Panel Place Review: Is it legit? What is the earning potential? (2021)

By | June 29, 2021

Have you ever came across a website or organization that works as a middle and helps you reach your determined destination? In case you look up to survey companies as a supplementary to your regular income. Then you might have been tried several survey sites, some legit and some scam accidentally! But the platform called Panel Place about which you will get to know further in this article. It is a middleman of numerous middleman survey sites. So don’t be confused; I will clear the air of your doubts and queries after a moment. 

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In this article, my goal is to help you understand this panel through Panel Place Review. 

What is Panel Place? 

Panel Place Review

As to say, Panel Place is not a standard surveying website that provides surveys on its own.

Rather, it works as a middleman of innumerable middleman survey sites that their own surveys on products and services.

Panel Place only refers or redirects its users to those survey sites to complete surveys and other various online tasks offered on those websites. 

It itself claims not to be a standard survey site, but it is an online portal that connects you to different survey-taking opportunities.

Panel Place helps you match with genuine survey companies that are legit and highly rewarding. 

Panel Place has aligned with popular survey sites like Inboxdollars, MyPoints, Opinion Outpost, OneOpinion, etc., but it has also partnered with non-survey websites.

One of the popular educational and self-improvement websites is Udemy. You get to connect with survey sites and educational websites like Udemy that add value to your life – financially and learning-based.

To actually earn from this website, you need to complete surveys and other online tasks on different websites through Panel Place.

You can also find links to already mentioned educational websites like Udemy, Blinklinks: where you might ask to sign up to earn some commission.

However, these websites have numerous paid and free courses and fiction books that you can avail of to improve yourself. 

Which is a good deal I guess!

How much you can earn? 

How much to earn from Panel Place

As per to say, the earning potential you can avail of from Panel Place is not limited or confined to a certain amount you can make. 

In general, any survey site, even being the highest paying survey website among numerous survey-taking panels, won’t pay more than a dollar or so.

Moreover, what you will earn mainly depends on the task you take up to complete and what the payout is.

Along with this, if you only do surveys, then it depends on how frequently you receive surveys and how many of them you complete without getting disqualified.

Typically, a survey can take up to 5 to 20 minutes to complete and pay according to the length and complexity. 

As Panel Place redirects you to other survey panels to complete, therefore, the payout will be according to how much that survey site pays per survey. It can be anywhere from a few cents to a dollar or 2. 

Similarly, if you happen to take other micro-tasks offered on these websites, you will earn according to their payout policies. 

Hence, the more you participate in completing surveys and other online micro-tasks, the more you will gain. 

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Multiple ways to make money on Panel Place

Panel Place ways to make money
  1. Surveys

    Although, you may find various links to educational sites where you can sign-up and get started with those websites. Still, the most common way of earning from Panel Place is taking surveys. Therefore, the company has aligned with different survey sites in more than 40 countries worldwide.

    This way, you will always have some surveys available to take, even at odd hours.
  1. Product Testing

    Apart from answering questions on various products you might not use yet, you still responded about it through a survey. But product testing is slightly different as here you get a product in-person to test it and then honestly provide your experience with it. Moreover, you also get to keep it for free after you reviewed it. This is again not offered on the Panel Place itself, but it will redirect you to other survey sites that offer product testing opportunities. Like, Toluna for example. 
  1. Regular Free Contest

    This is the only earning option you will have on this panel that Panel Place solely offers. It is a regular free contest based on a wide range of issues and topics. Members who partake in the contest and win are rewarded with a $10 draw prize.

    However, it is not that worthwhile as there is no guarantee that you will, and also, they are rare. 
  1. Referral Program

    Like many survey sites, Panel Place also has a referral program. But it is more complicated and unclear rather than being beneficiary as compared to other survey sites.

    It says that you will earn a commission whenever your friend joins the panel and actively uses the platform. But they don’t consider how much you will gain from your referrals, as many other survey sites clarify the amount. 

How do you get paid? 

how Panel Place pay you

It has partnered with numerous survey sites, and you will get paid according to those payment policies if you complete surveys on Panel Place partnered survey panels. 

You must have a verified PayPal account to receive payment, a fast and secure payment method used via many survey sites, including Panel Place. 

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Few steps to get started with Panel Place

The most appreciated thing that survey panels apply is their straightforward sign-up application process. If you want to get started with the forum, follow three simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Panel Place is available worldwide and has partnered with different survey sites accessible in other parts of the world. This makes it simple for Panel Place to filter opportunities that are available in your area. 
  2. Next, you can proceed to the sign-up section and can either register yourself with your valid Email ID or, for a quick you can use your Facebook or Google Plus account. 
  3. It will also ask for some initial information such as name, address, DOB, and country residence. 
  4. After that, it will send you an email confirmation link. Once you confirm your email, it will send you to the Dashboard to see different opportunities available. 

The verdict: does it worth your time?

If you are having queries like is it a scam or not? Then, absolutely, not.

Panel Place is a legit market research company that connects individuals to various survey sites to take surveys and earn some side income in their free time.

But if you ask that does it worth your time? Well, probably not. You may find numerous survey sites that pay you very little regarding your hours of effort.

Like Toluna which is the lowest paying survey site, you may encounter individually. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Would I get charged for signing up?

No, Panel Place is a completely free survey-taking website. 

Is Panel Place legit or similar to various scam reward websites?

Panel Place is completely legit and rewards you according to what task you have chosen to complete.

What are the payment methods?

You will get paid via PayPal money. This is also used by many survey sites Panel Place has partnered with. 

Is there any sign-up bonus?

No, it does not have any sign-up bonus.   

Who can join the panel?

Anyone interested in taking surveys and other micro-tasks you may happen to complete on survey sites through Panel Place.

Panel Place Review


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  • Best place to find legit survey sites
  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Regular free contest to win $10 draw prize
  • PayPal as a fast payment mode


  • Its not worth your time
  • A lowest paying site
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