Prizerebel Review: Crazy Cash Earning Site

By | June 29, 2021

On a conventional note, you get nothing while doing so. But with Prizerebel, you will get paid while doing internet browsings mentioned below. Exciting right! So further, I will do a detailed Prizerebel Review for you. So before you go through the website itself, you will have a deep understanding of what Prizerebel is and what it offers to you. 

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Well, we all spend so much time on the internet, whether streaming on Netflix or online shopping, etc. Most of the time gets wasted on a daily, and we get nothing out of it. But what if I tell you that you can make money out of your daily surfing on the internet.

You do not need to do anything except doing whatever you do on a typical day. Like playing arcade games, online shopping, reading paid emails, searching on the web, doing high-paid surveys, etc.

What is Prizerebel?

Prizerebel Review

Prizerebel is actually a free-of-charge get-paid-to reward website where members of the firm sign up for free get paid for performing online tasks.

This website provides you an opportunity to earn some extra dollars at the end of a month.

You can earn from these websites by completing various surveys, offers, watching videos in your free time, participating in contests and games, etc. 

Prizerebel is a reward club that giveaways prize money in a point system that can be later redeemed into real cash or free amazon gift cards & others.

In this industry for 2007, it has been established as one of the most highly recommended best-paid survey sites

Unlike most of the survey sites that are only available in certain parts of the world. In the case of Prizerebel, it is convenient and accessible in every corner of the world.

On average, it has a wide membership of around 10 million people. Although, users from the USA, The UK, Canada, and Australia can only avail of maximum benefits from the website.

People from other countries may not access all the surveys provided on the page, and sometimes they cannot complete most surveys. 

All over, Prizerebel is an awesomely well-managed survey site that provides you an opportunity to earn from your free time. 

How much you can earn? 

Prizerebel Rewards

First of all, you should know that Prizerebel works on the point system. It does not give you real money on the way you complete surveys or offers and other ways from which you can make money.  

The website will award you some points for completing various types of online tasks. With Prizerebel, you will get 1 cent for 1 point.

Most of the time, you can make 75 to 500 points on a single survey. However, you can rarely earn 500 points on a typical day. It would help if you were fortunate to make that much. This way, you can earn up to $1 to $5 at a time.

Another way you can earn from 5 to 100 points is through completing various offers. These offers include tasks to perform such as quizzes, games, installing apps, short surveys, etc. 

Unlike surveys and offers, you can also earn from watching videos, but the payout is not impressive. Like, you can make around 0.55 and 0.66 points just by watching four videos. 

So, if you focus on the ways, it has provided multiple alternatives such as promo code, membership level, contests, games to join, etc.

Although, you cannot guess how much exactly you can make as the earning is completely flexible and you cannot guess it. 

Your earnings depend on the time you spent here and the number of tasks you accomplish.

If you live in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia, you will be able to earn quickly and able to complete most surveys as well.  

How you can earn from Prizerebel?

How does Prizerebel work?

There are max to max seven ways you can earn from Prizerebel which are mentioned below: 

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. Fill out PrizeRebel Offers
  3. Watch PrizeRebel videos
  4. Contest and Games
  5. Prizerebel Promo Code
  6. Membership Level
  7. Refer a Friend
  • Paid Surveys: These surveys are hosted through various marketing companies, including RadiumOne, AdGate, OfferToro, Ascend, etc. These can deliver you from 75 points and as much as 500 points. These points also depend on the length of surveys, and the time it would take to complete them. 
  • Fill out Offers: It also provides Offers Wall to have multiple opportunities to earn extra points. You will be required to complete simple tasks that include watching videos, reading articles, signing up for a newsletter, product trials, installing apps, and browsing the internet. 

    These offers Walls give extra bonuses that are sponsored through partners like PeanutLabs, Persona, Trial Pay, Superrewards, etc. You can get anywhere from 5 points and up to 100 points. 
  • Watch Videos: You can easily earn from watching short videos that you can play on your phone and desktop. However, the points will be pretty minimal even after watching multiple videos on food, gaming, celebrities, comedy, fashion, etc.

