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By | June 16, 2021

Binary option robots or ‘bots’ with other automated software and apps are in much demand for the last few years.

Here we explain how automated software work and what are those few platforms which provide these services. To be a good trader, one needs time, a broker, space, and patience. But everyone can’t give this much time; hence, they cannot reach their potential.

Therefore, these are designed for new traders so that they can perform their work easily.

How does an auto trading robot work?

This software uses a complex algorithm to identify trading patterns, then use the data to trade with highly profitable and low-risk results. These automated servers have taken signal services a step further.

They work for traders instead of putting it on traders. They do trading as well as risk management for the traders.

Even many brokers are keen to provide robots to the traders because of their ability to perform high volume trades and reduced responsibility and risk of the brokers. Brokers are providing traders with the ability to design their own ‘bots’ or automated trading system.

Will using a bot make you trade better?

binary trading option

Trade bots are machines that also have swings like other trade instruments. So to make them perform efficiently, one needs to monitor and assess them constantly. Binary options themselves are a high-risk investment option.

To make proper use of automated service bots, you should check them regularly—bots running unchecked likely to result in a large number of losing trades and overall loss.

It is sometimes designed in a manner that stops trading after reaching a specified level. Therefore, traders are needed to keep an eye on all the issues and treat the bots accordingly.

Binary trading demo account

Many companies provide an option to open a demo account with no min. deposit. It is beneficial for a company also to offer demo accounts. Because it allows the company to show its platform and customer services. Demo accounts also allow you to go through various assets and services provided by trading companies. Ideally, it will enable access to all purchases available, allowing exploring.

These are some brokers that provide a demo account:

IQ Option :

binary trading  platforms

IQ Option is a trading broker that is based in Cyprus. It has won numerous awards praising the quality of its services and its reliability. Today, IQ option…(Read More) :

This platform allows trading in the financial markets or trading in cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, binary, and more. has won outstanding awards in the last few years. It is also…(Read More)

BDSwiss :

binary trading platfrom

BDSwiss was rewarded and recognized for its excellent service and trading technology, confirming its sustainable trading conditions and also very much identifying its Trading App along with Trade Execution. Swiss platform is a significant advantage..(Read More)

Binomo :

binary trading platform

Binomo has been providing its services since 2014. It is an online discount trading broker that enables people to earn money online. Anyone who knows about trading can try Binomo to trade in famous names like Apple, Yahoo….(Read More)

Spectre : is an online trading platform that allows traders to trade in a high frequency with low risk in the financial markets. (Read More)

Binary Options Trading Strategy

The strategy is the crucial element for successful long-term trading. Strategies are created for a while. Trading is somewhere that seems like sports betting. Binary trading options are used to identify repeatable trends and circumstances so that you can do trading positively.

Reason for having a binary strategy-

A trading strategy is not always required. You can go on with your gut feeling in making a decision; however, it is supposedly not always going to give you the profit you want. In other words, more times, it concludes on things that provide you with loss. Hence, a strategy is
required to succeed in binary trading options.

Types of Trading strategy-

binary trading platform

Technical analysis: Regular analysis of charts, graphs, patterns, and pricing charts allows traders to form a good trading strategy. Although it requires a good amount of interpretation knowledge to convert those patterns into understandable terms. But once comprehended
it helps a trader in making the right decisions.

Creation of Signals: A signal has been created basically to indicate the movement of assets. As we know, the price of assets moves continuously. Therefore, you need someone that predicts the trend before it happens. That is what a signal does; it provides you the movement before
it happens. Signal was created in two ways. First for news and events and, the second is for technical analysis.

Money management strategy: This is the most important strategy to consider because all of your strategies revolve around the money and time you invest. The two common strategies are the Martingale strategy and the percentage-based strategy. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, the latter is the best strategy to consider.

Some Best Binary Option Robot Brokers :

  • IQ Option
  • Fx-Advisor
  • Option Robot
  • MetaTrader4
  • FXMasterBot
  • Automated Binary
  • Copy Buffett
Benefits Drawbacks
Save valuable timeLoosely regulated
Helps money managementEarning potential is limited
Almost free or low cost to useLimited demo testing capabilities
Test with a free demo accountTighter restrictions on big trade sizes


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