SurveySavvy review: Is it legit? How much did i earn in 2021?

By | June 21, 2021

You will encounter numerous ways that can help you can make an extra few dollars or even more. But most of them require some skill and experience as well; however, at this time, when almost everything is just one click away, so readily available. So then, there must be options that require the slightest knowledge and effortless online money-making means, like paid surveys that offer you a fantastic opportunity from which you can earn a few extra dollars in your free time. All you need to do is provide your feedback or opinion on products and services to take a quick survey. This can help you earn either points or real cash as well. One of those famous and trustworthy survey sites is SurveySavvy. The platform is entirely free and has engaging surveys to take. 

Below, I have done a profound SurveySavvy Review for you. So that you know everything before you step into signing up with SurveySavvy. 

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What is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy review

As the name itself suggests, SurveySavvy is one of the popular survey sites that offer you to make money online.

This opportunity will be a fantastic bit if you want to supplement your regular income with a bit of money that you can make in your spare time with minimal effort. 

SurveySavvy is an active market research online portal since 1999, which without any doubt establishes its long-time authenticity in the industry.

The platform allows you to share your helpful and valuable opinions on various products, services, and policies.

In exchange, SurveySavvy gives you a little amount of commission for contributing your opinion in the form of surveys. 

As a history, you can see its roots from its parent company, Luth Research, launched ainrinound 1977.

The company is based in San Diego, California. SurveySavvy is a market insight collector that has been in the industry for 20 years now and has members in around 195 countries. 

Moreover, if you see its payout scale, then it is a perfect amount that you will get to know more about a little further.

Unlike many websites that solely survey site and do not offer any other options to earn apart from surveys, their payout is also not worthy. Whereas SurveySavvy provides multiple ways to make and that too with good earning potential. 

How much you can earn?

Any survey website earning potential usually depends on how much time you spend taking tasks and completing them. And also, what is the payout according to the job you have chosen to complete.  

In the case of SurveySavvy, various ways can make you lots of bucks knowingly and unknowingly.

Let me clarify, so it goes like this with surveys in which you will be directly making efforts by sharing your opinion to earn $1 to $3 per survey.

Whereas its referral program, you will definitely you will earn $2 for each referral’s survey. But there is one addon to this as you can also gain $1 from referral referrals surveys. 

This is an infinite chain where the more you refer and later refer; you will benefit from them. 

Moreover, it has recently launched a market research tool called SavvyConnect in which you can add a maximum of 3 devices per household.

This is a web extension which you can download in your devices like smartphone, computer, tablet.

You gain $5 each month for every device you will connect. This way, you can make a set amount every month. For example, you have added two machines; you will earn $10 every month. 

Similarly, you can get a chance to win around $10 to $50 draw prize, which happens every month. 

Hence, what you will earn at the end of the day depends on how much time you spend on the panel completing tasks and what task you choose to take. However, primary and highly rewarding is taking surveys. Other options work as a supplement to your earnings. 

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Multiple ways to earn from SurveySavvy 

SurveySavvy offers various ways to earn and accelerate your income from the panel. Below you can see these ways to know more about them: 

  • Completing surveys

    The main source of earning from SurveySavvy is to complete surveys. These surveys vary in different topics, including market and product surveys that focus on analyzing consumer needs for a certain product. Or you can receive surveys on human resources and employees, consumer satisfaction surveys, etc.

    These surveys can take 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete, and you will give anywhere from $1 to $3. Some surveys can also make you gain $20 per survey, but these are rare according to your demographics and take much more time than usual surveys. You can receive 6 surveys or more in a month.
  • SavvyConnect

    The panel has recently launched a market research tool called SavvyConnect, where people can earn just by surfing the internet. This tool focuses on providing an analysis of people’s surfing habits for behavioral research purposes only. You can download this tool on your smartphone, PC, tablet, etc. This way, you gain $5 per device every month. However, you can only add a maximum of 3 devices. 
  • Two-tier referral program

    Another opportunity is its referral program which will not enable you to earn from your referrals alone. But it will also reward you some cash when your referrals’ referral earns from the survey. 

    It goes like this when you refer to a person, and that person happens to join the panel. So, you gain 15% of his earning on that survey whenever he earns from a survey. Moreover, if your referral refers to people, you will still earn some percent of their earnings did surveys. 
  • Monthly draws: whenever you fail to qualify.

