Webull Review

By | March 15, 2021

Webull Review (Short Description) : In this we have reviewed and explained what is Webull, what services you get here, tools provided by webull, deposit amount and pros and cons of the trading platform.

What is webull?

Webull is a latest US-based fintech startup focusing on zero commission trading. Most of the competitors offer services for which they charge a few amounts. But Webulls’ zero commission policy is giving it an ace in the competition.

Webull is majorly focusing on technical traders, it has provided large technical analysis for its users looking for trade stocks. If you open a an account, they will give you two free gifts of stock. They are registered member of FINRA and SIPC. This is a privately owned company founded in 2016. 

Webull launched its app back in 2018. The clearing house of company is Apex Clearing Corporation. They have created Webull with the view that everyone has equal opportunity to control their own financial future. Webulls’ majorly strive to provide real time market data, analysis tool and trading commission completely free.

Webull is regulated by a top tier financial institute, hence it is considerably safe to deal in trade with this one. One can easily open an account via their website Webull.com or through their mobile app. It takes mostly one hour to approve your application. Sometimes it may take longer to approve your profile due to some verification reason, but it’s completely normal you can contact them if you need any further clarification.

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What do you get ?

Most of the features related to brokerages are free in Webull. It provides news, real time data, analysis tools and trading commission all for free. For the beginners who want to know how apps work will open a demo account to know its working.

Research tools :

  • News
  • Press Release
  • Historical EPS
  • Revenue Data
  • Financial Calendar 
  • Trend Analysis 
  • Desktop Platform Overview 
  • Desktop Platform Features
  • Quote Data
webull features

Webull community 

This is one of the most unique features of Webull. The community is an organisation which provides real time data on their feed. Users can comment and post their reaction to the price movement. Users can also make predictions on the movement of price, if they get the correct prediction they will be awarded with points. They can use these points to purchase Webull products.

Mobile Application 

Webull provides a user friendly mobile application. It provides graphs, charts and data in the easy to interpret format. Usage is so easy that new traders can easily find what they are looking for. They tried to provide a mobile UI a little bit the same as the desktop or web version.

Do they charge any fees?

In terms of brokerage charges Webull is free of cost, but a little bit of commission is charged by SEC and FINRA. Charging for transfer is a normal thing with all the trading platforms. This doesn’t cost anything on normal bank transfer but your bank may charge you. Wire transfer will charge $25 for domestic and $45 for international. 

Is Webull safe? 

To check the safety of brokerage you should check the background of the broker you’re dealing with. But in case of Webull, all customers of are covered by Financial LLC and the US investor protection scheme called the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

 The limit of SIPC protection is $500,000, which includes a $250,000 limit for cash.

is webull safe

Account type

Webull offers only individual cash and margin accounts.

Webull minimum deposit

No deposit is required or we can say $0 is required to open a an account. The only limitation is that it uses only the US Dollar as base currency. 


 Webull only provides a demo account, it doesn’t provide additional data to learn new things just like others do.

Pros Cons
User friendlyPoor phone support
Free stocks, equities and optionsNo live chat
Fast and easy account openingOnly bank transfer for deposit/withdrawal
Doesn’t charge any commissionLimited products
Great trading platformHire wire transfer cost
webull market

Customer Service

Webull does not have any customer service facility till 2020. It will improve its services in 2021, but currently it offers email support, live chat support and limited phone support.

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Is Webull legit or scam?

Yes! It is a legit platform regulated by the top tier financial institute of the US. Along with this the Webull committee provides its customers with a protection package of $500,000. And as they allowed you with the option to open an account with min. deposit, hence, you can easily check the potential and credibility of the platform.

Bottom line

Webull is easy to use. You can easily trade free US stocks, ETFs and options. The account is fast and easy to open. User friendly user interface of website as well as mobile app. The drawback it has is that it provides limited products to invest in and poor customer service.


What are the trading hours for crypto?

Crypto trading is available around the clock, 7 days a week. Crypto trading will be unavailable from 5:30pm–6:30pm ET for routine maintenance and account reconciliation every day.

Can I move my wallet of cryptocurrency?

We only offer the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency at this time we do not allow wallets to be moved.

How long does stock transfer take?

Stock transfer usually takes 5-7 business days to complete. However, delays may occur if your outgoing account type differs from your Webull account. Delays can also occur if you have any activity in your outgoing account. 

Can I short stocks on Webull?

Yes. You need a margin account and your net account value must be $2,000 or higher. 

  1. Go to the “Watchlist” tab on the main screen. 
  2. Look up a stock and tap on it. 
  3. Check for a blue downward arrow icon on the top right of the stock page. 

How do I trade on the Webull desktop platform?

First you need to open a Webull account and transfer in the funds/securities through the app or on our website.  Our downloadable desktop platform does not allow for opening a new account. 

Once you have an account with a positive net value, you can log into the desktop platform and place orders via the trade widget.

Webull Review











  • User friendly
  • Good trading platform
  • Easy account opening


  • Poor phone support
  • No live chat
  • Limited products

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