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By | May 21, 2021

In the modern world of technology and online subscriptions, we have the tendency to sign up for almost all the services. Especially in the case of OTT platforms. We are going to explain Time Review which helps you save your Finance by managing all of them in one place.

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This time when almost the whole world is under lockdown due to pandemics, many of us are working from home, sitting at home. And because we are staying at home for a longer period of time, almost all of us has subscribed for most of the online webcasting platforms.

So here comes a platform which helps you manage your financials by checking out where you are spending your money & where it is needed to be controlled.

What Is Trim?

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Trim is a financial management service platform.

Two friends found this back in 2015 with a view to help people manage their finances.

They got this idea by looking at the situation of one of their family member only. From there they came to know that there are many people out there who do not have any control on their spending activities.

From this they came to create a platform which will help people in cutting extra expenses.

How does Trim work?

Trim keeps a track on your spending & make a report for you showing where you need to make alterations. Once you connect your bank account and card details with Trim, it starts working immediately.

Trim is created in such a way that it understands what is necessary for you and where your money is getting wasted. Many of us don’t have time to check our monthly reports. And hence Trim does that work for us.

Trim also negotiated with our billing partner to give us amazing offers.

Trim Wallet

All the transaction made by you using your card is available here. You can check them any time and keep a track on where you are spending worthlessly.

This helps you to cut off the extra expenses.

Trim provides you a tool which negotiates with merchant on your behalf. Such as your cable, internet, phone operators. If it becomes successful to do so it will charge 25% of the reduction fee as its fee.

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Additional Features

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  • Simple Savings: Trim provides savings account where you can set the savings you want to make. Trim then transfers weekly amount to your account at 1.5% of annual reward.
  • Amazon Price Patrol: Trim scans the product you have purchase via amazon in last seven days. And if it finds the same product at lower cost then your purchase. It send message to amazon to pay you the price difference.
  • Cancel Subscriptions: Trim not only provides you the details of transactions and so. It can also carry out cancellation of subscription form your side if you allow it to do that.

Who is Trim for?

This can be used by anyone who wants to manage their expenses.

Trim helps you to manage your subscription, transactions, it negotiates deals on your behald and bring unique offers for you.

Trim Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Free of cost No app
Secure to use SMS charges
Good support Charges for failed negotiation

The Verdict

According to the services offered by Trim, it is a good platform that saved a lot of your time and money.

Also, bargain from your side with your operator to provide offers and better services.

But it all depends on individual to individual, some may like it or some may not. You can also adjust its services as per your need.

But one drawback is that it charges fee sometimes for failed negotiation as well, which is not good. Hence, before using anything try to do some research from your side that it gonna be helpful for you or not.

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