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By | June 29, 2021

Over time, the accessibility of the internet has got a wiggle on is quite amazing to look. So obviously, there are various opportunities you can bestow while being online in your free time. And one more thing, we all love easy money that requires minor skills and your time as well.

Accordingly, if you search for “make money online” or something similar, you will encounter thousands of ways that can make you earn a couple or more bucks with fewer efforts.

In all those numerous options, survey sites will be pretty popular to try if you genuinely want to earn some money as a side hustle. However, when it comes to surveying sites, that can be profitable and treacherous contrarily. Therefore, I represent you with a survey site called Opinion Plus that rewards you for completing surveys.  

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It requires less effort and pays you for a simple task. So, let’s go further with the Opinion Plus Review and learn more about the website, whether it is legal or just a scam like other untrustworthy sites. 

What is Opinion Plus?

Opinion Plus Review

Opinion Plus is a market research platform where you as a user get an opportunity to create change in the products and services just by filling out surveys.

These surveys are basically market insight based questionnaire that helps companies to know the consumer thoughts and opinion on certain consumer goods.  

Opinion Plus is a part of OP4g that is a newly established Hampshire company. Unlike many survey sites where you have multiple opportunities to earn apart from surveys.

You will see Opinion Plus is completely a survey site. Therefore, you don’t get any other way to earn; moreover, the platform does not even have a referral program.   

Whereas Opinion Plus offers excellent payout on surveys as well as a shallow payment threshold. Compared to many popular predominantly survey sites like this, they have a very high payout amount.

This is why it is worth trying if you are seriously looking for a survey site as a side income generator.   

Opinion Plus is certainly an amazing survey website that offers interesting ways to earn from and gives you the freedom to use your money as you want.

As you get paid out via PayPal. It is also available in the following countries, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia.

How much you can earn? 

Opinion Plus how much you can earn

Well, you cannot live lavish life just by filling out surveys and earning over 10 dollars only from this website. It is just a side gig to supplement your regular income.

Knowing how much money you can earn depends on how much time you spend on completing surveys. And of course, how frequently you receive surveys and, most importantly, the payout per survey also makes a bit difference in your earning potential.  

You can expect anywhere from $0.40 to $0.60 on a single survey. The payout basically relies on the length and complexity that the survey requires.

Obviously, like many other survey sites, Opinion Plus is also no different. However, you don’t get any other option to supplement your money, like a referral program and other such ways.

Because you only get surveys to earn, you might feel a little bit difficult to reach the minimum payment threshold of 1000 points, equivalent to $10.

Some survey sites like Global Test Market, a wholly survey-taking website, still offer relatively good payout per survey. And its 1200 points are equivalent to $50. 

Hence, every site has different functions and payouts. All you need is to continue making money as a side hustle and choose the platform that best worth your time and interest as well. 

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Take surveys and get sign up bonus 

Well, earning from Opinion Plus is very and straightforward as it does not have multiple income options, which makes it clear and hassle-free to use.

The platform only features out surveying potentiality and reward points which can be further translated into cash via the most trustworthy payment method.

These surveys vary in different interesting topics and can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

The payout can anywhere between 40 to 60 points and sometimes 100 points as well. But the kind of surveys and frequency you receive of surveys mainly depends on your demographic.

In the light of the previous statement, you can expect 2 to 3 surveys invitation every week. 

Furthermore, as a newbie on the panel, you gain 200 points for completing profile surveys which is a good start appreciation.

This demographic information will ensure what kind of and at what frequency you will receive surveys.

Don’t worry if at any point while doing the survey you get screened out in the middle, you will still be getting some points just for trying out. 

How do you get paid?

Opinion Plus how do you get paid

Obviously, what is the benefit of hard-earned points and hours of effort that will put in if you don’t get your money to spend? But there is also one thing: the payment method should be beneficiary as some survey sites have only gift cards as a payment method like Valued Opinion. 

Unlike such websites, Opinion Plus has the most reliable and fast payment method called PayPal. Almost every one of us has tried and tested this platform to ensure the authenticity of the payout procedure. 

Moreover, you will get rewarded with points that will be converted into cash. Like the standard points conversion value, Opinion Plus’s 100 points equivalent to $1. Plus, you don’t have to take care of requesting your money. 

Once you reach the minimum payment threshold amount of $10, which equals 1000 points, Opinion Plus will automatically send the money to your PayPal account. 

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Few steps to get started with Opinion Plus

To say almost every popular survey sites use a very straightforward approach to the sign-up process. Like many of them, Opinion Plus is also no different; it also has easy steps to sign-up method. Follow to get quickly sign yourself up:

  1. First of all, before preceding the sign-up section, you must see the eligibility of the country you live. Opinion Plus is available in different countries, including The USA, The UK, Canada, etc. Moreover, it would help if you were 13+ while signing up.
  2. Now that you confirmed living in any eligible countries, you can proceed to the signup section. 
  3. Just provide your initial information like name, gender, DOB, and valid Email ID. 
  4. After that, you will be asked to complete your profile surveys. Complete it, and you get 200 points as a reward. 

And there you go! Ready to take surveys. 

The Verdict: Is it really worth your time?  

Opinion Plus Review

If talking about the website’s authenticity, then let me tell you that Opinion Plus is a completely legit and scam-free panel. 

However, it still not worth your time as the payout is very low.

Compared to this website, numerous survey panels pay much better than this one and have multiple earning options.

Moreover, there are other downsides you may encounter like no referral program, hard-to-qualify surveys, low payout, and other such issues. 

However, if you still want to try out then it’s all up to you. It is still not bad to try. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Would I Opinion Plus charge for signing up?

No, the Opinion Plus is absolutely free of cost to join. 

How much I can earn from Opinion Plus?

Well, that depends on how frequently you get surveys as well as take participation. Moreover, the per survey payout that somewhat low and can pay you anywhere from 40 to 60 points. So the earning potential is not so good. 

Is the Opinion Plus legit website to join?

Yes, definitely! Opinion Plus is a legit website that pays you genuinely for your efforts.

What are the payment options?

There is only one payment method available, and that is PayPal’s online wallet. 

Who can join Opinion Plus?

Opinion Plus is open to numerous countries worldwide, including Australia, The UK, Canada, The USA, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Is there any sign-up bonus?

Well, there is no signup bonus but what it has is worth gaining. After signing up, you will be asked to complete profile surveys, making you earn 200 points.

Opinion Plus Review




Payment Option







  • It is available in various different countries
  • Professional looking website
  • A very low Payment threshold of $10
  • PayPal as payment method


  • A low payout over per survey
  • No multiple earning option that makes difficult to reach payout amount
  • Not Every survey is qualifying
  • You only receive 2 to 3 surveys a week
  • No referral program
  • 4

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