Opinion Square Review 2021 – Full Review, Is Opinion Square a Scam?

By | June 16, 2021

Online paid surveys are getting popular day by day. It is because it is less time-consuming to complete a study and to reward in return. Further, in this article, I will tell you about Opinion square Review, one such surveys sites that reward you with real cash prizes and gift cards. Moreover, it is easy to earn from this website without leaving the comfort of the couch. 

What is Opinion Square

Well, I guess that it goes without saying that the internet has certainly provided multiple ways to utilize them in our spare time.

Like various websites to enjoy watching movies and Tv shows, for educational purposes, and much more, one of the useful and profitable opportunities that it has given us is earning money online. To say there are several ways available from which we can gain a nice amount of money.

What is Opinion Square?

Before going into its logistics, let’s know what Opinion Square is actually and what they do. Well, Opinion Square is a market research company.

As the field itself is quite explanatory, the company has specialized in search of market trends, demands, and patterns through its web research panel. TMKG operates Opinion Square, which a subsidiary of comScore. 

Moreover, with its large user base of two million people, it invites all legal residents and members from other countries to join Opinion Square.

That helps people share a diverse and comprehensive survey over various media assets once you become a member of Opinion Square, which costs nothing but signup with initial personal details.

This free registration will ensure the type and frequency of surveys you will receive.

These surveys range from different engaging topics to choose from according to your preferences, such as Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Retail, and Automotive.

The best part arises here: you earn cash prizes and various rewards for the opinion you have shared through surveys.

On the whole, you should consider Opinion Square if you want to earn extra money online in your free time just by doing easy and fast surveys. 

How much you can earn from Opinion Square? 

How much you can earn from Opinion Square?

Well, an average member of Opinion Square can receive three to four surveys in a month. These surveys will allow you to earn a tremendous amount of money if you qualify or complete the survey.

Do not worry! If you cannot qualify for certain surveys, you are still rewarded with tokens that can be utilized to earn prizes.

These prizes have been broken down into dozens of categories games, gift cards, home appliances, sport/fitness, and much more.

Moreover, each time you take an online survey, you will get a chance to enter into the whooping cash prize draw of $100,000 sweepstakes. Coupled with this fantastic cash prize, you will also get an opportunity to play the “instant win game link.”

This is again a win-win situation as it gives you a chance to win $50, $2500, and $5000. Furthermore, it will also reward $25 to four players monthly.

How you can earn from Opinion Square? 

How you can earn from Opinion Square?
  • Taking Surveys: This platform takes a genuine and diverse overview of various media assets from its members. It is done through multiple online surveys filled up by the members of the company. Sometimes, these surveys will reward you with some real cash prizes. Otherwise, you will still earn tokens to play online games, which you can reward in other prizes.
  • Playing Games: Every time you take surveys, it will give tokens from which you can enjoy online games to earn points. Now, these points can further use to spend on prizes. The reward website of Opinion Square has around 20,000 items to win as prizes. 
  • Install the Internet Activity Tracker: If you want to make the most of this survey website, you should install their Internet Activity Tracker. Well, what it will do for you is filter all the surveys you will receive.

Moreover, it will automatically increase the frequency of the number of surveys you get. With this software, you will receive relevant surveys of your interested field. Although you do not need to install this software, you can still use it. 

How do you get paid? 

Well, after completing surveys successfully you will be receiving rewards in multiple ways. 

  • In Cash via PayPal
  • Consumer goods
  • Amazon Gift cards & Other Gift Cards.
  • A chance to win $100,000 while entering into SweepStakes

3 steps away to earn from Opinion Square

As of now, you know that you won’t get charge a single penny for signing up. Lets quickly go through 3  simple steps that can further allow you to enjoy earning money online from Opinion Square: 

  • Simply to the website of Opinion Square (opinionsquare.com)
  • You will see a sign-up block waiting for your initial information to get filled on the right side. 
  • Now provide your Email ID and secure password to continue. 

That is it you are ready to earn extra money. 

Opinion Square Review Verdict 

Opinion Square review

Undoubtedly, I am happy to tell you that Opinion Square is a completely Legit and scam-free website. It offers truthful and worthwhile rewards that can help you earn some extra in your free time.

The service is free to sign up and easy to process, and gives surveys that are straightforward, rarely laborious. Moreover, all the surveys are based on the interest of the members. On a final note,

I would definitely suggest Opinion Square if you are interested in making a little more money online with an exciting cash prize of $100,000.

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up today.


What is Opinion Square?

Opinion Square is a market research company. As the field itself is pretty explanatory, the company has specialized in searching market trends, demands, and patterns through its web research panel.

What is Opinion Square Review?

I am happy to tell you that Opinion Square is a completely Legit and scam-free website. It offers truthful and worthwhile rewards that can help you earn some extra in your free time.

What are the alternatives of Opinion Square?

The alternatives of Opinion Square are Vindale Research Review, Swagbucks Review, LifePoints Review, and more

Opinion Square Review




Payment On-Time




Earning Options



  • 100% free to Sign Up
  • Multiple range of rewards to choose from
  • An opportunity to win $100,000
  • Members are welcomed from different corners of the world
  • No set Payment threshold


  • Not all surveys are purely cash
  • Tokens will expire in the quarter you receive them
  • Survey invitations are low, if the software isn't installed
  • 1

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