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By | May 6, 2021

In this article we are going to cover what binary options robots are and how they work. We will explain it with the help of binary robot providing company, OptionRobot has a well established name in providing trade bots.

OptionRobot came up with the newest technology of binary options. The system is fully automatic and performs trade on our behalf. This system is designed for beginners who do not have much experience and for those as well who want to trade but do not have that much time to sit in front of the computer every day.

Now we will tell you in brief how it works.

binary options

What are Binary Options?

You have heard about the New York Stock Exchange, many traders trade stocks, commodities, bonds from this exchange. In olden times traders have to keep these stocks for months or so in the hope that they will go-up. So that they can book profit or earn dividends.

But as the time is moving fast even traders want their trade to execute fast. Hence to make trades fast and efficient innovators has come up with an innovation on binary options. 

Using a binary options broker, investors can trade in “quick time.” They trade in stocks, commodities, currencies and market indexes. Instead of keeping their purchase for years or many months, binary options trading is over in 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. 

How does the system work?

Option Robots generate signals based on the algorithms of different indicators. They then send those signals to traders and then the trader will decide that they want to execute the trade or not. 

Another option provided by them is autopilot mode, where you will give authority to robots to trade on your behalf. Here they make strategy according to their algo and will execute the trade.

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Option Robot’s System?

Option Robot provides you three types of trading methods, you have to choose any one among them. Now the question is how to use this system?

To use this system first you have to register yourself with any reputed option robot provider. Here we will suggest you to go with because we have checked them and they are safe to use. 

Now after selecting the robot provider, make a trading account with any robot supporting broker. You will get a broker recommendation from your robo provider as well. If you wish to select any of them you can do so, either you can go for any other of your choice.

Last, after opening a trading account with a broker, merge your robot option with them and here your automated trading system is ready. There is a lot of customization you can do as per your requirements.

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Can you really make money with binary options?

First of all no one in this world guarantees you any money without you doing anything. Yes technology can help you earn money but in that as well you have to make some efforts by your side. 

Now if we talk about binary options, they will help you make money but you also have to be aware of every trade executed by them. The system provides strategy, you have to choose them.  So if you choose the right strategy they will make money and if you choose wrong one then they will lose your money.

Technology is here just to make things easy for us & not to make us lazy and dependent. Hence, before giving any command to the robot learn every detail about the same and understand the whole procedure. 

Don’t ever fall for lucrative profit screenshots and promises. Invest but with your senses. This will definitely help you book a decent amount of profit.

binary options Indicator

As a trader option robot provides you with six different types of indicators. You can choose any of them, or all of them if you want to. 

The indicators provided are:

  • TREND Indicator
  • MACD ( Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Indicator
  • RSI ( Relative Strength Index) Indicator
  • STOCH ( Stochastic Oscillator) Indicator
  • WILLIAMS Indicator
  • CCI Indicator Trading Methods

You can choose from 1 of 3 trading methods:

  1. Classic : Most secure and simple 
  2. Martingale : Highly profitable, but takes much more risk
  3. Fibonacci : Most accurate of all
binary options asset 

At this moment of time option robots are providing trade only with currency pairs. You can select one, a few or all of them. They are:

  •  EUR/USD
  •  USD/CAD
  •  EUR/JPY
  •  EUR/GBP
  •  GBP/USD
  •  USD/CHF
  •  USD/JPY
  •  AUD/USD

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Amount Investment

The investor has the ability to set the amount as per their needs. The minimum is $5 and the maximum is $500.
How many trades can you execute at a time?

You can set 1 to 8 trades simultaneously. You can do this by self or can set a robot to trade this way.

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Is Scam?

We know there are many scammers available in the market who just want to separate money from you. But is a legit broker and has a good success rate.
Even the associated broker and binary providers are regulated and have customer protection.  Which makes OptionRobot to work under rules and regulations.

OptionRobot Compatible Broker

1. Stockpair
2. Cherry Trade
3. Option Rally
4. Bank De Binary
5. Option Web
6. GOptions
7. BMB Option
8. Finpari
9. Tradorax
10. IQ Bot by IQ option


After looking for all the aspects and detailed search, we can say that Option Robot is a trustable system you can work with.


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