MyPoints Review: Search & Earn, Get $10 Cash Bonus

By | June 29, 2021

MyPoints Search and Earn the most uncomplicated and convenient way of making money online lawfully, securely, and fast in your spare time. Without any considerable effort, just utilizing the web as always can generate additional cash for your account.

Well, we all spend so much time on the internet, whether streaming on Netflix or online shopping, etc. But, unfortunately, most of the time gets wasted daily, and we get nothing out of it. But what if I tell you that you can actually make money out of your daily surfing on the internet.

You do not need to do anything except doing whatever you do on a usual day. Like playing arcade games, online shopping, reading paid emails, searching on the web, etc.

On a conventional note, you get nothing while doing so. But with MyPoints Search and Win, you will get paid while doing the internet browsings mentioned above.

Exciting right! Further, I will do a detailed MyPoints Review for you, which includes all basics of MyPoints and further how much and how you can make a few dollars. So stay tuned till the end. 

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints has tremendous marketability as an online free rewards club that sincerely pays its customers daily internet actions. Moreover, you can only avail of maximum benefits from MyPoints if you live in the USA and Canada.

Don’t worry if you live outside; it is still available for you; you might not get all the offers provided on the platform. 

MyPoints Review

In other words, MyPoints adjoins various brands and its customers in a beneficial trend and rewards its members with actual money and prizes for hobnobbing with numerous brands through web activities. 

These mobile activities compasses from taking online surveys to simply searching the web or printing/redeeming coupons to just reading emails in your free time.

Otherwise, just watching some video content and playing various games too can add up points in your account to redeem them later.

Moreover, it also includes searching for discount deals and new offers, installing free apps, checking into stores, cash back shopping, etc.  

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Amazingly, it is a fun side gig through which you can really earn some extra income without leaving your comfort.

It alone might not make you lavish, but it can definitely add some money just by completing little surveys, market research, playing games, and other easy, fun activities.

How much you can make from MyPoints Search and Earn? 

MyPoints Survey

MyPoints works with a point system, and redeeming them into cash or understanding that how much it will worth may be a bit complex.

Because it offers various options to redeem them such as PayPal cashout, gift cards, convert points into airlines miles, shop at the aligned stores, etc.

Hence, after earning points when it comes to redeeming, points would be varied to a different type of cashout option you will choose. 

Let me quickly simplify their point system for you. There is so much uncertainty cause every number of points will be different in worth according to the option of how you would like to spend.

For example, you can cash out 1,600 points for a $10 gift card from various companies, including Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Bath & Body Works, Boston Market, FootLocker, Chili’s Restaurants, etc. 

But obviously, it has a wide range of companies list, and you would find many companies’ gift cards worth the same $10, but their cash out points range from 1,700 to 1,850 points. 

Let’s take another example for your better understanding.

For a $25 AMC theatre gift card, you might need just 3,520 points; on the other hand, for a Free Amazon gift card that worth the same, you would need to earn 3,950 points.

Again, in case you might want to cash out your points instead of spending them on gift cards. Then, my friend, you should accumulate 3,970 points in your account. 

I hope this explanation has cleared your doubts regarding the point system. As you can see, there is so much variability for how much you would earn from a certain amount of points. Therefore, it is also difficult to say how much extra money you will take at the end. 

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Multiple ways to earn MyPoints 

MyPoints is a market research panel that rewards its users within points, not in direct cash. So that you do not get bore out of one option to earn which surveys alone, it offers various fun ways to make MyPoints keep you active on its platform. 

