Fix “PUBG servers are too busy, try again later”

By | June 2, 2020

As you all know PUBG is the most trending games in the world recently. There is always a time when this big company goes through up & down. Recently PUBG is encountering with an Error PUBG Servers are too busy and how to fix that?

Do not worry you’re not alone who is facing this type of PUBG issue. This is common and can be resolved using the below steps.


There is always a Reconnecting Button when you encounter PUBG Servers are too busy. You just have to click on Reconnecting and let it reconnect you themselves.

Still, If the issue is not resolved and try removing the LAN and insert in again or Try reconnecting Wifi.


The common issue of Reconnecting comes if you’re using an old version of PUBG. So make sure your PUBG is updated to the latest version.

The updates are given in-game to fix the bugs and patches. Also, This issue could come if an update is being sent recently to your Game but is not showing an update. You need to wait until the update is completely Rolled-Out

#3 RESTART WIFI or LAN or Modem

Restarting WIFI has significantly helped in many cases. As the game may adapt a Particular IP and then do not allow it to connect using the SAME IP Address. So restarting the Wifi completely will get you a new IP and then you can reconnect game.

#4 Restart Game

The most common solution is you must Restart Game before processing for any other Step If restarting game fixes your issue. You are good to go.

#5 Firewall Off

The firewall is basically in your computer so that no virus hits in your computer and save the computer files from being hacked.

Sometimes, PUBG might get into Firewall issues, although they do not hamper any files, But sometimes Firewall Block the, So go to your Antivirus, Stop the firewall and restart the game.

#6 Reinstall PUBG

The last and least solution is to reinstall the game, As that will basically allow you to regenerate all the Game files if any gets corrupted in between.

So, Reinstall will get you a new PUBG Games with the latest updates.

#7 VPN

If you’re connected to VPN, try restarting the VPN or using the normal IP to check if that is the issue. If that is the issue, Simply Change your IP in the VPN and you’re set to go.

These are some most common troubleshoot of PUBG if you get into PUBG Servers are too busy issue?

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