7 Easy Online Jobs from Home without Investment

By | July 26, 2019

Earning Money from home was always challenging before but now there are a lot of companies offering work from home jobs.

For Example, Amazon has started Work From Home as a customer service representative.

Best Online Jobs from Home
Best Online Jobs from Home

#1. Amazon Customer Service ( WORK FROM HOME )

Amazon is currently offering a huge role of Work from Home in almost 99% of the cities. How to apply for it. Just contact amazon through their contact us and ask more about it. They provide you with a Salary of about Rs.30000 per month.

They even provide you with the transportation fee, internet fee, laptop & internet fee.

#2 Blogging ( Passive Unlimited Online Job )

Blogging is when you start writing an article you’re aware of and start promoting them. The income can be unlimited from Blogging if you understand the SEO. Write an Article, Promote the Article and Make Passive income.

#3 ClixSense

Clixsense is a survey platform which provides you with a unique survey every day. For completing every survey you earn up to $20 and can make up to $100 every day.

The review and feedback have to be honest and you can earn online easily from them.

#4 Google Jobs

There is a lot of ways to earn from Google. The 3 basics of earning from Google is creating a blog and monetizing it through and Then making Revenue out of your Blog through Adsense,

Youtube – Create a Youtube Channel, Upload Videos, and make passive income from home for making them viral.

Google ADs – Learn Google Ads and then you can provide the Ad service to promote client’s Blog using Different Freelance platforms.

#5 FreeLancing

Start Freelancing, Freelancing is when you have a knowledge of something and wants to use it for others in return of money. You can learn SEO, Advertising, SMO, App Designing, Graphic Designing and then Freelance them using Platforms Like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com

#6 Data Entry Jobs,

There are a lot of companies offering Data Entry Jobs, where you have to just fill the data asked by them and get paid for an hour or on the basis of the task given by them. You can easily earn up to Rs.2500 every day using Data entry jobs.

I am going to share in my upcoming post about the available Data Entry Jobs for working from home.

#7 Become a Teacher, Write an eBook

If you’re good at something really very good. You must write an eBook of yours about teaching from beginning to make the student understand the business you plan to make them understand.

Write an eBook, Upload it on Clickbank or on your own blog and make passive income out of every sale.

These are my few common online jobs from home which can be used to earn up to Rs.60,000 every month. I am going to upload a brief description of it in my upcoming articles.


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