N26 Bank Review 2021 – Oldest Digital Bank

By | May 11, 2021

N26 is a bank established in Berlin in 2013. It is one of the oldest digital banks. If you live in Europe and want to shift from regular banking to banking on tips, N26 is the way to go. Learn full N26 Bank Review below

N26 Bank Review

N26 Fees

Account Opening fee:

It does not charge any account fee or maintenance fee.

Card Fee

Getting an N26 card is free, it doesn’t even charge for delivery.

Transfer Fee

Transfer to your own account is free, whereas international transfer fee is €0.5-3.0

Currency Exchange Fees

N26 charges a currency exchange fee for international transfers. This will revolve around 0.45-3.50% depending on the currency of the transaction.

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ATM Fees

N26 Atm Fees

Withdrawing money in the same currency is free of cost, whereas withdrawing money in different currency will cost 1.7% of the total money.

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Account Opening

Account Opening at N26 is super easy and fully digital. It takes only a couple of minutes to open an account and your physical card will be delivered in some days. 

N26 is available in 22 countries. The only currency it has is EURO. You can top up your account with EUR.

It provides its card in co-branding with Mastercard. 

N26 Premium Account

N26 holds two types of premium accounts. 

  1. You (€9.90 per month)
  2. Metal (€16.90 per month)

In a metal account, the usual plastic card is converted to a metallic card. And with both the premium account, you can withdraw any currency for free. They also come with an insurance package. 


N26 Banking Features

N26 offers a range of features similar to your high street bank:

  • You can see your spending categorized by the type of transaction (e.g. shopping, restaurants).
  • Can also send money to other N26 users instantly and for free. You can also send a money request to another user.
  • These savings can also be stored separately for easier overview and management.
  • You can earn interest after your savings.
  • Setting up or canceling direct debits is quick and easy.
  • Overdrafts are possible in AT and DE.
  • You can set up Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • 3D Secure online payments are supported.

In other aspects, however, it lacks some features that are common for its competitors:

  • You cannot set monthly budgets.
  • Smart savings are also not available, for example, you cannot round up the amounts you actually spend and store the difference as savings.
  • Joint accounts are not available.

 N26 Additional Feature

Along with deposition and withdrawal feature, it also offers few other banking feature that are;

  • Personal Loan
  • Phone Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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N26 Customer Service

N26 has only chat as customer service. That too very slow, it took almost 1 hour to revert back with an answer. 

N26 Review








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