OnePoll Review: How much you can earn? (2021)

By | June 21, 2021

Whenever you come up with online earning ideas that require fewer efforts and skills and can incentivize you in the meantime, then survey websites can be the best opportunity to make some extra cash in your free time. They do not require any specific time limit or hours to be spent. Just feel free to use them in your spare time if you enjoy filling up short surveys in exchange for the tiny amount to appraise your efforts. But sometimes it isn’t easy to find a suitable website for your that worth your time and opinion. As well as that needs to be the legitimate option to choose among numerous survey websites. So, you don’t have to nag your head here and there to find one suitable platform for yourself. As again, I have come up with one more legit website review called OnePoll

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Through this OnePoll Review, you will know what the website is actually and what it has to offer, or how you will get paid. And after all this, I hope you will know whether this website is worth your time.


What is OnePoll? 

OnePoll Review

As we know that any review or feedback over different product and services are so much important to whichever company you talk about.

Survey websites like this one called OnePoll collect reviews on products and services in the form of surveys in exchange for rewards to people interested in taking those surveys. 

OnePoll is a market research website that is a part of the South West News Service Group.

Well, South West News Service Group is the largest liberated news agency in the United Kingdom. OnePoll has a huge list of confidential and high-profile clients that seek market insight through the OnePoll survey service. 

Currently, OnePoll is welcoming members from all over the world. Many similar websites established in the UK restrict users from other countries, whereas this platform is open to everyone. You only need to be at least 18 years old to join the panel. 

Moreover, the website has a well-managed and suitable mobile app that allows users to have an awesome experience while completing surveys.

Unlike many survey sites that only offer a website version of the platform, OnePoll also has a mobile app. This will help you use the platform most comfortably. 

How much you can earn from OnePoll? 

OnePoll how much you can earn

To answer this question, firstly, I would like to clarify that no survey site ever claims that you can get rich by any means just completing surveys. 

The second thing to know about is that it works with the points system, which you need to redeem at the time of payout. Here, every 100 points equivalent to 1 pound only.

This is the standard point valuation in the survey industry; you will see many websites using the same points valuation. 

If we talk about the payout per survey, then it is around 10 points to 250 points. You can expect 2 to 4 surveys every day, and if you are lucky enough, your demographic is up to date according to the company requirements; you can receive 7 surveys as well.

However, this is only in rare cases. But we should take 2 or 3 surveys for a safe side. 

You can expect to earn 10 pounds in three weeks and 40 pounds in 4 or 5 months which is the minimum payment threshold amount.

Now, this is quite discouraging, as, with many other survey sites, you can expect to reach the payout limit in no less than a month. 

Hence, your income mainly depends on how much time you spend on the platform and how frequently you receive surveys.

Also, it has a referral program worth mentioning and sweepstakes that have a prize value of 100 to 1000 pounds. This can also supplement your income. 

However, the earning potential is slightly low compared to other survey sites where you can accumulate a good amount of money per month. Also, they help you reach the payment threshold amount in a very less time limit. 

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Take surveys and refer a friend 

OnePoll is mostly known for its short surveys that only take 2 to 10 minutes to complete. These surveys vary in topics and pay you anywhere from 25 pence to 1.50 pounds.   

You will receive new surveys daily; each day, you can get 2 to 4 surveys or, in rare cases, 7. It would take you 3 weeks to accumulate 10 pounds. 

Other than this, you can also join its referral program as well as a social media platform to supplement your earning. 

OnePoll’s referral program is worth mentioning as whenever you refer a friend, and he happens to join the panel, you will gain 50 points or 0.50 pence. 

But you are not done here; whenever your friend or referral reaches 20 pounds, you will earn 1 pound. Plus, when he able to accumulate 40 pounds, you will gain 2.5 pounds. The only disadvantage with this is that you can refer to 10 people only. 

Moreover, OnePoll is also active on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, where it has occasional sweepstakes with cash prizes from 100 to 1000 pounds. 

This may not be a game-changer, but it will be a nice step to add little money to your account apart from gaining by completing surveys only. 

How do you get paid? 

How OnePoll pay

Like many survey sites, OnePoll also has different payment methods awaiting you to choose one most suited. 

Before you go to the payment request, you should know that you have to accumulate 40 pounds to redeem them. 

Three ways to get paid:

  • PayPal money: Globally accepted and the fastest payment method available online. Just verify your PayPal account by providing few details, and you are good to go!
  • Checks: This is another popular method which you can use. However, the only downside is that you have to be a resident of the UK only. People living in other countries cannot avail of this payment method.

Once you chose your payment and requested your money, you can expect your payment arrival in a couple of weeks, and in rare cases, it might take a month also.

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Few easy steps to get started with OnePoll

Well, signing up with OnePoll is straightforward. It is open to all nationalities, which is a good sign as many survey sites don’t accept people outside the UK. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, go to the website of OnePoll and continue to the signup section. 
  2. As long as you are 18 years old, you can successfully go on to filling up your basic info, including your name and email ID. 
  3. This will then take you to the dashboard, where you will have to complete a profile survey. Here, you will ask to fill in some personal questions so that the panel knows what your interests are and can understand your survey preferences. 

And yeah! There you are good to go. 

The verdict 

Well, the OnePoll is definitely legit although the earning potential is slightly low.

It is a whole survey site and does not feature any other earning options like most of the survey websites watching videos and playing games, completing offers as multiple earning alternates over completing surveys.   

You might feel some issues apart from the low payout. Like, the payout process will take a longer time to get transferred into your account once you request the payment.

Moreover, the payout amount is moderately high, whereas you only have to accumulate 10 to 20 pounds on other sites. Similarly, you may find some other downsides of the website while you use it. 

Overall, the website is excellent and worth trying once. It is a legitimate option that offers you to earn from your spare time. OnePoll is in no way a scam; it is genuine and Legit

Frequently Asked Question 

Does the OnePoll charge for signing up?

No, the OnePoll is absolutely free of cost to join. 

Is the OnePoll legit website to join?

Yes, definitely! OnePoll is a legit website that pays you genuinely for your efforts.

How much I can earn from OnePoll?

Well, that depends on how frequently you get surveys as well as take participation. Moreover, the per survey payout I somewhat low, and it might take you around 3 weeks to earn 10 pounds only. The earning potential is slightly disappointing as it will take 4 to 5 months to reach the payment threshold amount of 40 pounds.  

What are the payment options?

There are only three payment options that you can choose from. These include PayPal money, checks, and BACs. 

Can I use checks as a payment option but I live outside of the UK?

No, if you are not a UK resident, you cannot use Checks as a payment method; you can use PayPal to get paid. It is fast and straightforward; verify your PayPal account, and you are good to go. 

Who can join OnePoll?

OnePoll is open to all nationalities. People who are living anywhere around the world can join OnePoll. 

Is there any sign-up bonus?

Yes, you will get 5 pounds just for signing up. 

OnePoll Review




Payment Option







  • It is available worldwide
  • Get a chance to win 100 to 1000 pounds sweepstakes prizes
  • Multiple ways to get paid


  • A high Payment threshold of 40 pounds
  • You can use checks only if you live in the UK
  • A low payout on per survey
  • Your payment might take 28 days after requesting payment
  • 2

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