RewardBee Review: Is RewardBee Scam? | Full Review 2021

By | June 22, 2021

To look for online money-making means you will be bombarded with numerous websites that will claim to make you over a thousand dollars or even more just sitting in your home with their enticing adverts. But do they make you earn that much without any effort or skills? No, because most of them are just fake and scam platforms. However, if you are already earning a good income from your regular job, you can opt for survey websites. Again, these survey panels will not make you rich but help to add up a little more bucks in your regular income. But here also not every website you will encounter is legit or even if they are legit won’t make earn, or worth your time. If you are into paid survey websites in any way, then you might have heard RewardBee

If not then, let me tell you about this platform through my RewardBee Review. This review will help you understand the panel before you proceed with it. 

What is RewardBee?

What is RewardBee?

RewardBee is a Market Research company that works as a collector of feedback from common people over different products and services.

It serves two types of people; first, the companies who want market insight on products and services they sell, and the second one is you (the user) who wish to share their opinions. 

RewardBee is in Philadelphia and was established in December 2015. It offers surveys to take and additionally, to play games and referrals to earn some points.

It works on CPA, means cost-per-action, and provides digital marketing, product placement, consumer insights to business owners. And an opportunity for ordinary people to take surveys and earn some points which they can later redeem. 

Before going further where you would know how it works, you should know that RewardBee isn’t offering cash rewards.

You won’t get any cash payout; instead, you can get a subscription for magazines only.

To earn subscriptions for the magazine RewardBee offers few tasks to earn reward points. This way, after reaching the threshold amount, you can redeem them for any of your favorite magazine subscriptions.

How many points you can earn from RewardBee? 

As I told you that it works on points and you cannot encash the earnings that you will make here.

The only redeemable option it has is to get a magazine subscription.

Hence, to help you earn points, RewardBee offers a few earning ways, including taking surveys, playing games, and using the referral program. 

So, for every survey, you will receive $30 points that can make you issue 24 magazines.

Although, whatever you will earn, you won’t be able to cash them out. A big disappointment!

Whereas other survey sites actually offer you cash out your income with the most secure payment method; PayPal. 

So, it’s all up to you, how many surveys you will complete as with each survey you gain $30 points. And for other options like playing games can make you gain 10 points for every 2 minutes play.

You can also earn $5 points for every referral when the person joins the panel from your unique link. 

Multiple ways to earn points from RewardBee

Like any other survey site, RewardBee also offers a few other ways other than taking surveys to earn points.

Take RewardBee Surveys 

Taking surveys on RewardBee is straightforward. As they are quite short and they guarantee to reward for every survey, you will take.

Moreover, there is no pre-qualifying questionnaire like other survey panels offer that ensure, will you be taking the survey or not?

All surveys on RewardBee pay you $30 points and will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You will be taking 15 or fewer questions in each survey. So, obviously, it won’t take much time to complete. 

Playing games

Apart from surveys, you can download fun games to play in your boredom. These games will take a maximum of 2 minutes and will reward you with 10 points each. 

So, it is fun and you won’t get bored taking surveys again and again. 

Referral Program

And the last one, the referral program! It is the best way to earn that can any survey website offers you. With this reward website, you can actually earn $5 points for every referral. 

It is simple as that, you invite a person through your unique referral, and when that person joins the panel from your referral link, you will gain $5 points. 

How do you get paid in RewardBee? 

Well, it is enticing to see on RewardBee to earn $30 points, whereas you will earn $10 per month on other survey sites.

However, they also help you cash out your earnings in your bank account or via PayPal, or with a gift card, unlike RewardBee. 

RewardBee doesn’t let encash what will earn. Instead, currently, it has Magazines as a reward option. You can issue digital or traditional magazines.

Here, you can issue 12 to 24 magazines which will cost you $10 to $30. You can get them via mail. 

Unfortunately, there is no cash reward. 

3 steps to signup with RewardBee


The signup application is pretty easy and simple. 

  1. Go to the website and proceed to the signup section. 
  2. Now all you need to provide is your name, email address, and finally, set your password. 
  3. And there you go, buddy! All set to start taking surveys. 

The RewardBee Review Verdict  

Although, the website isn’t that good nor even a good reward site.

However, it is legit and scam-free. But you may feel disappointed once you would be done with the task and want to cash out your earning.  

As for the reward option, It only has magazines: digital and traditional magazines. There is no cash payment.

Hence, it may guarantee you to get a reward for every survey you will take and easy.

RewardBee is still not the one survey panel that I recommend because other survey-taking websites also let you encash your income. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Would I get charged for sign-up on RewardBee?

No, the RewardBee is free of cost. You won’t get charged for registration; the community is free to join. 

Is RewardBee Scam or Legit?

The RewardBee is completely Legit and scam-free. 

What is the RewardBee Review in 2021?

RewardBee Review says that RewardBee is a useful and legit way to make money online by doing Subscription & Paid Surveys

Can I make a lot of money doing surveys on RewardBee?

No, you cannot make money on RewardBee as it does let you earn $30 points per survey but only to redeem them to take magazine subscriptions only. 

RewardBee Review


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  • You will receive $30 points per survey
  • Ability to get a subscription of your favorite magazine


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