  • Surveys: This is the primary and obvious way to earn from MyPoints. The amount you will receive from completing a study will vary according to the length of the surveys. However, the reward rate is never more than $10 (a rare case if you get this much). You will typically earn 10 points if you don’t qualify for a survey just for your participation. In case you complete the survey, you can expect from 50 to 75 points on average. 
  • Score: It is a built-in web browser bar that facilitates you with points when you do online shopping from this website. This also offers multiple new coupons and deals available for you to be updated with promotions. 
  • Go Shop-o-holic: Well, who does not like shopping? If you are also interested, then MyPoints will excite you. MyPoints has partnered with around 2,000 popular brands and retailers. If you go shopping from MyPoints, you can earn a decent amount of points. To name some of the biggest brands, including Old Navy, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, etc. You can also place an order from Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc.   
  • Reading emails: You can also earn from reading bonus emails. All you need to open emails that MyPoints will send you and click on the links provided at the end. Each mail can worth around 5 to 10 points. 
  • Watching videos: It also offers a huge list of videos that can reward you some points if when watched completely. 
  • Search the web: If you want to add up points in your account, then you can use MyPoints Yahoo! based search engine. That can also reward you with points here and there. For example, searching from this web browser will award you 100 points for 41 searches in a day.    
  • Print Coupons: You can print coupons from the website to get them printed out. You can expect 10 points for each coupon you will redeem. And 25 bonus points if you can redeem 10 more coupons in a month.   
  • Play Games: It also has various games to pass the time, and in addition, you can add up a little more points. 
  • Refer a Friend: Well, with MyPoints referral program is pretty cool. As you will earn 25 points if the person joins with whom you have shared a referral link. Plus, 10 percent of the total points that person earns. Awesome! Right. 
  • Get the App: It also offers a convenient mobile app to use the above methods to earn points. By the way, you will get 100 points immediately transferred into your MyPoints account just for signing up.    

How do you get paid?

MyPoints Sign up Bonus

As now you know that MyPoints works in a Points System which not actual money. You would have to redeem them either in cash or gift cards, etc.

The best part about MyPoints is that you can use points immediately when you earned them. It also offers several ways you can redeem your points. These include:

  • PayPal Cash out: You can redeem your points in real cash if you want. To cash out, you can use PayPal or Visa Prepaid account. But you need to reach 3,970 points to get a $25 cash out. 
  • Airline miles: you can also convert your points into airline miles with United MileagePlus accounts. You would need a minimum of 6,900 points to achieve 2,500 miles. 
  • Gift cards: You can also redeem points via Gift Cards of numerous famous brands like Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, etc. However, the points value will be different following the type of brand. 

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A Few steps to sign up with MyPoints    

Even if you are not high-tech savvy, you can create an account and get yourself started with MyPoints. Just follow a few simple steps to sign up as a member mentioned below: 

  1. First of all, you need to be residing in the United States and Canada. You can also use this website if you do not live there. It just not all offers will be available for you.  
  2. If you live in any of the countries mentioned above, you can continue while going to the website of MyPoints.  
  3. Now provide your Email ID and fill out some basic information, including your name, birthdate, etc. Now add a secure password and confirm your login. 

Well, you are ready to earn now. 

MyPoints Review Verdict

If you are confused or worried about this website’s authenticity, and if you might be only wasting time, or your information might get stolen. 

Well, stop nagging your head as this website is entirely legit and pays you genuinely for each piece of information you share on surveys. MyPoints is a perfect investment of your extra time.  

At last, you can say that MyPoints can be absolutely reliable and ideal for someone who is wasting time surfing on the internet and bored otherwise. You can earn money with no effort and leaving your couch just by doing some surveys. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for sign up?

No, the website is free to sign up for and offers numerous ways to earn points. 

Is MyPoints Legit?

MyPoints is not a Scam at all. And offers a legitimate platform from where you can earn money easily just by doing some surveys, playing games, etc. 

What are the payment options?

There are ways to get paid from MyPoints, namely PayPal Cash out and Gift cards of various popular brands. You can also turn your points into airline miles with the United MileagePlus account. 

How many points do I need to get PayPal to cash out?

You can redeem your points with PayPal after reaching 3,970 points to get $25. 

What are some ways from I can earn money with MyPoints?

Multiple ways help you earn points that you can later redeem. These options include surveys, play games, refer a friend, reading emails, shopping online, web search and earn, print coupons, and watch videos.  

MyPoints Review




Payment Options







  • No fixed threshold limit is set
  • Also has an App: get 100 immediately after downloading app
  • Numerous methods to earn reward points
  • Points can also convert into airline miles
  • Surveys points can be used immediately


  • Not all surveys easy to complete
  • Points value would be vary in a matter of gift cards
  • Most surveys and deals are not available everywhere
  • You can only avail maximum benefits if you live in the USA and Canada
  • 3

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