YouGov Review: Is it legit or a scam? How much you can earn? (Jan 2021)

By | February 9, 2021

There are so many businesses and companies that are seriously looking for data that let them know who buys their products and services, etc. It is very important for an established or any other firm to know who their consumers are, why they are interested in their products, how they get to know about their brand, and other alike information. Well, these statics help them to customize your product, services, online user experience, marketing aims, and much more. This is the reason these big companies are happy to circulate surveys among common people that collect data containing information from the consumer point of view. In return for people’s precious opinions and initial demographic data, they reward in you in some real cash or sometimes in gift cards and merchandise, etc. YouGov is one of the various websites that pay you for giving reviews through surveys.    

Further in this article, you will see a profound YouGov Review for your understanding before you go through the website itself. 

YouGov Review:

What is YouGov? 

YouGov is a digital-based market research firm that collects data and does analytics according to data and information gathered. It is a British company and operated in other countries as well. Including Europe, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. YouGov is among the long-established companies. And it is a trustworthy website that gathers informational data from people living in different countries. 

Now as you already know how much this data mean to a market research company. And that is the only reason which prompts them to create a place where people and brands can communicate through surveys and genuine opinions of the users. So, to reward them for their useful contribution which will not only help companies to produce amazing and inviting product services but also it will improve online consumer interface. 

YouGov will give you points for completing surveys that can be later redeemed into cash prizes or gift cards. But to achieve you need to reach a certain point limit. Like it is available in different countries so the payout will also be according to the region. No survey website can replace your full-time job but it can certainly give you some extra money in your pocket which you will generate in your free time. On the whole, it is like most other survey websites that pay you for your expressionistic views by taking surveys and other ways to earn. 

YouGov Review:

How much you can earn?

Unlike, several other survey sites, YouGov has a very different payout system. However, it does works on point system, but you will find a huge difference the way it processes its point value in dollar or pound. 

It is difficult to assume that exactly how much you will earn from YouGov per day or a month. As its main course of action to accumulate points is basically surveys only. However, it will also give an opportunity to earn from its referral and affiliate program, otherwise, you can also earn points from downloading some apps and using them. 

To understand its payout first you need to know about its points valuation which is quite peerless compared to other alike survey sites. Like its 1,400 points is equivalent to $1 only. If you see other websites’ point value it is definitely very high. And if you want to redeem your points you must acquire 35,000 points to get $25.

As you can see the value of points and the number of points you will need to get paid is relatively skyscraping. Which is very low in the case of other survey sites that give $1 for 100 points or 1000 points. Moreover, every survey will pay you a different number of points. For Example, a certain survey can you 50 points and it takes 20 minutes to complete. On the other hand, another survey would pay you around 75 points and it may take only 10 minutes. Therefore, while choosing a survey to fill you need to know how much points you earn from a survey and then jump into complete. 

YouGov Review:

Another thing on YouGov which you may find different is that it won’t pay you much in points according to the time it takes. Here, even a less time-consuming survey can make you expect more points than a survey that takes comparatively much time and will pay a small number of points. Furthermore, you will not get screen out while completing surveys which is a good feature of YouGov. 

Your earning will depend predominantly on the kind of surveys you choose to complete. And accordingly, the time you choose to spend on the website.   

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How to earn points from YouGov?

YouGov offers a few ways to earn points from its website. 

  • Paid Surveys: Well, one of the strange features of YouGov you will find is that most of the time its surveys and polling conclusions are political and published in the media as well. However, it also offers opinions about the market, different products, IT industry, fashion, and much more. 

    If talking about survey types then you can expect a variety of surveys contrasting in length and would take anywhere between 5-15 minutes long. Moreover, you will receive a mail regarding new surveys whenever available. On average, you can get around 7 surveys in a week. It will pay you a minimum of 50 points for a single survey, sometimes you may get up to 100 points for a survey. However, most surveys will also pay you around 300 to 400 points as well.

    Plus, with YouGov, there are very fewer chances that you will get screened out while completing a survey.
  • Refer a Friend: Apart from surveys, you can also earn some good amount of points from the YouGov referral program. You can invite your friend through your unique referral link. Once your friend signed in and happens to complete 3 surveys. You will be rewarded with 4,000 points and your friend will also earn an additional 2,000 points.

