Opinion Outpost Review: How much you can earn in 2021?

By | June 29, 2021

When making money online, you will find various easy ways to pocket some extra bucks in your regular salary. Among various money-making alternatives, there is the most popular one called survey sites. This is something that can make you earn some extra bucks in your spare time. By completing a few surveys daily, you can bank a decent amount of income into your regular earning.

You might find multiple websites to find surveys online, but the internet is also a breeding ground for scams as well. So, before you fall for a particular survey website, you should know about its authenticity. In this article, you will get to know about one such survey site called Opinion Outpost. It is a fantastic site; if you want to try filling out surveys in your off time, earn some extra money. 

Further, you will see a detailed Opinion Outpost Review that will help you answer your queries, such as how much you can earn, a legitimate survey site, how you get paid, etc. 

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost Review

If you are genuinely looking for a way to earn your spare time without investing many efforts, then Opinion Outpost is a place for you.

Not only the online portal Opinion Outpost offering you an opportunity to get paid from them, but it also giving you a chance to share your opinions on brands, services, etc. You can quickly join the community by signing up for free. 

When it comes to the authenticity of the website then you might get shocked to know.

Survey Sampling International owns and operates Opinion Outpost, which has been in the industry for a long time. It has an operation in around 18 countries and has been active since 1997.

So, you can definitely see Opinion Outpost as a trustworthy alternative among various other survey sites. 

Though, the website is only available for people living in the United States and Canada only.

It offers surveys on a daily basis and has a quite profitable payout on each survey.

You can also get multiple ways of redeeming your earnings. Unlike other survey sites, you will find this website worth your time according to its high-paying inducement.

Moreover, it also best when it comes to redeeming your points. You can actually redeem your earning at a shallow payout threshold. 

To say, Opinion Outpost is an extremely high-paying survey site, and you would definitely enjoy doing surveys here, as you get a good incentive for sharing your opinions. 

How much you can earn from Opinion Outpost? 

Opinion Outpost how much you can earn

On average, with any survey website, you can assume your earnings according to the time you invest in. So the more surveys you happen to complete, the more you make money from that in a short period. 

Well, this very much true in the case of Opinion Outpost as it rewards you much more in amount than various other similar survey sites.

Though the surveys are easy to complete, you will have to spend many hours to acquire anything valuable. However, thanks to its relatively high qualification rate and payout, people tend to join Opinion Outpost to make the best out of their free time as well. 

Opinion survey rewards you in points first, which you can later convert into real cash. The point system is relatively easy to understand and highly rewarding at the same time. So its points system goes somewhat like the following:

  • 1 point is equivalent to 0.10 cents.
  • This way, 10 points will be equal to $1, which is a comparatively high pay rate. 
  • So, for 100 points, you can earn $10 immediately. That’s also a no-brainer with Opinion Outpost. 

You will also earn 5 points instantly after completing your profile. So, you can acquire anywhere between 5 to 50 points on a single conventional note.

If you are lucky enough to earn 50 points for completing a survey, you can immediately request gift cards worth $5 from Amazon or iTunes. 

Though the website only offers a single way to earn is surveys only. But you can also make some points while referring to your friends, and they happen to join the panel and complete one survey.

On the whole, Opinion Outpost is a good way to earn add-up some few dollars in your account. 

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Complete surveys to get rewarded 

This is the primary alternative to any survey site.

You will get paid to share your helpful opinion with famous brands and companies to know what is trending among people, where they need to upgrade, etc.

These surveys really help firms to provide you a good product service and online user interface.  

In the Opinion Survey, you will get surveys daily either through email or directly join a dashboard survey. 

These surveys vary in topics, including fashion, politics, sports, electronics, appliances, medicine, sports, etc. 

Typically these surveys take 5 to 20 minutes to complete. If you disqualify in a survey, Opinion Outpost submits an entry for you into a Sweepstakes of 10,000 prize draw. 

