ZoomBucks Review: Is it legit? What is the earning potential? (Feb 2021)

By | February 9, 2021
ZoomBucks Review

Very warm gratitude to the internet that has opened up voluminous opportunities to those who want to earn some extra bucks from the comfort of their home. Or to those who were squandering here and there for nothing. But now they can also utilize their time to generate some money for themselves. Just by answering some questions about the products and services that they are already using. Isn’t amazing? You don’t need to have specific skills or efforts nobbut complete some surveys provided on the website. Well, if there are numerous opportunities available then you will uncountably scam from non-legit websites. Therefore, I am presenting you ZoomBucks which is amazing to take surveys and that is legitimate as well. 

In this article, you will see various answers to your doubts with the help of ZoomBucks Review. These can be varied from about the panel or what are the ways to earn or earning potential etc.

What is ZoomBucks?  

ZoomBucks is a market research platform where you as a user get an opportunity to create change in the products and services just by filling out surveys. These surveys are basically market insight based questionnaire that helps companies to know the consumer thoughts and opinion on certain consumer goods.  

ZoomBucks is a part of the Markeing Group Inc. survey community that has grown up to over four million regular members. Unlike many survey sites where you have only a few opportunities to earn from their websites other than completing online surveys. 

Whereas ZoomBucks offers amazing ways to make money like completing surveys, downloading and testing apps, taking offers, and watching videos. Along with a range of earning potential, it also has a very fast payment method via good old PayPal. Or you can choose from a huge reward list for gamers, regular shoppers, fashionistas, etc. 

ZoomBucks is certainly an amazing survey website that not only offers interesting ways to earn from but also gives you the freedom to use your money as you want. 

ZoomBucks Review
ZoomBucks Review

How much you can earn? 

For any survey earning potential usually depends on how much time you spend taking tasks and completing them as well. And also what is the payout according to the task you have chosen to complete. 

There are many other ways you can choose to supplement your earning which you will see as you proceed further. As surveys and completing offers, and doing other tasks won’t make you rich, it is just for having fun and completing interesting simple tasks in your free time to add up few bucks in your regular income. 

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Multiple ways to earn from ZoomBucks

Out of boredom, survey sites play dramatically interesting secondary income alternate. Like you not only get to complete surveys to make a considerable change in the products that are in the market, but it also lets you earn extra bucks out of fun tasks. There are multiple alternatives that you can opt for other than surveys alone. 

1. Take a survey

Surveys are the primary source of earning and other options are just to manipulate your boredom so that you won’t get tired or irritated while doing surveys again and again. But obviously, surveys can pay you much than other options including watching videos, playing games, etc except for offers.

Typically surveys take 5 to 15 minutes to complete and can pay from few cents to a dollar. However, the payout basically depends on the length and complexity of the surveys. What I find appreciating about surveys is that you get paid for your opinions. 

2. Complete paid offers

You can take paid offers on ZoomBucks to earn some points. These offers include a wide range of online tasks like downloading apps, watching videos, and many more. However, the payout may not be much but worth trying over other following alternates.

3. Watching Videos

Well, watching videos and earning some points is a no-brainer. All you need to do is play a video while doing other kinds of stuff like washing dishes, drawing, or anything which does not require much attention. You can except videos 2 to 4 minutes long and can pay you around 7 or more points. 

ZoomBucks Review

4. Downloading and Testing apps

Last but not least, another easy and interesting way to earn a few points. You can download various apps from ZoomBucks bucket list. All you have to do is keep that app installed in your device for a limited time period or if it is a gaming app then you may have to reach a specific level before you can claim your earning. 

This is a good option as you get a choice to test various different apps available in the market or who knows maybe you liked the app and happens to keep it for a longer time. 

ZoomBucks Review

How do you get paid?

Unlike many survey sites that have only limited reward redemption options. On ZoomBucks, you will get multiple interesting ways to get your reward points redemption. 

As you know that ZoomBucks gives you points for completed surveys, completing offers, and many other tasks offered on ZoomBucks. To get paid you need to reach the minimum payment threshold of 3000 points which equates to $3 only. 

For reward redemption, there are two options that you can choose from:

  • Redeem for gift cards: These include Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes, Target, Staples, Spotify, and many more. 
  • Points conversion into cash via PayPal.

You can expect your payment in 48 hours or so which is quite fast compared to other survey websites. 

However, you can see that points-to-redemption is pretty high. But compared to other survey sites where you only require to spend 100 points to get $1. With ZoomBucks, you have to accumulate  1000 points to get $1. You need to earn 3000 points if you want to get paid form ZoomBucks $3 amount payment. 

However, the high payout overweighs this problem and also offers a very low payment threshold amount of only $3. 

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How to sign up for ZoomBucks

The sign-up process is quite straightforward. Follow simple steps to sign yourself up:

  1. You can easily signup just by using your Facebook account quickly. Or you can use your Email ID. 
  2. Then you will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address. 
  3. And there you go! It is as easy as setting up a Netflix account. 
ZoomBucks Review

The verdict

Well, talking about the platform authenticity then ZoomBucks is an absolutely legit and scam-free website to join. It offers various interesting online tasks to complete like taking paid offers, watching videos, downloading different apps, and testing them out. 

Moreover, it is available worldwide and you only have to be 13 years old to make an account. It has a high payout compared to other survey sites and offers only $3 in your account if you want to get paid from the website. 

Allover, ZoomBucks is a legitimate website that offers engaging online tasks to take and pays you genuinely for your efforts.

ZoomBucks Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I get charged for signing up?

Absolutely, No. ZoomBucks is a simple survey site that offers amazing ways to earn from and does not charge you for sign-up at all. 

Is Vivatic legit site to join?

Yes, ZoomBucks is a completely legit website and pays you genuinely for your efforts from multiple earning options. 

What are the payment options?

There are only two payment methods including PayPal and Gift cards of various stores, brands, and games. 

What are the ways in which I can earn?

There are various interesting ways for you to earn from ZoomBucks. These ways include taking surveys, completing paid offers, watching videos, and downloading and testing apps. 

How much time do I have to wait for receiving my payment?

The payment process takes only 48 hours to reach your account. 

ZoomBucks Review




Payment Option







  • Multiple earning ways
  • Available worldwide
  • A high payout over earning options
  • You only need to accumulate $3 threshold amount to get paid
  • It only takes 48 hours to process your payment


  • Point-to-redemption is high as 30x

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