Valued Opinions Review: Is it safe to use? How much you can earn? (February 2021)

By | February 9, 2021
Valued Opinions Review

Just browse “what are the ways to earn money online easily?”. Automatically, You will see over a thousand ways that will postulate to make you earn decent money from the comfort of your home. The most trending one you will see survey websites that will be claiming to reward you in real cash or gift cards if you share opinions while filling out their surveys. This won’t replace your full-time job definitely although it allows you to add up a couple of bucks in your account. Where several sites will claim to pay you genuinely for your efforts and will do definitely. On the other hand, you will find numerous websites for money-making schemes but will not live up to the initial promises that they did in their inviting ads. In this article, I have done the Valued Opinions which is one of the survey websites. 

Further, in this review, you will get to know about the website and how does it work, whether it is a suitable option for you or not. Or this Valued Opinions Review will ensure that is it safe to use or just like most of the scam site that offers fake money-making schemes, etc. All your queries will be solved in a moment as you dive further into the review.

Valued Opinions Review

What is Valued Opinions? 

If you are familiar with survey websites in any sense, then Valued Opinions is also not much different from them. It is a market research company and is a part of ResearchNow which is the United Kingdom-based company. This is where you get a chance to voice your opinion as to the name of the platform itself suggest ‘Valued Opinion’. 

Valued Opinions earned tremendous popularity among numerous survey sites. The portal offers high-quality surveys and a user-friendly interface that helps to explore simply. It is available to over 30 countries welcoming people from various regions. The panel also offers more than 15 languages so that people from different countries can adapt to the panel easily. 

Valued Opinion works as a mediator between the companies and you (the user). As these companies look forward to people’s opinions and insight towards their products, services, and policies. So that they can represent their products in a way where it will be most appreciated among people. And this will help them to reach out to their intended audience. 

Unlike most of the survey sites, Valued Opinions does not have other windows of opportunities to earn from them. It only features surveys to take and earn from them. Although, the payout for each survey is relatively high even to those survey sites that only have surveys to take similar to our Valued Opinions.

Moreover, to appreciate your efforts that you will make here while completing as many surveys you can. It has a level feature which will reward you with a different level badge according to the number of surveys. Valued Opinions has five badge levels following you will get bronze level badge once you get started with the panel, and later as you start taking surveys you will be level up from silver to gold and from platinum to diamond. 

To get a diamond level, you should have completed 50 surveys already. 

All over, Valued Opinions is a good option if you want to earn some money as a side gig. It is also worth trying because of its relatively high payout for surveys.

How much you can earn from Valued Opinions? 

As obviously, earning potential mainly depends on the time you spend and also the payout of per survey as well. 

To say, on average you can expect $1 to $5 for a short or length survey. These take only 5 to 20 minutes each to complete and they are also fun and interesting to do.

Moreover, there are also available longer surveys that can pay you a very high amount of cash rather than usual surveys. These surveys’ amounts vary from $30 to $50 although this is a serious case if you get these surveys. Moreover, you cannot save your progress and think to come back later and complete it. You have to stick for an hour or more to complete so if you are thinking to take these surveys make sure you have enough time. 

So this way you can earn money however, the pay scale is very high compared to other survey sites. And this is the reason that Valued Opinions stands out among numerous survey sites that has only surveys as an earning mode. 

Furthermore, the minimum payment threshold is also quite low which makes you reach that limit easily in a month. 

You can make anywhere from $20 or more in a month. 

Valued Opinions Review

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Take interesting surveys

The only way to earn from Valued Opinions is to complete surveys alone. These surveys are pretty different and interesting to do so. You can expect 1 to 4 surveys every day according to your profile demographics. So make sure that you have a nice and clear profile. 

You can earn anywhere from $1 to $5 per survey which is an amazing amount. Compared to other survey sites where you only get few cents to a dollar or so, here per survey payout starts from $1 only. 

These surveys are nice and short and can take from 5 minutes to 20 minutes only. However, you also get exclusive surveys that pay you around $30 to $50 and can take an hour or more to finish. 

Hence, the pay rate makes Valued Opinions a popular survey site to earn some extra dollars in your free time just by filling out surveys. 

Valued Opinions Review

How do you get paid?

One thing to notice before you get excited with the payout rate is that it definitely pays you in cash but the time redemption you only get gifts cards to get your money. 

Moreover, like most of the standard survey sites, it also has a minimum payment threshold amount which is comparatively low and can be easily achieved. 

So to get paid from Valued Opinions you have to choose from its huge bucket list of gift cards. Once you accumulate $20 you can choose any of the following rewards: 

  • Amazon vouchers
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Macy’s gift cards
  • Chili’s gift cards
  • Spa Week gift cards
  • Visa promo codes
  • CVS/pharmacy gift cards
  • Com gift cards
  • Net gift cards
  • Southwest Rapid Reward Points

Remember these cards are mainly virtually transferred in your account. The process takes only 24 hours to get done. However, if you want to request a physical card via post then you would have to wait for at least 28 days to get the card. 

The process is simple does not take much time if we talk about virtual delivery of cards as most of us use online shopping ways. Although, for those who have requested physical they might have to wait for a month to get receive the card. 

Moreover, the minimum payout threshold limit is also low. 

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3 simple steps to get started with Valued Opinions 

Well, Valued Opinions features a quite straightforward approach to signing up process. All you need is to follow up with the 3 easy steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you should confirm that you live in one of the qualifying countries and you are above 16 years. Now that you have passed this round go on to the sign-up section. 
  2. Thereafter, start by filling up basic information of yourself like name, gender, DOB, address, and a valid Email ID. 
  3. Valued Opinions does not ask a very personal question. All you need to have a valid email so that it can recognize your ID. Then it will send you an email verification link to the same email address. Click on to that link. 

And there you go, buddy!

Valued Opinions Review

The verdict 

The Valued Opinions is definitely a legit and scam-free website among numerous survey sites. Although, there no such serious issues that one cannot use this website. 

The most common issue is customer service. Many users claimed that after finishing up the surveys they didn’t able to collect their money and after reaching out to the consumer support, they didn’t get a satisfying answer. However, these issues fixed saying that it was just a glitch of the website. 

Moreover, the way to get paid via gift cards. There is no other way of getting your money like PayPal or checks, etc. 

Allover, the website is worth trying because of its high paying scale which is actually appreciating. 

Valued Opinions Review

Frequently Asked Question 

would I Valued Opinions charge for signing up?

No, the Valued Opinions is absolutely free of cost to join. 

Is the Valued Opinions legit website to join?

Yes, definitely! Valued Opinions is a legit website that pays you genuinely for your efforts.

How much I can earn from Valued Opinions?

Well, that depends on how frequently you get surveys as well as take participation. Moreover, the per survey payout that somewhat good and can pay you anywhere from 1 to 5 dollars. The earning potential is good as you can make $20 or more per month. 

What are the payment options?

There is only one payment method available and that is via gift cards. 

What are the popular gift cards I can get?

There various useful gift cards you can get from its huge library of gift cards. Some of them include Amazon vouchers, iTunes Gift cards, Macy’s Gift cards, spa Week gift cards, and many more. 

Who can join Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is open to more than 20 countries around the world including New Zealand, Australia, The UK, Canada, etc.

Is there any sign-up bonus?

No, there is no signup bonus. 

Valued Opinions Review


Payment Option









  • Earn anywhere from a dollar to$5 per survey
  • Take occasional surveys that can pay more than $30
  • Available in 20+ countries with 15 languages
  • Recently launched an Android and iOS app
  • A low payout threshold amount of $20


  • Gift card is the only payment option
  • There is no saving option of progress for long surveys

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