It also offers multiple ways of completing surveys, whether from online surveys or mobile surveys.  

Every survey will vary in points distribution and time it would take to complete. You can see points given on the study and the time of that survey while entering in a survey. 

You can expect anywhere from 5 points up to 50 points on a single survey. Each point worth 0.10 cents, and accordingly, you can earn $0.50 to $5 at a time. 

Refer a friend

If you are earning and having benefiting experience from Opinion Outpost, then why not tell other people as well. 

Well, you can also earn from its referral program. All you need to refer as much as possible to earn some decent money from this as well. 

You can expect $1 if a person happens to join Opinion Outpost from our referral link and completes a survey. Let’s say you refer 20 people and out of only 5 joins from your referral link, you can earn immediate 50 points to redeem that in a $5 gift card either of Amazon or iTunes. 

Get a chance to win $10,000 

Well, it also offers a Sweepstakes of $10,000 prize draw to the people living in the USA. 

If you get disqualified from a survey or participate in a survey, or you exchange your earned points for an entry, you can get a chance to win $10,000 in a quarterly cash draw. 

Unlike USA citizens, people living in Canada also get a chance to enter Sweepstakes. Although, the prize draw is comparatively low. You can win a quarterly draw worth $1,250 if you live in Canada.


How do you get paid?

Opinion Outpost how you get paid

Well, getting paid from Opinion Outpost is quite easy and fast relatively. In addition, there are various options through which you can redeem your points: 

  • PayPal Redemption: You can do a conversion from points to cash easily by the PayPal redemption method. All you need to earn just 100 points to redeem the $10 cashout. 
  • Gift Cards: Opinion Outpost also can redeem points to get Amazon and iTunes gift cards. These gift cards start from $5 only, which equivalent to 50 points only.
  • Or you can also redeem points in MileagePlus miles or Alawar games.
  • Donation to American Red Cross: Opinion Outpost has partnered with American Red Cross in which you can donate your points.  

The Payout is relatively fast. It will do points conversion immediately after your request, but it might take a few hours only in some cases.

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Few steps away to start with Opinion Outpost

Signing up with Opinion Outpost is very easy just follow up with a step by step explanation: 

  • First of all, go to the Opinion Outpost website and proceed to the sign-up section.
  •  You can sign-up for free either using your email ID or using your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. 
  •  After joining, you will receive a confirmation email. Then, just continue by confirming your registration. 
  • Next, you will need to complete a short survey for your profile. Again, you will earn 5 points for doing so. 

There you go, buddy! You can now start earning from Opinion Outpost. 

The Verdict 

There is no that the website is legit or a scam.

Opinion Outpost is undoubtedly a legit survey website.

You don’t have a charge while signing up, and you will not encounter any issues related to Payment payout. In addition, it pays out fast in just a few hours, unlike other websites that would take 4 to 6 weeks. 

This way, the site is good if you want to earn money in your spare time just by doing some surveys. All over the website is reasonable and provides you an opportunity to earn in your free time. And it is legitimate and scam-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for signing up?

No, Opinion Outpost is completely free for sign-up. Other than your personal details for the types of surveys you will receive, it won’t ask for any charges. 

Is it legit or a scam?

Yes, it is undoubtedly legitimate and pays you genuinely for your useful opinions.

How can I earn from Opinion Outpost?

You can earn from completing surveys online daily. Or you can refer a friend to join this community, and if they enter from your referral link, you will make $1 for that. 

What are the payment options?

Well, it has four simple and easy ways of earning. Including PayPal redemption, gift cards from Amazon and iTunes, a donation to American Red Cross, or you can use MileagePlus miles and Alawar Games.

Opinion Outpost Review




Payment Method







  • Easy to earn
  • A low payout threshold of $5 for gift cards and $10 for PayPal money
  • Multiple ways to redeem your points
  • Get your payment immediately after requesting


  • Not every surveys are easy to qualify
  • Available in The USA and Canada only
  • 6

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