Toluna Review: Must try site to generate income 2021

By | June 21, 2021

There are unlimited ways of passive income; it becomes tough to choose from what type and which platform is worth your time. In the case of passive income or earning an extra few dollars in your spare time, I hope you might have encounter survey sites. If you look for easy money-making ways in your free time, filling up surveys would pop up first due to passive income as they do not require many efforts except for your helpful opinion about specific products and services. However, you will find survey websites in bulk, and then it would be difficult for you to choose. Today I have picked one such survey site called Toluna that brags about being the ‘world’s largest social voting community. 

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But is it? It is the question most people have when they choose one website from a hoard of similar platforms. In this article, you will see a detailed Toluna Review so that you know what it is, how it works, and what it offers to you. And gradually, you will get a good grip over the platform without getting stuck or disappointed later. 

What is Toluna?

Toluna Review

Toluna is a platform where it offers people to make their voice heard as a common consumer to inspire numerous companies to fabricate products with good quality.

This way, People have the power to influence brands and market research companies, and in return, people get rewarded for their participation. 

Toluna is now called Toluna Influencers which is seems to be a part of Toluna Group.

The company has over 16 offices around Europe, Asia Pacific, and also North America. It works with some of the world’s most popular leading market research companies.  

Toluna is a widespread survey-providing community and well-known firm specializing in operating high-level market research over the internet.

Toluna offers surveys from various popular brands like Amazon, Kellogg’s, Expedia, Loreal, Fiat, Coca-Cola, etc. Apart from earning cash from surveys alone, you can also gain points from product testing, answering to polls, winning contests and sweepstakes, and referring to friends as well. 

Although, Toluna also among the lowest-paying survey sites. About which you will get to know after a little further.

On the whole, it is a good website; if you love taking interesting surveys regardless of the low pay scale, then Toluna is a place for you. 

How much money you can make?   

When you first encounter the website, you will see a good rewarding ratio in the form of points. Yeah! It works with the points system like many survey sites.

First, you have to earn points, and after reaching a certain point value, you can redeem them either in cash or a gift card. 

Toluna has the highest reward redemption ratio, but you feel like you are earning points faster. But you are actually accumulating points even slower and accordingly gaining poor hourly pay. Very low!

Although, you will be earning 2,500 per survey, and sometimes it is 10,000. But when you notice that Toluna point redemption ratio is very poor than other survey websites. Where other websites like Ipsos i-Say only require 100 points to translate $1.

On the other hand, Toluna requires you to earn 3000 points to acquire $1 only. Hence, you can see that the cashpoint is as poor as 30x. 

However, the website allows various and interesting ways to earn from the panel. You can also earn 100 points for each profile survey which includes 14 surveys.

Take partake in polls to gain 15 points each. Or, if you are interested in product testing, instead take part in sweepstakes to win $4,500 or get a chance to win LED TV. 

This way, you cannot guess exactly how much you can earn from Toluna. It all depends on the time you spend on the website taking surveys and other online tasks. 

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Multiple ways to earn points from Toluna

Ways to earn from Toluna

As to say, Toluna offers amazing ways to gather maximum points; however, Surveys are the only high-paying alternate you can opt for.

Obviously, there is a sweepstake, which gives you a chance to win $4,500 at once, but it also depends on luck. Winners are announced randomly. 

Following are the ways to earn:

  1. The surveys
  2. Sign up bonus
  3. Complete profile surveys
  4. Partake in polls
  5. Post your own content
  6. Participate in a contest 
  7. Product testing 
  8. Refer a friend

Toluna offers surveys ranging in different topics such as Travel, internet experience, video games, health & wellness, mobile phone, family, finance, and the list goes on.

You can gain 1,500 to 3,500 points per survey, and in most cases, it can go as high as 10,000 points. 

Collectively, you can receive 7 to 10 surveys per day, but the frequency of surveys depends on your location.

However, mainly it relies on your demographic information. So to build an attractive demographic, don’t forget to complete your profile surveys. 

By the way, completing profile surveys can also gain you 100 points each. Each profile consists of 14 surveys. Moreover, you get immediate 500 points just for signing up.

