How to Make Websites? Is it tough making Websites?

By | June 2, 2020

For the past 5 years, We have seen a hell lot of companies came to the Internet for showcasing their Business to the world or to the people via Website medium.

How to Make Websites? Is it really that hard?

Making a website is Easy, It doesn’t require to be a full profession developer, designer to do it. I myself made my first website at the age of 17 without the knowledge of anything. Of course, I learned through Various mediums.

First, you need to decide whether you want to create a Blog / ShowCase your local business.

Both are possible and easy. For Blog, You may need more knowledge of Everything like SEO, Design and a bit of Code to make it top on Google. For ShowCasing your business, there are ready-made theme’s available which can be uploaded and edited.

How to Start?

I am sharing the steps on how to start, Briefing every part of the steps in the same category in the upcoming posts.

  1. Selecting Domain – (Various Domain Sites are available like Godaddy and more)
  2. Hosting to choose – (Goddady, Bluehost, Justhost, Hostgator, etc)
  3. Self-Serve Platform – (WordPress, Blogger, Ready-Template)
  4. Edit and Go Live.

I’ll be briefly explaining in my upcoming posts on How to make an entire website on WordPress, Google, and others.


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