Project Payday Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? (June 2021)

By | May 9, 2021

Note : Project Payday is out of service now.

In the past recent years, as the increase of affordable internet connection has got a wiggle on is quite amazing to look at. The Internet is available to everyone not to a few but to all the corners of the world. And there are ways to use it perfectly according to your need, whether to entertain, to educate. Otherwise, the easiest and most profitable way is to make money online while contributing less effort and hard work. Moreover, when it comes to earning money digitally which can be all the way profitable and treacherous on the other hand. Therefore, you need to be very careful while acquiring a decent amount of money in return for your work. In this article, I will be reviewing Project PayDay for you if you want to earn money online. Project Payday is recommended if you want to make money online doing surveys

Project PayDay Review

This requires fewer efforts and pays you for a simple task. So, let’s go further and learn more about the website whether it is legal or is it still working, etc. 

What is Project Payday?

Well, Project Payday is one of the various platforms that offer you to make extra money online while doing not much effort. This opportunity, however, will not make you rich as the website itself quotes that you will not get rich quick with them. Project Payday has been assisting normal people to earn extra income into their account while registering for free and completing offers in their spare time. Moreover, the website got a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau which can be a promising option to trust this website. 

Project Payday review

Project Payday is a profitable program for people who are only wasting time on the internet or want to earn extra money. The website is for everyone from newcomers to experienced marketers. Moreover, to help you out with the earning process, Project Payday offers an amazing and useful affiliate training program. It teaches three easy methods explained in their training session from which you can easily earn money online.

Moreover, signing up or making an account on the website is completely free of cost. Although, you also get a one-time option to paid sign up of $34 for a lifetime membership. Well, you don’t need to get paid membership, you can access the same facility while signing up for free. On the whole, you can consider this website to be a great option for earning money from home. Just by completing offers or referring it to a friend to earn a commission.  

How you can earn from Project Payday? 

Project Payday offers mainly two ways of earning from its website. Which I will be clarifying you further: 

  • Complete CPA offers: Well need you to fill out one Cost Per Action (CPA) offer or sponsor offer at the start of your sign up for the activation of your free account. From here you will earn around $1.50 per email address that you will collect for the company. The good part is whenever you will refer this to your friends who are interested in making money from home then you can earn a good amount of money. Moreover, If you want to earn more per email address then you need to complete one more sponsor offer. This way you can earn $2 on each mail address.  
  • Refer a friend: This is another way of earning from Project Payday while sharing affiliate links to your friends. Well, you do not have to fill out forms by yourself, you will be referring those forms to others and getting them to fill out for them. And in return, you will get a commission of $1.50 or $2 (if you have completed two sponsor offers to reach pro membership). Moreover, if you are confused about where you need to share links to the intended traffic. Then, let me tell you, you can invite people to join Project Payday by sharing affiliate links to many social media platforms as well as other classified websites. Such as Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Career Builder, BackPage, and a lot more like these.

Furthermore, the website will also give provide you CPA training divided into four modules. To continue with CPA offers you would need to complete this training. This will give all the required knowledge before you get started with CPA marketing.

How much you can earn from Project Payday? 

With Project Payday you can earn $1.50 per Email. Further, you can increase this rate to $2 per Email after completing two sponsor offers. It has also stated that this rate can go even further up to $5.25 per Email for standard and VIP members. While you can make around $100 per day just by completing offers yourself or getting others to join by referring affiliate links. Moreover, it is a fact that you can earn from $0 to $500 regularly from the program. Even, some have also proclaimed that they have paid out around $2500. So, this is not easy to do and a bad deal to accept if you want to earn handsome money while just giving one to two hours from your precious time. 

How do you get paid? 

First things first, you need to generate at least $30 in your Project Payday account if you want to get paid from this website. And, you have made out the payment payout of $30 then you can successfully get paid through a check, Bank Deposit, or Project Payday Debit Card. Moreover, you can get your payment every Friday.

3 Easy Steps to get started with your free account 

Making an account which is completely free and thereafter you can easily start earning on Project Payday is quite easy peasy. So to set up an account you can follow step by step simplification provided below: 

  • Simply go to their website and then move on to the signup section or login whatever you want to.
  • The details are quite basic like start filling your name and email ID. And complete it by setting up a new password. 
  • Thereafter, just continue while completing the first sponsor offer in order to activate your free account. 

Woo hoo! Now you are all set up to earn from Project Payday by filling up a sponsor offers and sharing affiliate links to gather more traffic on your referral to earn more with the program. 

Is it a scam or legit?  

This is definitely a legit website to earn money online. The company is remarkable for being a platform for people who want to learn to work from home. The website will provide a guide to an affiliate program so that you make a good amount of money from your spare time. It is a genuine platform and pays you honestly. 

Well, the website is really amazing if you want to earn money online without having lots of skills. In fact, it will guide to through the process and you do not need to have premier knowledge to start with it. But, from recent times you might confront issues with the website. Like, when you search for its official website then it would redirect you to ClearVoice Surveys. And it is because unfortunately, it no longer exists. Therefore, it is no longer available.

Last Words

At last, you can say that Project Payday can be absolutely reliable and ideal for someone who is wasting time surfing on the internet and bored otherwise. You can earn money with no efforts and leaving your couch. But sad to say that it is no longer accessible to people. 

The article is for educational purposes and to let you know more about this website. So that you can earn maximum benefit while doing nothing except completing offers and sharing referrals. Thank you for reading!

Project Payday Review




Earning Option


Payment On-time





  • Sign up for free
  • Increase $1.50 per email to $2 or up to $5.25
  • Easy earning from home without investing
  • Earn from $0 to $500 in two week
  • Get $100 reimbursement if could not able to earn money


  • Website testimonials are outdated
  • Getting leads for referrals is not that easy
  • Minimum payment payout of $30

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