In case, you get disqualified from a survey, don’t worry you will still get 200 points just for trying.  

Taking part in the Toluna polls can make you earn 15 points for each survey you answer and take seconds to complete. Apart from this, you can also post your content to win up to 1000 points per post. But not all users’ position gets selected to win rewards.

Toluna favors the quality of your post, not the quantity, and the more upvotes you will receive, the more chances you will get to win.

Toluna also lanches seasonal contests that motivate users to post in the Toluna community.

You can receive 1000 points or more according to the contest draw prize. And if you are a person who would like to test products, you will be eligible for a product test according to your profile demographic. You can also keep the product after trying it. 

Like most other survey websites, Toluna also features Referral Program, which will allow you to use the referral link to share it with other people. In case the person joins from the links you send him, you will earn 500 points. Moreover, you can refer to 10 people each month. 

How do you get paid? 

Hoe Toluna pay you

Unlike many survey sites that have only limited reward redemption options. On Toluna, you will get multiple interesting ways to get your reward points redemption. 

As you know that Toluna gives you points for completed surveys, product testing, and many other tasks offered on Toluna. It would be best to reach the minimum payment threshold according to the reward option you will choose to get paid. 

For reward redemption, there are various options that you can choose from:

  • Redeem for gift cards: These include Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Walmart, Tango, iTunes, Target, and many more. 
  • Points conversion into cash via PayPal.
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gifts

If you want to get a gift in value of your earned points, the cheapest gift card worth $10 is equivalent to 30,000 points. 

To get cash in translation to point valuation, you need to have at least 95,500 points to get $30 via PayPal money transfer. 

As you can see that the points-to-redemption is pretty high. Also, you will encounter this high redemption when getting a sweepstakes entry. But compared to other survey sites where you only require to spend 100 points to get an entry.

With Toluna, you have to spend 500 points to get an entry in a $4,500 monthly draw. And 1,000 points can make you win an LED TV.

Toluna will take up to 8 weeks to deliver your reward after you request payment.

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How to sign up for Toluna

Toluna Review

The sign-up process is quite straightforward. Follow simple steps to sign yourself up:

  1. Toluna is available in 49 countries. 
  2. You can easily signup just by using your Facebook account quickly. Or you can use your Email ID. 
  3. Then you will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address. 
  4. And there you go! It is as easy as setting up a Netflix account. 

The Verdict

There is clearly no doubt that the website called Toluna is completely legit and scam-free

Although, it is not the website that I will suggest you choose if you are seriously looking to earn extra cash from filling out surveys. 

However, the points per survey are very high, which is why you might think that you are earning points faster. But, on the side of the points redemption ratio, it is as poor as 30x than various survey sites.

You are earning $1 for 3000 points whereas on other sites you can gain $1 for 100 points only. 

However, everything comes with good and evil. Toluna is still impressive if you want to fill exciting surveys, and its qualifying rate is also from 25% to 35%, which is relatively high. And in case you don’t qualify for a survey, it gives you 200 points just for trying out where most survey sites don’t provide you.

Overall, Toluna is a good choice among various survey sites in the market research industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get Charged for signing up?

No, Toluna is completely free to join. You won’t get charged for signup. 

Is Toluna legit or just a scam?

Toluna is a completely legit survey website. And in no way scam you. 

What are the payment options?

You can get paid via PayPal money or redeem your points into gift cards, or you get an entry in sweepstakes worth $4,500. 

Is there any signup bonus?

Yes, of course. You will get 500 points just for signing up. Later you can earn 100 points each for completing profile surveys. There are 14 surveys in each profile. 

How many points do I need to get paid via PayPal?

Well, you will need different points amount according to the reward redemption option you will choose. For PayPal cash out, you will need 95,000 points to redeem $30 and 30,000 points to redeem the cheapest gift card worth $10 only.  

Toluna Review




Payment Option







  • Interesting surveys to take
  • Get 500 points as sign up bonus
  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Available in more than 40 countries
  • 200 points as a consolation price if you get disqualify


  • A very high payment threshold of $30
  • Relatively high points valuation: 3000 points for $1 only
  • It takes up to 8 weeks to deliver gift card
  • 4

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