What are the online business Ideas one can setup?

By | June 2, 2020

First of All, I would like to thank everyone for reading this article. I have been in this online startup area since my 17. It has been a crazy journey so far, I have learned, implemented, succeeded and failed in my journey. I’ll teach you the top online startups that can be done to earn passive income every month.

We shall start here, The first question is are these online business always a success, are these business requires full-day time?

Well, If you’re doing a job in a company, I would suggest do not Drop the job for the startup’s you have not been into before. These startups will require 5-6 hours a day and you can do that easily with your Job and as you see improvement, you can skip the job and move solely towards online business and make more passive income out of it.

What are the Different Online Business Startup one can start from Home?
There is a hell lot of startup one can start I’ll be giving a short explanation of a few examples and brief of it in the upcoming articles.

Which one to Choose?
It all depends on your interest in which you’re good.

– If you’re good into SEO, you can start an SEO service offering startup to companies using Fiveer, Backlinks.com and many more websites.
– If you’re good at Website Development, You can start your own Software Development company or Get orders through Linkedin, Fiverr and more
– DropShipping – When you sell the product from one country to customers without using the physical stock of it.
– Coupon Websites – Creating a coupon website selling coupons of websites and then using the same website to make money using Affiliate Marketing
– Create a Niche Website for Affiliate Marketing

These are the few examples one can start. I’ll be briefly explaining all of the IDEA’s individually in my upcoming articles for better understanding.


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