    Moreover, if you are an affiliate marketer then there is an amazing deal for you if you join its affiliate program. Well, this can help you earn around $3 per lead. 
  • Lottery: Lottery is only available in some countries. You need to spend points in exchange for chances to get a lottery ticket. The prize of the lottery can be big but if you do not win you might lose your points. 
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How to get paid? 

YouGov has a decent reward system. Its rewards will also depend on the country you live in. 

It offers various reward options including:

  • PayPal money
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Gift cards from popular restaurants and stores
  • Mobile vouchers
  • iTunes Gift cards
  • Chance to enter in sweepstakes
  • Walmart Gift Cards

Once you have acquired enough points you can payout them in the options provided above. However, you would need at least 35,000 points if you want to get paid. These points are equivalent to $25 respectively. Moreover, you also get 2,000 points just completing an initial survey as a kick start to your future achievement. 

The rewards given in the form of gift cards would take approximately 3 weeks to get mailed. Plus, these gift cards will be available physically unlike virtual cards. 

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Few steps to get started with YouGov 

Before signing up with YouGov you need to fall under some basic eligibility criteria. 

Firstly, you need to reside in one of the countries mentioned further. The UK, the USA, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, and China. 

Secondly, now that you know in which country it is available you need to see its minimum age requirement for participating. For most countries, it is 18 years or above. In the USA, the minimum age is 14 years. Whereas In the UK, it is 16 years minimum for participation. 

Okay now basic requirements fulfilled, thereafter sign up process is very easy. Just follow the simple step by step explanation below:

  • Firstly, go to the website of YouGov and proceed to sign up section. 
  • You can sign up either with your Facebook account or with an email ID. 
  • After filling out an email address and creating a secure password, it will send you a confirmation link to your email. 
  • Click to validate your sign up. Now there will be two options whether to complete an initial survey or to skip and directly to go the dashboard. 
  • However, filling out your first survey is important as it would contain a personal questionnaire like your gender, DOB, race, and all. It will ensure that you will receive surveys that are relevant to you and to your interested field. 
  • Well, now that you have completed all the signup procedure, you can start taking full-length surveys to earn points. 

The verdict 

There is no doubt that the website is legit or a scam. YouGov is undoubtedly a legit survey website. You don’t have to charge while signing up, and you will get your payment as soon as you request the payout after reaching the maximum threshold of $25. 

This way the site is good if you want to earn money in spare time just by doing some surveys and joining referrals. This site definitely won’t disappoint according to the payout it offers for your precious opinions. Although, you might encounter some downsides of the website as well. Like, it is available for a limited audience only. Moreover, the most unfortunate downside you will see on YouGov is that the cash-out limit of $25 which is equivalent to 35,000 points. Which is quite unpredictable how much time you would need to reach this limit of points. 

All over the website is good and provides you an opportunity to earn in your free time. And it is legitimate and scam-free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for signing up?

No, YouGov is free o sign up. Additionally, It will reward you 2,000 points just for signing up.

Is it Legit or a scam?

Yes, it is undoubtedly legitimate and pays you genuinely for your useful opinions and completed offers. 

How much I can earn?

Well, the more time you will spend here completing tasks the more you will earn. On average, a single survey can give you around 50 to 100 points. But most of the surveys also give 300 to 500 points per survey.

How you can earn from YouGov?

Apart from surveys, you can also earn from referral programs that will reward you 4000 points if the person signs up and completes 3 surveys, and via its affiliate program for which you can make $3 per lead.    

What are the payment options?

There are a variety of payment options including PayPal money, gift cards, and YouGov branded merchandise.

YouGov Review






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  • Free to sign up
  • Earn up to 300 to 400 points per survey
  • Get 2,000 points right away just for signing up
  • A low payment threshold of $25
  • You won't get screened out while completing surveys


  • You would need at least 1,400 points to achieve $1 only
  • To get paid you need to earn 35,000 points to redeem $25
  • It takes a long time to rack up points, if you choose only surveys to earn points

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