in a beneficial trend and rewards its members with actual money and prizes for hobnobbing with numerous brands through web activities. 

It is a fun side gig through which you can really earn some extra income without leaving your comfort. It alone might not make you lavish but it can definitely add some money just by completing little surveys, market research, playing games, and other easy fun activities.

What will you get? You can expect anywhere from 10 to 75 points per survey. However, there are other ways to earn points as well. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? The minimum cash out is at $10 for which you will get a gift card from various brands. In case, you want cash rather than gift cards, then the minimum is $25 respectively.

How do you get paid? Well, you can redeem your points to either get a gift card from its huge collection of brands or you can cash out real money via PayPal wallet.

Note. Points valuation will vary according to the payment option you will opt for. To simplify, the points range from 1,700 to 1,850 points depending on what brand of gift card you would choose. And for PayPal you will fairly need to accumulate 3,970 points in your account to claim $25 cash out. 


5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is very easy and straightforward. With this moneymaking app making extra money online in your spare time is a no-brainer. Survey Junkie works on providing points on each survey, it does not give cash right after. Well, once you earn points for overviewing surveys which can be varied according to the type of surveys. Most surveys are quick and will reward points instantly.

It does have other options to earn except for surveys only. This way you can see that it does not have complex earning ways, it simply provides various types of surveys according to your interest areas. Because for them your opinion matters. 

What will you earn? It offers $1 to $3 per survey. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? The payment threshold is pretty much low compared to other survey websites that I just mentioned above like Mypoints. You only need $10 to cash out your earnings. Learn more about Survey Junkie Review

How do you get paid?  You can cash out your earnings either via PayPal or e-gift cards from various popular brands. 

survey junkie

6. InboxDollars 

Without any considerable efforts, just by utilizing the web as always, you can generate additional money to your account. 

These mobile activities compasses from taking online surveys to simply searching the web, or watching some video content, printing/redeeming coupons. Or just playing various games too. Moreover, it also includes searching for discount deals and new offers, installing free apps, checking into stores, cashback shopping, etc. 

What will you earn? Like typically it will pay around from $0.25 to $5 per survey. But there are other surveys that pay even more nearly $10, $20, etc.

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? You would need to accumulate $30 to redeem your earnings

How do you get paid? You will get paid via PayPal or e-gift card.

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inbox dollars

7. Toluna

Toluna is called Toluna Influencers now which seems to be a part of Toluna Group. The company has over 16 offices around Europe, Asia Pacific, and also North America. It works with some of the world’s most popular leading market research companies. However, it is considered among lowest-paying survey sites.  

Toluna is a widespread survey providing community and well-known firm that specializes in operating high-level market research over the internet. Toluna offers surveys from various popular brands like Amazon, Kellogg’s, Expedia, Loreal, Fiat, CocaCola, etc. Apart from earning cash from surveys alone, you can also gain points from product testing, answering to polls, winning contests and sweepstakes, and referring to friends as well. You can also check Toluna Reviews

What will you earn? You gain 2,500 and sometimes 10,000 points per survey. Where 3000 points will equate to only $3. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? You would need at least $10 worth points to get an egift card. However, for PayPal cash out, you should accumulate $30 in your account. 

How do you get paid? You can redeem your points either via PayPal money or e-gift card. 

Note. You would need to accumulate different amounts of points for different payment options. Like for a $10 worth gift card you need to earn 30,000 points whereas to get PayPal cash out you should accumulate 95,000 points to get $30 cash.


Cashback earning Moneymaking Apps

Who does not like shopping and when there is a discount going, we usually buy things that we barely need. Why? Because, the sales attract us. So if you are one of those people who like to get some percentage of cashbacks on your purchases then I would suggest you try these two following cashback earning apps. 

8. Ibotta

iBotta is a global name that has been popular among discount lovers and cashback savvies since 2012. It is the most widely used and successful cashback website and app all around the world. It has partnered with 1,500 different brands and stores to help you earn cashback from your favorite store. Until now, it has paid out over $600 million money back to users who have shopped via iBotta

iBotta lets you gain a good percentage of discount or cash-back whenever you make online purchases from its partnered retailers through its link. It is an economically friendly option to save money on some expenses. 

What will you earn? You can earn around 10% discounts on most of the purchases. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? A low threshold amount of $20 only. 

How do you get paid? There are only two payment modes including PayPal and Venmo. 


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9. Ebates

Ebates allows free membership to join its community to let you avail of some financial benefits by saving money on products and services. Over 10 million people have taken advantage of the cashback facility from this well-established and genuine discount shopping program up to now. You can also avail maximum benefits while combining cash-back with the special offers, promo codes, coupons, and daily deals that are enlisted on Ebates. 

What will you earn? You can earn up to 40% at more than 2000 retailers. 

What is the minimum payment threshold amount? You will need to earn as low as $5 to get cash out of your cashbacks. 

How do you get paid? You will get paid via PayPal or Check.


Play games to earn from Moneymaking Apps

If you like to play games then do try out this earning platform where you can earn some money just by playing simple games. 

10. TOTO Rewards 

Generating free money is no-brainer with this newly published TOTO Rewards cash app. This app allows you to earn some extra cash while playing games and having fun with your free time. 

You will be able to play various games from 250+ games available in TOTO Rewards. And you will make points for every game you will play. Moreover, you can win gadgets like Mobile Phones, Gaming Accessories, and Rewards. 

What will you earn? You can make rewards upto $500/month.

toto rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Do money making apps really work?

Yes, it does work for you. It won’t make you rich but these apps will make you some extra money in your free time. 

What legit apps will make you easy money in 2021?

There are numerous moneymaking apps that will make you real money in your spare time. Such as Inboxdollars, Ebates, iBotta, Swagbucks, TOTO Rewards, and many other apps. 

How will you get paid from moneymaking apps?

Most of them offer PayPal or e-gift cards to get paid from these apps. 

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