NinjaTrader Review 2021 : Award-Winning Platform

By | June 18, 2021

What is NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader Review

It is a US-based software platform founded back in 2003. A privately held company whose headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, and Chicago. It has succeeded in attracting many customers and developers.

NinjaTraders also allows you to connect third-party applications with itself. This allows you to perform various trade activities in a single place.

 NinjaTraders acts as an introducing broker as well. Introducing brokers means that brokers hold your funds and assets. And the rest of the services are provided by NinjaTraders only.

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Account Opening

Account opening at NinjaTraders is a quite complicated process, though it is fully digital. It takes 3-4 days to verify your account, which is time-consuming as compared to competitors. 

You can start trading as soon as the account will be active.

What is the minimum deposit at NinjaTraders?

The minimum deposit required is $400.

NinjaTraders has three types of license: ‘Free’, ‘Lease’ or ‘Lifetime’

Commission for e-mini index futures$1.19$0.89$0.59
$1,099 one-time fee
$329 monthly fee for 4 months
Core functions (Advanced charting, market analysis, simulated trading)YesYYes
(stop-loss/take-profit orders, chart trading, advanced alert system, etc.)
Order Flow+
(volume profile indicator, market depth map, cumulative delta, etc.)

Account Types

It offers 4 types of accounts :

  • Individual 
  • Joint 
  • Corporate/Trust/LLC/Partnership
  • Retirement


NinjaTraders charges low fees for futures and options trading. On the other hand, it charges high transfer fees.

NinjaTraders stock index futures commission of 10 contracts

US micro e-mini stock index futures$3.5
UK stock index futures$12.9
German e-mini stock index futures$12.9

NinjaTraders stock index futures fees per contract

NumberFree licenseLease licenseLifetime license
Exchange & NFA fee$0.22$0.24$0.21
Order routing fee$0.10$0.11$0.15
Number Free licenseLease licenseLifetime license
Exchange & NFA fee$1.25$1.26$1.25
Order routing fee*$0.15$0.10$0.10

The account fees depend upon the type of license chosen by you:

Free license: No fees 

Lease license : $720 annual/$425 semi-annual/$225 quarterly

Lifetime license: $1,099 as a single payment and $329 as installment for 4 months.

It charges a $25 monthly inactivity fee. $40 for international wire transfer and $30 for domestic wire transfer.

Deposit and Withdrawal

It charges no fees for depositing. However, they only allow bank transfers for transferring money. No other source is allowed for depositing money.

Withdrawing money from NinjaTraders is quite costly. It charges $40 for international wire transfers and $30 for domestic wire transfers. US residents can also make deposits and withdrawals by using a check. 

NinjaTraders Trading Platform

NinjaTraders provides only a desktop trading platform. It has many advanced features with good customizable capability. Provides a clear fee report, and you can search for stocks and options easily from the search bar.

That does not own any web and mobile trading platform. So, if clients want to trade via web or mobile, they can open an account with other brokers such as Oanda or Interactive broker who provide these services. 

Trading platformScore Available

Market and Product offered

It only supports trade in futures and options; instead, if anyone wants to trade in any other asset, they have to open a supplementary account with the broker who provides them.

NinjaTrader lags in providing a variety of assets as compared to its competitors. 

It offers trading in futures and options only.

NinjaTraders Tools and Features

Automation helps traders to achieve their targets appropriately. Once you program your bots according to your requirements, they’ll enter and exit from the trade when your criteria have been met. This allows you to trade more efficiently. 

These bots are developed using NinjaScript.


Low trading feeHigh withdrawal fees
Great platform and researchNo mobile and web trading platform 
Quick withdrawalCredit/debit card not available 
Fully digital No trading ideas
Automated servicesNo 24/7 support

Customer Service

Live chat
Support Forum

Is NinjaTraders Safe?

NinjaTraders is an introducing broker of other major brokers. Your assets and cash are held by these brokers, who top financial institutions regulate. The NinjaTraders is associated with the National Future Association(NFA).

NinjaTrading services are for professionals with good knowledge of futures and options because investor protection schemes do not cover future trading. 

NinjaTrader is accepted in few countries only.


How many times of account is available in NinjaTrader?

It offers 4 types of accounts :

  • Individual 
  • Joint 
  • Corporate/Trust/LLC/Partnership
  • Retirement

What is the minimum deposit at NinjaTraders?

The minimum deposit required is $400.

Can I renew my demo account?

Demo accounts last for 30 days after sign up. Afterward, you will not be able to log in using the demo account credentials. Demo renewals are not available at this time. 

NinjaTrader Review




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