    You may not be able to qualify for a survey and screened out in the middle. But, don’t worry; you will still be getting an opportunity to enter into the cash drawer, which happens every month. This prize amount is $10 and distributed to 50 winners each.
  • Get done with your portraits.

    Well, this nothing other than your profile questionnaire. It won’t reward you but make you eligible for best-suited surveys. By filling up these short questionnaires of profile surveys, you can also receive good pay surveys that can pay you $20 or more according to your strong profile demographics. 

How do you get paid? 

When there are websites that reward you in points equate to either gift cards, consumer goods, cash via PayPal, or checks.

The only downside to points reward seems like you are earning a lot according to the number of issues; however, when you redeem them, they only make out some bucks vary from $10 to $40. 

But SurveySavvy offers you to earn rewards in real cash. So you will be cashing out money that you have made. Moreover, the panel lets you redeem your earnings in only cash which via direct checks. 

Yes, you read it right; you do not have to redeem gift cards that are unnecessary for you or purchase any merchandise from the consumer goods list you don’t need.

With Surveysavvy, you get the choice to spend your money as you desire either spend it or save it in your account. 

Furthermore, unlike other survey sites, SurveySavvy has a slight payment threshold which you will not see in other survey sites. Therefore, it will be a rare encounter only.

Where sites have a $10 to $50 payment threshold amount, you only have to accumulate $1 to get paid from SurveySavvy.  

Hence, with SurveySavvy, you will get paid via direct Checks only no other payment methods. And to get paid, you only have to accumulate $1 in your account. However, you will have to wait for a month or so to get your check mailed to your address. 

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Easy steps to get started with SurveySavvy

The signup process is pretty standard and easy as well. You can follow 3 simple steps to sign yourself up mentioned below:

  1. First thing first, which is you should be 13+ while signing up. Now go to the website of SurveySavvy here and proceed to the sign-up application. 
  2. Next, fill in your initial information such as name, email ID, and create a password and yeah, select your resident. 
  3. Once you are done with your initial info, it will send you a confirmation email. When you verify your identification, it will ask you to complete a welcome survey. This focuses on what kind of surveys you will earn. 
  4. And there you go, buddy! Explore the dashboard. 

The verdict: It does worth your time!

Well, talking about the platform authenticity, then SurveySavvy is a legit and scam-free website to join.

It offers various interesting online tasks to complete; one of them is joining the referral program, which will make you earn cash whenever your referrals complete a survey and your referrals’ referral earn from a survey. 

However, some drawbacks might turn you off. Firstly, it does not have any other payment method except for direct Checks.

Another downside will be that you may not qualify for some if you live outside the USA. Another issue is with its SavvyConnect tool; people have claimed that they had some internet connection issues with the device, which happens to be not as safe as the company says.

All over, SurveySavvy is a legitimate website that offers engaging online tasks to take and pays you genuinely for your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for signing up?

Absolutely, No. SurveySavvy is a simple survey site that offers amazing ways to earn from and does not charge you for sign-up at all. 

What are the payment options?

All you need to provide your address to get paid from SurveySavvy. It does not have any payment method except for direct Checks alone.

Is SurveySavvy legit site to join?

Yes, SurveySavvy is a completely legit website and pays you genuinely for your efforts from multiple earning options. 

What are the ways in which I can earn?

There are various interesting ways for you to earn from SurveySavvy. These ways include taking surveys, refer a friend, downloading its market research tool called SavvyConnect, and monthly draw.

How many devices I can add in order to earn from SurveySavvy?

You can only add up to 3 devices per household, not more than this. 
So how much can I earn per device?
SavvyConnect program of SurevySavvy offers you more than 3 devices and will give you $5 per device monthly.

SurveySavvy review


Earning option


Payment On Time







  • A very low payment threshold of $1 only
  • Available in more than 195 countries
  • you can earn $3 just from a single survey
  • Amazing web search tool SavvyConnect that can make earn $5 per device montly
  • Get a chance be among 50 winners of monthly draws of $10


  • No PayPal payment option
  • It takes a month or so to get mailed your check
  • Some privacy concerns with the tool SavvyConnect
  • 2

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