    Well, these videos are provided through two platforms called Smores and VideoLoyalty. Smores will give you around 0.55 for watching three videos only. Similarly, via watching videos from VideoLoyalty, you can make only 0.66 for four videos.  
  • Contest and Games: This section is more like gambling as here you need to participate in contests, raffles, and high-stakes Lucky Numbers, which is like a lottery game. To join, you need to stake some points that you have earned. Here, if you are lucky, you can earn exceptional points at a time, but if you are not, you will lose points that you have accumulated after doing tasks. 
Prizerebel Review
  • Prizerebel Promo Code: If you follow Prizerebel on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can get promo codes that you can enter on the website to redeem and earn free extra points.   
  • Membership Level: It also has a membership status feature that can benefit you in many different ways, which I will tell you a moment later. Well, this status is all about providing you different royalties at different levels. It will increase according to the number of points you will earn.

    Bronze Tier – if you have less than 1000 points.
    Silver Tier – 1000 points or more.
    Gold Tier – 3000 points or more.
    Platinum Tier – 7000 points or more.
    Diamond Tier – 12000 points or more.

    Now, with each level, you will get extra benefits to earn and redeem your points faster. These benefits are as follows:
  • The percentage of referral programs will increase.
  • You will earn a Special Bonus in percentage, which will be given at the end of the month according to your monthly earnings. 
  • You also receive Prize Discount on rewards based on your level. However, you won’t get discounts on PayPal or direct deposits. 
  • Refer a Friend: Well, the referral program can reward you quite a lot. Unlike most of the survey sites, you will earn up to 30% of what your friends make. So, the more you refer, the more you can earn from referrals if they happened to join Prizerebel through your link.  

How do you get paid from PrizeRebel? 

Prizerebel offers multiple ways to redeem your accumulated points. 

  • PayPal Cash: You can cash out your points in PayPal, which starts from $5, which requires 500 points to achieve. Moreover, it would help if you were sure that the email you used to sign up for Prizerebel is also registered on PayPal. 
  • Gift Cards: Well, it has 200+ gift card options available in its reward bucket. You can choose from various brands like Amazon, Starbucks, American Eagle, Home Depot, Boston Pizza, HomeSense, Best Buy, Old Navy, etc.

    However, you will often find discounts going on these gift cards. For example, you will usually need 500 points to get a $5 Amazon gift card after you can acquire the discount with only 370 points. 
  • Online Games: It also has an option to redeem your points for a game card as well. 
  • Other options: There is also another way to redeem your points into cash via direct bank deposits. Prizerebel also has Visa Prepaid Cards. 

In general, your points redemption would take around 24 hours. However, once you reach the Gold Membership or even higher, your payment process would be much faster and take 10 minutes to complete. 

How do you can start with Prizerebel?

You can easily get started with InboxDollars while following 3 easy steps provided below:

  • First of all, go to the website of Prizerebel.  
  • Just sign up for a Prizerebel free account while providing your email address and setting your password for secure login. Straight away, you will get a free $5 cash bonus
  • Well, now you are all set up to get paid for watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, etc. 
  • You can now redeem your earnings for e-gift cards of various big brands, including Amazon, Target, Starbucks, etc. Otherwise, after reaching 500 points in your Prizerebel account, you can request your payment via PayPal and direct deposits.  

PrizeRebel Review Verdict 

Moreover, people usually get this confusion that either this website is legal or a scam.

As it does not require much effort like a usual full-time job.

It is absolutely legit and scam-free; it pays its members genuine cash rewards for simple tasks and activities they perform on the website. 

At last, you can say that Prizerebel is absolutely reliable and ideal for someone who is wasting time watching videos, playing games, and bored otherwise. You can earn money with no effort and leaving your couch.

Prizerebel Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Prizerebel charge for sign up?

No, Prizerebel is completely free of cost. You won’t be charged for signing up. 

Is Prizerebel Legit or a Scam?

Yes, prize rebel is 100% legit and provides a genuine opportunity to earn online from home. 

What are the payment options?

There are two payment options. You can either get paid via PayPal or a Gift card which you can redeem anytime. You can also use Direct deposits or a prepaid visa card.  

How much I can earn from PrizeRebel?

Well, the amount you will be earning depends on the type of paid survey. The longer time a survey will take, the more money you will. 

Prizerebel Review











  • Multiple options to earn
  • Different level to increase your points
  • Free to sign up
  • Various ways to get paid
  • A high percentage of Referral program of 30%


  • People who live in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia can have maximum benefit
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